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  1. Thankyou.shes got wheels now! I am trying to keep it as period as possible
  2. Well this is its " I've saved it from the previous owner" look lol. But there are a few bits needed to get it how I want it
  3. Thankyou Trevor.it has 13 inch steels on with a 175 75 profile I think but I've found a set of 14 inch alloys from a 90's nissan I think a 100nx?? And am going to have them resprayed and 4 new proxy tyres
  4. Hi everyone.new to the forum Just thought I'd start with a question as everyone does lol. I have a 95 sunny sequel which is currently sitting on steel wheels and I need ideas help as to what wheels will fit it
  5. Hi all! I have recently purchased myself a 1.4 sunny sequel and love it! Issue is that I need alloys for it as the steels just aren't doing it justice Any ideas?
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