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  1. Hi Everybody,
    I have remapped my NP300 2019 and DPF was removed based on the tuning company request as they said the power will be increased after removing the DPF , 

    Currently I need to back to the stock/original software as I’m not satisfied with the power after the remapping as I have a plan to get DTE systems chip as it’s better ,

    The Question is I need to reinstall the DPF again to come back to the car original setup , but some guys told me if I will reinstall the DPF may the car software will getting blocked and the car software will stuck then car will not start up again then I have to send it to Nissan dealer and this may will cost me more than 3000€ ,

    So is this correct or just inaccurate expectation from him ?
    Did someone do the same thing before ?

    Thanks a lot

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