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  1. Thanks Trevor, I feel the same, it's still under Warranty and I've since found out they can be re-calibrated for free so I'm going to pop into my local Nissan. I'll keep you posted with result 🙂
  2. Hi to all members! I'm not new to the Nissan Juke Tekna, my first one was a 2013 which now my daughter has, and I bought myself another Nissan Juke Tekna 2015 last week, absolutely love it! However, I have had a few teething problems which hopefully you guys can help me resolve. Firstly, I'm using an Anker USB which it tells me is not recognised, although it then works absolutely fine with the car and phone. Secondly, I've paired the phone (Samsung Se10) with no problems at all, just tried a few times because whenever I use the Touchscreen for say Call Lists, the screen says "Continuous touch detected. Please remove object from Display. Press "BACK" to hide message". This happens all the time, even with the radio to change a station and even with the phone is disconnected! I can use the phone to make calls etc via the phone only OR by using the Screen buttons to scroll for the radio and phone which leads me to thinking the newer Nissan Jukes don't have the Touchscreen facility?? or am I wrong?? To be honest, it's a laborious way of doing things. The other thing I have found is that although the Radio and Sound is super, it cuts out (it leaves the station it's on and current record playing still on screen) and then it comes back on. It's as if I've lost signal momentarily, all the same it's really annoying as on a 4 mile journey, it might do this 4-5 times! Any help or advice, good or bad is more than welcome......other than that, it's a fab car and only done 28,000 miles and is pretty new inside and out without wear and tear. Thanks! Soraya 🙂
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