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  2. I think it is down to maintenance and if the oil has been changed regularly then it stands more of a chance of lasting longer. I have heard of owners who have challenged the manufacturers and got it done under warranty.
  3. Do you know at what mileage the timing chain needs to be replaced by any chance? Going to need to ask sellers if it's been done or factor in a replacement if it hasn't.
  4. Thanks for the update. Where exactly did you saw the hole? Do you have a photo of the location you could share with us, always useful to know in the future if anyone else encounters the same issue.
  5. Thanks for updating us on your search and sounds like you didn't have a good first experience with a Qashqai with this particular one. Certainly worth trying another one, maybe the 2.0 litre next time?
  6. Went to look at my first one yesterday and took it for a drive, it didn't last more than two minutes!. The clutch was biting way up at the top of the pedal and first gear could be located easy enough but just trying to get into to second felt like a spoon in a bowl of porridge, there was no straight line from first down directly into second and you couldn't tell if you were in gear to let to the clutch up. Also there was no power, but I'm used to a 2.0 litre car as opposed to a 1.6. This is the first Qashqai I've ever sat in let alone driven but I assume they don't all drive like this and the car had a clutch/ gearbox issue?
  7. Hi eventually used a hole saw to expose the lock connecting rod. A quick yank of the top rod and door open. Soaked all moving parts in wd40. All seems ok now. Glued the disc of plastic back in.
  8. Hi.....welcome to the Forum I'm not sure where it is on the net but I have definitely seen a website with templates for vehicle dimensions before....better get 'Google'ing 🙂
  9. Hi I am looking to have my Navara wrapped and the designer needs the picture measurements to make sure this will work ... I have the book with numbers but anyone have any idea where i can get a dieline template of the car (not sure if that is the right way to say it)
  10. No need to screw around with the dash etc Look what I've achieved with a tablet, velcro, Bluetooth fm transmitter, YouTube Music and a desire to know what my speed is in mph (mines a kmh dashboard import). Happy to tell all to members... So so much cheaper and I've got big grin atm...
  11. It would be great if you could find someone who has done this mod and please post up here if you find anything out as I'm sure others would like to know if it is possible Be in mind this will affect your insurance as the vehicle classification will be for a seven-seater and not eight. This may also affect the Taxation class as well.
  12. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would advise to take it into an independent audio specialist as they may have a work around which will solve the problem.
  13. Hello im a new member. I'm trying find some parts for my 1999 Nissan Primera i need the complete suspension for near side & off side. For the front. Any body got any ideas thank for your time to read this
  14. Hi, just got a k13 and wanted to upgrade stereo to sat nav, bought and fitted fine (few cable changes) but the nissan security kicks in because Vin numbers don't match. Anyone know where i can get it programmed to my vin number??
  15. Pity you had no replies iam doing same with a k13 - put sat nav in works but need wiring altering and Nissan security blocks unit after 5 mins because not matching Vin numbers - trying dealer to have unit reprogrammed.
  16. Hi there, We currently have a 2007 Nissan Pathfinder which we love but as we've a new addition to the family now need an 8 seater rather than the pathfinders 7 seats. Before we go hunting for an 8 seater and part-ex our pathfinder I was wondering how feasible it is to replace the 3rd row seats with a new row of 3 seats with full 3 point seat belts? Any advice on who to go to or if anyone has done this before would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  17. I'm not sure there is one as yet. I too have a PDF version of the T30 manual and it very useful to search for certain items and procedures. Usually a scan of eBay produces some results although I couldn't find anything when I searched earlier
  18. Hi.....welcome to the Forum What would you like the username to be and I can change it for you?
  19. Hi.....welcome to the Forum May be easier to remove one and take it to a Motor Factors for them to identify it and compare to other bushes and links that may be suitable. Probably used on other models in the range at some point
  20. I own a Skyline 350gt-8 4 door sedan type v35 I need to buy brand new anti roll bar bushes and links Mines a 2002 (52) plate Anyone know where I can buy them please?
  21. Hi, Just joined the forum and trying to edit my username which is showing my email address instead of my username. I cant seem to find a way to edit this? Any ideas?
  22. Hi, I have just bought my second X-Trail, a nearly new 2019 white 1.7 dci Tekna to replace my 2011 T31 2.0 dci Tekna which was an excellent vehicle, but had 130,000 on the clock. I was not really looking for a new car (as i took my Bluebirds way past the 200,000 miles mark) but some of the post lockdown stock clearance deals were simply too good to overlook. I have owned Nissan cars since 1985 including:- Violet 140J, Prairie 1.5, three Bluebirds (1.6, 1.8 and 2.0 estate), a 2.0 Primera and a 200SX, which was a wonderful car. They were all at least very good, and the best were excellent. My question relates to Manuals. The new X-Trail is quite techy, with lots of new features I'd not even dreamed of. So many in fact that I took the revolutionary step of trying to actually read the owners manual, to find out how these things worked. The T31 was much less sophisticated but there were still things I was finding out after having it for several years. I thought this was a waste. Trying to read through the manual for my new X-Trail, I find it extremely frustrating that the Nissan Manual is so thick and bulked out with so much "if fitted". In this day and age, Nissan spares can - given the reg or Vin number - look at their computer look at your car and tell you exactly what was and what was not fitted to it at delivery. Surely, for the money you pay for a new car, they could provide you with a PDF manual which was specific to your car, and not to the marque in general? Does anyone know if this is possible? Or if the Nissan manual is otherwise available in searchable/editable PDF form? I bought and downloaded a PDF workshop manual for the T31, and this at least is searchable, although it is even bigger than the normal owners manual. I expect I could get the same for the T32, but I don't really want to do maintenance on this vehicle, even if I could (I did all my own maintenance on all the cars up until the Primera). Any ideas?
  23. Timing chains usually give a warning through rattling which then is quite instant to failure. If in doubt, change the chain and tensioners. I'm programming my 2.2 DCi X-Trail engine in the near future as I know it may fail in the future and I would rather sort it before it does go.
  24. Oh they're chained not belts then? At least you can hear a timing chain when it's bad. Do you know at what mileage the chain needs replacing?
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