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  2. I have a very nice white Nissan Sunny with only 17000 miles. The carburettor is a problem and I cant find a replacement. I am told that it is sucking in coolant and the mixture is diluted so it wont fire. The rest of the car is very good so I am asking for sensible offers before I resort to scrapping it. it would be a shame to see it scrapped as I cant afford to spend any more on it. Collect from Farnborough Hampshire. Please email interest to me and I will respond with a contact number.
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  4. I have bought a 2009 nissan serena,I need roof bars fitting as we use it to go camping.Can anyone advise where who and what I can get to solve this problem,I have tried all the usual places halfords,local garages they are all saying there are none that will fit,help.
  5. This is really a two parted question. Firstly, my Note has the Connect 2 model. I noticed recently that some DAB stations would randomly drop out (though curiously not the BBC stations). Over the weekend the Connect unit has rebooted itself twice whilst driving. This has occured when the unit dropped DAB signal. So firstly, has anyone experienced an issue like this? And is there any potential fix? Alternatively, if I need a new unit then what's best? I've been looking into and replacing the connect 2 appears not to be a straightforward task. And the cost of a new Connect 2 fro
  6. It sounds like the air con system could do with checking out, e.g. gas pressures and then see if this makes a difference with it cutting out
  7. Hi All. I have a 2017 Qashqai, The A/C isn't working properly, The issue with it is that when trying to adjust the temp or fan speed neither will increase or decrees, the display will show the temp and fan Speed change but nothing happens. The only way I can adjust the heat and fan speed is by turning the car off and back on again (doesn't change with the stop/start has to be completely off doors locked from outside, the re-enter), And even then the A/C will only work for 30 seconds to A minute. Anyone else have this issue or know what might be causing it?. Thanks
  8. Hi, I have 2019 np300. Each time I start the engine the head set asks whether I want to accept or decline tracking info. I can't believe that I should have do go through this each time I start the engine. Just wondering is this the same for all owners.
  9. Nice simple solution if not a little fiddly to resolve 🙂
  10. Hi yep that was the problem. There were 4 or 5 cables broken and majority of others were on the way to failing. Outer sheathing on majority was cracking and starting to break
  11. You could try Sat Nav store and see what they offer, would be cheaper than the dealers for an update
  12. I would ask the question as it sounds like a door lock actuator fault and better for them to foot the bill
  13. It depends if the noise is coming from the interior fan unit or under the bonnet?
  14. Hi....welcome to the Club The only app I can find on the Nissan site is this one which is what you probably already have https://www.nissan.co.uk/ownership/customer-promise.html#driversapp
  15. Hello from the South Coast, Well I have done it and got myself a Juke ex-demonstrator 2020, my first Nissan. Now being male whenever I sit in a vehicle new to me I start pushing buttons, I look at the little pictures and guess what they might do - I am usually wrong ! The only cure for my problem that seems to work is for me to read the owners manual when I am at least five miles away from the car. Also being forgetful I don't want to take the manual on a rail journey with me; so far I have not lost my laptop, so an electronic copy (PDF or similar) works well. So after all
  16. We have an older Qashqai with Connect sat bar which after a journey to see relatives seemingly doesn’t recognise lots of the motorways in the midlands any more and needs updating! Do I need a new SD card or do I need to update this one somehow? Can I just plug a new one in the a lot and it will update the maps?
  17. Having problems locking and unlocking drivers side door with electronic key but other door and boot works ok would this be covered with warranty I got when I bought my car second hand
  18. 2006 (56) Nissan X-Trail 'Columbia' special edition 2.2 diesel engine, 93k miles, service history, air conditioning, SatNav, manual 6 speed transmission, towbar Full length glass panoramic roof, 4WD selectable transmission, ABS, central locking, electric windows. Plenty of new parts and work carried out over the past few years to ensure in good running condition. Best offer in the region of £2095
  19. Only other thing I can think of is the wiring loom that goes from the drivers door to the A post is broken. Peel back the rubber gaiter and also inspect the connections. Sometimes, when a door is opened and closed over time the wiring breaks where it articulates (also happens on tailgates).
  20. Hi I have replaced both switches and nothing has changed. Passenger side only goes down from switch and neither fronts work from drivers switch!
  21. I cannot think of any particular reason the windows are functioning as they are. Maybe best to wait to see what occurs when you fit the new window switch. Let us know the outcome
  22. Hi....welcome to the Club Usually, in the absence of a full size or space-saver spare wheel then there is a 'get you home' puncture repair kit. This consists of a tin of spray foam which is introduced into the tyre via the valve and then the air compressor is connected to inflate the tyre to pressure. Once you have managed to drive to a tyre repair centre then the tyre will usually need to be replaced. Another option is to use 'Slime' in the tyres which prevents punctures and can be driven with it in the tyre permanently.
  23. hi I am a new member just bought a NISSAN QASHQAI very imptressed with the car only thing I do not understand is no spare wheel in boot only large ring of fiberglass with machine to blow up tyres, item to assist having the car towed, but no jack and guy at the car sales who I bought it from is asking if there is a puncture kit in there is it me being old fashioned
  24. Hi we have a 2016 xtrail. The passenger front window will only go down on passenger button and not up. It also won’t work from drivers master switch. The drivers side window will not go up or down off the button! (Rear windows work fine) I can raise and lower both front windows if I connect abattery straight to motors so motors work. I have changed the master switch on drivers side for a new one but no difference. I have also got a new passenger switch coming to try. Is there anything I am missing or something else to check?? Thanks
  25. The usual way to release a bonnet is going through the grill area, either try releasing it with a screwdriver poked through but watch the radiator, etc Alternatively, try removing the grill to access the latch mechanism
  26. Hi....welcome to the Club Wow! a Bluebird.....haven't seen one in a very long time. Definitely worth doing up, would check the fuel lines and drain down any old fuel you can retrieve then look for any rodent damage and it should be as good as new. Would love to see video of the old girl starting up for the first time after her long rest Good to have you onboard and keep us updated on progress
  27. I’m after a set of handbooks for a 2011 model if anyone has a set for sale.
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