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  1. I had to replace the rear subframe which cost £700, but now the brake pedal feels spongy and very weak.
  2. Hi, I had my subframe replaced a few days ago after hitting the kerb! But now, the brake pedal is so weak, literally need to press to the floor. The garage people said that it’s normal and takes a while to go back to normal. I’m just wondering if this is normal.. or they’ve fixed one problem and created another. I paid £700 to replace the subframe. Thanks
  3. I must’ve hit the kerb hard and knocked the back wheel out of place. Kwik Fit re-aligned the wheel and the message has disappeared. I will book it in at Nissan to check, because the wheel isn’t fully straight.
  4. Hi, I own a Qashqai 2014 1.2 petrol model. Yesterday, when I was driving home from work, I did a slow, sharp turn left and the car swerved and stopped. I thought I had hit something, but when I checked, there was nothing on the road. An hour later, after restarting the car, the chassis control fault light came on. I am not sure if something failed and made me swerve like that. I have booked the car in at Nissan to check, but that’s next week. Is the car still safe to drive? What could the problem be? Thanks.
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