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  2. I need the above for a November 1989 Nissan Sunny 1.4 Any suggestions where I might find them please Many thanks
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  5. Boza

    Radio issue

    I have a 2015 qashqai with sat nav but have radio issues as soon as you turn volume knob from 0 to 1 it goes full volume out of drivers side speaker only
  6. bkb

    Engine Swap

    I have a 1.5dci engine from a J11 qashqai. Will it fit in my J10 qashqai ? I've been looking everywhere online and had no luck
  7. have wheel extenders and wondering who knows where i can get arch extenders for mot clearance , pain having to remove the spacers once a year
  8. Seems like the connections may be the wrong way round (possibly?)
  9. Has anything dropped into the heater motor from the dashboard vents by the screen? Also, remove the cabin filter and see if the vents have dragged anything into the blower motor through there
  10. I would definitely start with the glovebox which should then give you a better view of the heater motor and resistor pack
  11. There are several methods to gain entry without damage....although never really tried any of them One is using half a tennis ball over the lock but can't see how that would work Bent coat hanger is probably the best method ..... have a look on YouTube for any instructional videos
  12. I would take it back to the dealer immediately for a check on the software. Seem to recall reading there is an issue on this system
  13. Hi....welcome to the Forums Good to have you onboard!
  14. Hi - can anyone tell me if part number 4911050N11 will work as the OEM part number is 4911050M11 thanks Craig
  15. Hi has anyone had a problem with the E-pedal intermittently not working almost causing me to run into the back of the car in front.. This has happened several times and is terrifying!
  16. Hi everyone I'm a new member
  17. Hi, my qashqai has developed a interior fan problem the last few days, air con , heat, cold ,whichever use there is a clicking noise coming from inside the system , does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong please
  18. Earlier
  19. Hi Everyone The heater on my 09 Pixo only works on 4 so I'm replacing the heater resistor, what's the best way to access it please ? I'm thinking by taking out the glovebox ? Many thanks indeed Matt
  20. Hey folks. Been trying to fit a rev gauge, I followed a video that has the exact same gauge but isn't working correctly. It has power and does it's little calibration when I turn on the ignition, but when the engine is running the needled does not move. Videos show's what I mean. https://videy.co/v?id=FuMqxdoE
  21. I meant Locking mechanism, not Licking­čść
  22. Hi all. I have lost the key to my 2006 Micra Sport. There is an old blade key in the glove compartment(Silly to leave it there, I know). Is it possible to open the door on this model using a bent coathanger by slipping it down and trying to find the licking mechanism? I have done this occasionally with my cars over the years. Thanks in advance. Tony.
  23. how did you get on with it? I can imagine it was a pig of a job to remove the door lock latch mechanism
  24. Sorry, not a clue but please do let us know how you get on with it
  25. Will check Will check
  26. Possibly some air in the fuel filter .... if it has a priming rubber bulb then this should be firm at all times, if it needs pumping up then you have air trapped in there.
  27. Thanks for sharing the solution for this issue....pretty sure other members may have suffered this one and taken to the dealers for an expensive reset
  28. First point would be to check all earth points on the underside of the vehicle.....have had issues with Nissan's suffering from broken earth straps from the battery to the chassis and transmission
  29. So my 2006 Navara has a 4wd fault. It started off as 2 wheel drive engaged and showing on dash as engaged to now led symbol flashing with 4lo flashing whilst in park (auto) and hand brake on. ATP light also on. When selecting drive, ATP light goes off and 4wd warning light comes on. All three transfer switches have been replaced and transfer actuator. All relays replaced and the two 10 amp fuses under bonnet replaced. There doesn't seem to be any power going to actuator,.but there is power going to the 3 transfer switch plugs. Any other advise would be great...
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