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  2. Trevor

    nissan sunny 1989 b12 parts wanted

    Hi....welcome to the Forum Here are some links that may be of use to you in your search. Someone breaking a Sunny for parts: Window Regulator: Central Locking Solenoid:
  3. hi all, i am looking for some parts for my 1989 nissan sunny 5 door b12 model. i need the fuel guage voltage regulator, front passenger side electric window regulator and the central locking actuator too, if anyone could help me i'd be very grateful. all the best and fingers crossed.
  4. It does sound like that is the case. I would take the cover off the relay and manually move the contact to see if it energises and if it does then it is either going to be an input signal (voltage) missing or a poor earth
  5. OK, just realised this is an old thread, but still might help someone. I've replaced the hazard switch and the flasher unit. My circuit tester lights when it touches the input terminal of the flasher unit, but not when it touches either of the other terminals. Does that mean the replacement flasher unit is faulty?
  6. has any sold there NISSAN cherised number any one got interesting NISSAN plates weres the best place to sell my old primera has now gone to the scrap yard in the sky, so thought about selling mine but unsure were to go. any advice would be welcome thank you
  7. Hi all, I have the same problem but haven't found the cause yet. Fuses all look OK. I've changed the hazard switch and the flasher unit so far. Doing old-fashioned hand signals for now, as in 1960s Highway Code! One tip though - when you change the flasher unit, take the instrument panel cover off first (1 Phillips screw under the fascia each side of the steering wheel) so that you can see what you're doing. Cheers, Nick
  8. Just recently taken delivery of a 2015 plate ink-blue Qashqai Tekna. Lovin' it apart from the annoying front parking sensor issue. Hopefully get the dealer to rectify that...

  9. Trevor

    Sump removal

    As far as I can remember it should clear the subframe and come straight down. Clean up and replace the gasket and seal and do not overtighten bolts...should do the trick
  10. den9112

    Sump removal

    Hi , my daughters 2004 1.2 SE as a small sump leak that was picked up on at it's MOT...The mechanic said he patched it up and it was Ok charged her £40 to do it . However i noticed that when it was on my drive it was still leaking and to be honest i would rather she got it replaced and i was wondering if it's a straight forward as it looks ,i would have to do it via front ramps and it looks like just 10mm bolts remove clean and replace with the correct sealer etc...Anyone any help or advice before i start it ..Thanks
  11. Steve P

    Wiper linkage?

    Yow! To be quite honest I'm getting fed up of chucking money at a car that does about 6 miles per week. I look after a mate's dog 3 days per week and take him home, but the owner could always pick him up. I think the main reason I keep that car is if my little dog goes poorly and I need to take her to the vets. A taxi is out of the question. All taxi drivers around here are Muslime and they will not carry a dog.
  12. Trevor

    Wiper linkage?

    A lot of money and definitely a weak point 😞
  13. Steve P

    Wiper linkage?

    Seems that the linkage is a weak point on Micras, loads on ebay, but I could not expect my garage to buy from them. Seems a new part costs £160 from the main dealer, mine cost £98.
  14. Trevor

    Expansion tank level?

    it is a bit quiet on here at the moment so don't mind the conversation....bit lonely otherwise 🙂
  15. Trevor

    Wiper linkage?

    Oh dear! I am surprised that the linkage failed rather than the wiper blades splitting although I have seen this several times on MGF and TF when the linkage mechanism was so weak that it was the first point of destruction. Considering they gave you a courtesy car and that's an all-in price, its not that bad really for a dealership
  16. 2015 Micra. The front wipers stopped working last week, possibly because some idiot turned them on when they were frozen solid. The idiot did know better. :-( Garage gave me car to go home in and rang me when the job was done. After market parts and labour plus VAT = £178. Is this a reasonable price?
  17. Steve P

    Expansion tank level?

    Site seems to having problems? Yours is a good idea. Thing is I would have to drain a bit out of the radiator which is full, and I don't want to do that - even if i knew how to do it. Just checked on a cold engine. The reservoir looks about just over half full, it gets to 3/4 full when the engine is hot. No drips! Maybe my garage tightened something up. Cheers for all of your help. You seem to be the only poster here. Or am I posting to the wrong forum subject?
  18. glad you got there in the end and thanks for sharing the information that could help anyone else in the same situation.
  19. Trevor

    Expansion tank level?

    I would try something like RadWeld in the radiator which may slow down the leak. There is one they do at Halfords that covers the whole cooling system and not just the radiator....less than £10 Then top the radiator to full and the coolant reservoir to half full with antifreeze/water mix.
  20. 2005 Micra has a very slight coolant leak from the thermostat housing. Garage are talking £96 to fix, it a dealer only part and the car these days does less than 10 miles per week, so it's a no no. I'll just top up the tank with ready mixed anti freeze. I've just warmed the car up, tank is looking like 3/4 full, but I can't see any level markings on the tank. Do I top up when the engine is cold or hot and to what level? I have only once topped up with water in the past few months, but would prefer to use anti freeze. Google has not been my friend. Thanks for any help.
  21. Hi All Just to let you all know car now back on the road. It may have taken some time but we got there in the end. When I last posted the position was Paul was contacting a couple of suppliers suggested by followers of my post. Unfortunately ion the end both were unable to help. However Paul never gave up trying to resolve the matter. Despite continuously receiving the wrong parts he finally was supplied a hub assembly with the correct size bearing. However it turned out that he couldn't use the hub because it was fitted with the wrong ABS sensor rotor. This one had less teeth on it. Fitting this would have resulted in a mismatch on the ABS system which would have flagged up a warning on the ABS system due to the different size of rotors fitted to the front and back of the car which if done would mean an MOT failure at the next test. Following a lot of further discussion about what to do next a solution was finally found which in the end proved quite easy to resolve the matter. The hub supplier agreed to supply two wheel hub bearing without the sensor rotor. Didn't make sense to do just one side. If one side was failing how long before the other played up. The a friend of Paul's who runs a small engineering company manufactured a a couple of custom size shims to fit on the hubs so as to allow the original ABS rotors to be re-used. Result was that ABS functions as it should. No warning lights and more importantly no droning from the rear. Many thanks to all for the advice and comments which although they didn't offer an immediate solution was much appreciated. Mike
  22. Steve P

    Micra repair/service costs?

    Cheers for the reply. The bill just hurt a bit. But £400 gets nowhere in a garage these days.
  23. Trevor

    Micra repair/service costs?

    Sounds reasonable to me .... if it wasn't for the VAT element it would look a lot cheaper being below £400
  24. 2005 Micra, 57k on the clock, looked after by the same garage for the past 10 years. He is not cheap, but he seems to do a good job and I trust him. Took car on 9/1/19 for a check over and MoT. It has done 500 miles since the last oil change, so it was not due new oil etc. He does not do the actual MoT. The MoT people failed it on the tyres and the track rod. MoT preparation, safety and lub check, polish headlights, they were cloudy and now look like new, repair wire to rear wiper motor, check for very slight coolant loss, front brake pad and disks, new track rod and track rod end, reset tracking, two new tyres, valves and balance - interchanged. And the MoT. Brake cleaner. I got a car to go home in. He took it for the MoT. £414 inc the VAT Is this reasonable?
  25. Steve P

    Fan blower motor

    The blower motor actually worked yesterday on all setting and sounded fine, it also worked today and sounded fine. I don't believe in things putting themselves right. Bad connection/fuse? I will ask my man to check it out. I'll post the results here.
  26. den9112

    Can't open boot help please

    Thanks for the reply ,i have managed to get access via the back seat -parcel shelf to a couple of my tools .I thought they might have been some manual lever or something on the actual catch anyway yes i may the jump leads when i purchase some ...
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