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  2. Hi all I'm new to this club and really hoping someone can assist me. I recently replaced the battery on my 2013 J10 Qashqai, I've now got the Stop/Start system fault message continually displayed on the dashboard. The stop/start function is obviously not functioning either, but other than that the car is driving fine. I have taken the car back to the garage that fitted the battery, they confirmed they updated the system to 'register' a new battery had been fitted. They used their diagnostic machine and confirmed there was no faults showing. I've also taken the car to another garage who have run their diagnostic checks and again they could not find any faults on the system. Nissan main dealer have said they could sort it, but would be upwards of £100 and can't book me in for over 1 month! I've researched on multiple forums who've mentioned a faulty clutch switch or wiring issue? Is there any way of fixing the problem outside of the main dealer? Thanks in advance for any help
  3. Last week
  4. Thanks for the info about the air con hose. Just to update - I haven’t got to bottom of the problem yet. We’ve only used the car a couple of times a week recently. One day I noticed the range meter had added an extra 40 miles since the last time I used it, but then it immediately started reducing the range by about 4 miles for every mile I drove. I think it may have settled down a bit now. My instinct this could be one of two things - either range estimate is on the blink or the petrol we put in was very frothy / full of air. I’ve read bubbles in the petrol is actually a thing, so maybe it has taken a while to release the air and level out.
  5. Good afternoon folks, my daughter bought a Nissan Pixo 2010 but she's having to jump start the vehicle every other day and twice in the past week whilst driving the car dies and all warning lights come on, just like when you switch the key on 1 turn before starting. Hope this makes sense 🤔, thanks for any assistance you can give us in advance. John
  6. Hi guys had a fult light appear. It shows Lo2 Sensor. Can somebody confirm this is the one situated in the exhaust pipe. Spoke o the local Nissan and the parts geezer said he could only see one.
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  8. Hi everyone has any of you lads had this problem and solved it. My phone pairs with the audio but will not sync the contacts. have tried all the usual tricks but it will not sync these. Quashi 2009
  9. The radiator was fitted last week and has not turnt off the overheating light. The garage then went to look at a tension belt that had a crack and has now snapped, the part is of course in Belgium and still no car a month later 🙈 the garage are unsure and its basically a process of elimination 🤷‍♀️ never owning a nissan again 🙈
  10. Think it shows the fitting points in the manual
  11. Thanks for the reply. What’s the best scanner to use on a Nissan?
  12. Hi, thank you for that Trevor
  13. The hose is air conditioning drain hose and emits water from the interior of the vehicle. I would have the service items checked (e.g. oil, spark plugs, air filter, etc) at your local garage
  14. It would be worth checking the tyres have deflection, if you raise each corner of the vehicle in turn and rotate by hand to see if the tyres have a bulge or are out of shape. Chinese tyres are prone to distorting on the tread. Also check the tread is not feathered on these tyres
  15. It could be that the rubbers have gone soft in the engine mountings. Reference parts availability it may be best to search eBay as should be plenty on there
  16. 5000 miles for an oil change on a diesel engine is about right. The DPF should be given a long run to clear it through otherwise the oil can degrade with the DPF being blocked so worth getting it changed as soon as possible
  17. That is a drain hole for the air conditioning system and dumps the water through to the ground
  18. I would start with the grease, clean it from the reluctor ring and go from there
  19. Hi....welcome to the Club It is normal for the revs to rise to a certain level after start up and drop within a short time once the Lambda sensor goes closed loop. However, it should only really rise to approx 1200rpm maximum. You can calibration settings for the throttle housing via a scan tool quite easily and this should return it to normal rpm Also, worth checking for any vacuum leaks in and around the intake system....split hoses, etc
  20. Hi All, I’m new to the forum and to owning a Nissan. I just got my wife a 60plate 1.6 petrol Qashqai and have noticed when the engine is started from cold the revs sit at 1500-2000rpm for a minute or 2 then drop down to normal. I know this isn’t correct for a non turbo car and was wondering if anyone else has had or come across this issue?
  21. My truck has done just over 10000 miles and it’s in the garage YET AGAIN!! first time when it had done 5000 miles second time with the dpf failure it also says that the oil needs changing ( when the garage said that it was changed when it was in the garage for the first time anyone else have this problem?
  22. After recently purchasing my little pixo I’ve noticed when ticking over at idle the car starts to vibrate quite a little, I wondered if this was normal. Also noticed some engine mount rubber stopper rattle kits, which appear to support the existing engine mount brackets. Has anyone any experience of these. thank you paul
  23. For the last couple of weeks wife and I have both noticed that we are getting very low MPG. Yesterday I clocked us doing 12 miles at average urban city speed, no heavy traffic. After completing those 12 miles the range meter that shows miles remaining until empty decreased by 58 miles. I switched the engine on this morning and it had gone down another 2 miles. i know the range number is just an estimate and that it changes depending on recent performance, but we haven’t been on any long distance trips for months and I can tell by how often we need to refill that the MPG we are getting is not what we should be getting. I thought I had found a leak yesterday as there was a drip coming from this tube (see picture) under the car. I collected a cup full of the liquid after 1/2 an hour, but it had no smell, so it wasn’t petrol. I also could not detect any smell of petrol when I parked up and went under the car. Would you advise me taking it to Nissan or is this something that any mechanic would be able to find the problem? Thanks for any advice.
  24. HI Guys i am new to the nissan range. Bought a tenka 2litre diesel manual about 2weeks ago 117000 miles on the clock. First problem the ac did not work, fixed that with a new low preesure pipe. the next one is a bit difficult to explain. whilst travelling along the dual carriageways at first it seemed like i had flat tyres a lot of road noise. But as i got to 60 to70mph a terrific shaking shuddering occured. Not shaking the wheels like they needed balancing. However i got them balnced and ther has been a vast improvment. But i am still concerned as ther is still an underlying vibe.Any ides would be appreciated Cheers. David
  25. Hi. Noticed my petrol going down really fast and found it dripping out of this hose from underneath. Does anyone know if this is can be plugged easily? Or is it likely the leak is further inside and needs serious repair. Thanks
  26. Hi All, I’m new to the forum and to owning a Nissan. I just got my wife a 60plate 1.6 petrol Qashqai and have noticed when the engine is started from cold the revs sit at 1500-2000rpm for a minute or 2 then drop down to normal. I know this isn’t correct for a non turbo car and was wondering if anyone else has had or come across this issue?
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