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  2. Just purchased a 60 plate X Trail, keen to hear from anyone who has one, modified it, added extras etc etc!!
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  4. Try this company as they may have aftermarket lamps that will do the job https://www.headlampsdirect.co.uk/
  5. Hi, has anyone managed to get the Nissan door to door app working? When I plan my route using the app it seems to work fine, and when I start the car it comes up with a pairing number that is not displayed on my phone as it says it should. The route never seems to get passed over to the car. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I have a 2019 Qashqai Tekna 1.3. Has anyone else had these issues or is it just me?
  6. Nissan Skyline R33 Gts, 2 door coupe, 1994 Import, Long MOT, 130,000 miles, Good condition for year, Metallic red Fully serviced cam belt/water pump new brakes and adjustable coils all round.2.5 cc, sun roof £9,500
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  8. Hi I’ve been quoted over £700 for a HID headlamp from Nissan is this the case for all Nissan Pathfinder drivers , is there no where in the uk that supply these lights for us . or can be repaired any Nissan Pathfinder drivers out there that can help
  9. Its tough to say without experiencing it first hand. It is more likely to be a stabiliser mount as in the gearbox mount as it is under a backwards and forward motion that is causing the noise. Therefore, it has to be a mount or stabiliser bar that controls that motion
  10. I would definitely restore it if there is no corrosion and it seems to be mechanically sound. It will only go up in value over the years and would be a great car to drive around occasionally and take to shows in the future
  11. I think Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or eBay are the best choices for secondhand ones....seen a few on there over the past year
  12. Hi Philip.....welcome to the Club eBay is definitely the place to source automotive clips and there are specialist online stores that sell specific clips so worth doing a search and comparing your clips to find a suitable replacement
  13. Hello every one , my name is Philip I’m new to the group , I’ve just bought a 2015 Nissan qashqai I traded it for my much beloved Nissan Juke , needed a bigger car , any idea we’re I can get a presssstud for the carpet what’s holds the car mats in place , there should be two but one is missing , I tried the main dealer and you have to buy the full carpet just to get the press stud , £250 plus VAT , any help would be appreciated , thanks
  14. Hi, I've just purchased my first navara. 2005. It's doing the job I want it to, but I need something to put my dogs in the buck. Something similar to a ifor williams canopy with Kesh door. Does anyone have suggestions or ideas where to get one? Thanks. Lee
  15. Hi I has anyone ever had to replace a gearbox stabiliser mount?. I have a 15plate Nissan xtrail and when I took the car to Nissan, they advised the car may require the engine mounts to be replaced at over £300k. Took the car to my local indi garage and they reckon its the gearbox stabiliser mounts that needs to be replaced at under £70. Has anyone had to replace the gearbox stabiliser mounts if so, what sort of sounds did you hear from the car. In my case, I hear a soft thud, when I compress the clutch, accelerator and also change the gears, so could this be a gearbox stabiliser mount issue?
  16. I have too unplug my dash cam on my 68 Qashqai as the jack stays live. My wife has the same problem with her 66 Qashqai
  17. Hi.....welcome to the Club Have you considered getting it wrapped? It may also prove to be more durable than the paint
  18. Hi....welcome to the Club I would have the injectors tested and also a compression test on the cylinders which could also highlight the issue you are experiencing. Let us know how it all goes
  19. Hi....welcome to the Club Not sure if there is a recall issue but definitely worth taking into a Nissan dealer to have the ADAS looked at. It may be performing as it should be may not be capable of recalibrating for some reason, hence Autoglass wouldn't touch it Let us know how you get on with it
  20. Hi.....welcome to the Club Wow! that must have been a spectacular wipe out! If the intake is damaged along with the engine then I guess any competent garage should be able to carry out the work at a reasonable price Let us know how you get on with it
  21. Hi....welcome to the Club Generally, most cleaners are suitable to help break down the carbon but you would also need to drive it hard to build up the pressure which helps to blow out the soot. Worst case scenario would be to get the DPF professionally cleaned and refitted which will almost certainly resolve the issue Let us know how you get on with it
  22. I bought a Nissan sunny 16sr in 95 and fell in love with the car. It eventually didn't fit the job so I bought a van and kept it. It sat for 7 years outside unstarted. I eventually had to move it or scrap it under duress, so I decided to find it storage space. It took me 10 minutes to unsieze the brakes, and £3 petrol and she started in 5mins with a jump and it drove. Question is, is it still worth restoring as it is mechanically sound and has very little rust, which are both surprising.
  23. I have recently purchased a 58 plate pathfinder mammoth aventura. Lovely truck but has starting issues.!! Nine times out of ten it starts, sometimes hesitantly. But then it just locks up and won't turn over. It has a new starter, battery and egr unit. It all points to faulty injector/s as this is about £1,000 to have them rebuilt i wonder if anyone on here has had the same problem?? Thanks in anticipation
  24. hi had a cracked windscreen and ended up at Autoglass for a for a replacement screen. They refused to fit the screen because they said there was a fault on the lane camera which would make it risky for them to recalibrate . the camera in question is performing normal doing everything it should do.ie lane discipline, high beam auto control, speed limit display and the warning beeps associated with these. had to book it in with local Nissan dealer for investigation. then hopefully i can get screen replaced, has anybody else had similar problems if so can you give me your opinions please
  25. Hi all, It's my first post here so please go easy on me! I've just collected a 2007 Nissan Navara which I think has a DPF problem, it's struggling under load when going up hills etc. I've found this article which outlines some of the best DPF cleaners to buy, has anybody used any of these and if so have they given good results? https://www.buyersguides.uk/best-dpf-cleaners/ Thanks in advance
  26. hi everyone i am brand new to here and also Nissan . i have today purchased a 2012 Nissan note ntec plus and love it , but unfortunately the great price i paid is due to some paint issues there is some clear coat peeling on front bumper and i would like to attempt to diy repair this i know i wont get it like factory show room finish or even dodgy back street paint shop finish but i has to be better than it is now my question is really any one have any hints /tips and also any idea of the type of clear coat i need to use . i would be very grateful for help i can source a used replacement in same color but at a cost of around £200 this is not really a option for me at the moment
  27. Air Con on Note Acenta Premium models 2013 - 2017. My 14/14 Note, was purchased with FSH as a second owner at very lower mileage in 2017; the air con stopped working in June 2020, had it vacuumn tested, and re-gassed (not at a dealers)or £90 + Vat. By March 2021 it was running warm rather than cold and on inspection (by the same mechanic) it had virtually no refrigerant left in the system. A short lived solution to the original problem.

    I’ve since started looking for another used Note: at the first car dealer I went to the 15/15 Acenta Premium with 48k on the clock, on the forecourt had air con which was clearly not working, both stood on the forecourt and on a short test drive. Today on a visit to another dealership (not Nissan) another Acenta Premium on the site, 15/15, but only 23k mileage, again the air con was not working. 

    I used to own a 2011 N-TEC Diesel - never had a problem with the air con!

    Have others had air con problems with their 2013 - 2017 Acenta Notes, please?

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