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  2. Hiya all I am new to this site I live in Exeter Devon in the UK . I really hope someone maybe able to tell/show me the location of the oil pressure switch on a 2008 T31 2lt DCI X trail I need to do a pressure test and I am pulling the few remaining hairs out of my head looking for it Any help greatly appreciated.
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  4. Hi my xtrail 2016 has got some marks and scratches on the bodywork. Just wanted to find out if anyone has found The food polish, to hide these. Also out of interest, how much would a complete car bodywork respray cost for a 16 plate xtrail please?
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  6. Feel free to post up more photos if you wish. I suppose the only shows I can think of are JapFest and the like which is more for modified cars. If anyone knows of any shows and events for stock Japanese cars then post them here
  7. Thanks for that Trevor. Didn't realise you were an administrator. And sorry for not acknowledging your action sooner but have only just logged on to the forum. Busy busy the last couple of days. Can post more pics if you like. Whilst on do you know if there will be any shows on this year with regard to our cars? Most classic car shows I have attended, apart from the annual NEC, have hardly any Japanese vehicles on show. Regards and stay safe. Mike
  8. If in doubt or if it gets any louder then take it in sooner to be on the safe side
  9. Code 122: Air bag diagnosis sensor unit
  10. I'm currently checking new wheels to replace the OEM of my Nissan Titan. I've seen plenty of possible options but HD wheels caught my attention. Has anyone here tried installing HD wheels before? I want to know if it's good off-roading and if it's not hard to clean and maintain.
  11. Hi I have a qashqai j10 2009 the airbag light has started fashing in a sequence that goes 1long (2 secs) 2 short, 2short making 122 but I can't find any info regarding such code. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dave.
  12. Thanks for your response Trevor. I don’t think I’ll go rushing to the dealership and just wait until it’s due a service and get them to take a look. It drives great just a noise I’d not heard before! Thanks
  13. It does sound like injectors but also a diesel knock and nothing out of the ordinary from what I could hear....not got the best hearing though
  14. Have increased the capacity for image upload, try that now If it was me, I would keep it as have got rid of too many cars over the years which I regret selling and have no chance of affording them now.
  15. Try that....have now increased the capacity for uploads
  16. Hi Trevor Not sure why but can only a attach a file no larger than 47.89kB. Had no problem posting the other ones. This is very restrictive as a 640 x 480 pic which are totally acceptable when attached to an email is 73kB. Have attached one of the front interior of the car which I have greatly reduced. Perhaps an administrator can explain the restriction. Mike
  17. Hi Trevor Can confirm condition is excellent so wouldn't be able to get another one to match it. As to selling it wife is telling (nagging) me not to do so as i will only regret it. Really love this high speed cruiser so hopefully won't have to. Won't let me add any more pics to this post due to limit on kB so will do a separate post. Mike
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  19. That's a tough one! Not sure of a value but it looks amazing condition. Probably eBay on auction is the best route and set a minimum price to gauge the value Let us know how you get on with it
  20. Hi there, I have a 2019 Nissan nv300 1.6 dci (145 bhp). Over the last 6 months I’ve had a very persistent clicking noise as heard in the video. It only seems to happen once the engine is warm and the timing of it never seems to speed up or slow down, even when you rev the engine. Is this a normal sound? The video was taken from underneath the drivers side door as it sounds louder there and isn’t as audible in the engine bay. I’ve already taken it to Nissan months back but typically the noise wasn’t present as the van had cooled down and didn’t come back while the mechanic was listening!
  21. Hi, May have to sell my QX in the near future. Only produced for 2 years before a styling revamp this early top of the range 1996 3.0ltr SEL are quite rare to find in this country especially in this condition. Mileage is just over 126000. Trying to get an idea of its value in case I have to. Any ideas.
  22. You can contact us here: https://www.nissanownersclub.com/forums/contact/
  23. We have a Nissan S-Cargo that we wish to donate to a Nissan Owners Club. Does anyone have contact details for club? We are near Hereford in the U.K.
  24. Hi I have a 2018 Navara purchased 2019. Soon after I got it dents appeared in bonnet near right bonnet hinge. Had them removed but they came back. Had them removed again but came back. Had new bonnet fitted and similar dents appeared in new bonnet. Anyone else have similar experience
  25. Looks like a Juke bumper???
  26. Hi Trevor Sorry for not responding earlier. Short answer is no. Even after they fitted new bonnet dents reappeared Local dealer had dents removed again by PDR guy and after 3 weeks no dents. But history indicates they will come back. Cause not known. Thanks
  27. It will be some time, I think, before I get one but I'll try to update you following a test drive.
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