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  2. Steve P

    Key Fob

    Yip, I was quite impressed. Asian guy and I think he works from home. It was not quite clear how to pay on his website so I rang him. He answered the phone!!!!!!! Cheque, postal order or cash. I have not had a cheque book for many years and you can't pay over the phone with the card. Ever get that sinking feeling? Seems that you pay upfront on his website and then send the key. I suppose that he would have to wait 3 days for a cheque to clear. The key came with two pages of "ID Code Entry Procedure". I thought Please No! But, it worked straight out of the bag.
  3. Trevor

    ABS and 4WD lights

    Would be worth checking your chassis earth return leads....found a couple of them sheared off on my X-Trail. Look down by the underside of the gearbox to where they connect to the chassis....replace if necessary (cheap and better replacement earth straps in Halfords...did the lot for £10)
  4. andy1494

    wiper blades

    will do trevor thanks for the help
  5. Yesterday's upload - features of the new 2018 Nissan Micra
  6. Evening all.... Thought some of you may appreciate this video
  7. Trevor

    K12 Micra Handbrake Adjustment

    Hi Sith...hopefully this is the same setup as your Micra? If so, then the adjustment is the scrolled wheel at the top of the self-adjusting ratchet lever (which incidentally must be sat within the slot in the self-adjuster rod between the shoes)....take the drum off and turn the wheel until the shoes just touch the drum and refit...try the handbrake to ensure the drum locks and runs free (with a minimal drag) and that should do it.
  8. RandomlySet

    Debadging a Car

    Decided to remove the badges from the rear of my car the other week (not done the hamburger badge yet), and make this quick video for those who have never done it before:
  9. Trevor

    Location of primary fusebox.

    Glad you got it sorted
  10. Evening guys, thought some of you may find this video useful
  11. RandomlySet

    Stone Chip Repair

    Within the first 500 miles of its life, the Pulsar picked up 3 stone chips! Last weekend I finally got around to sorting them out. In case anyone needs any tips, I made a short video of the process. Side note: 4 colour layers may have been too much as the clear coat still sits a little proud.
  12. Trevor

    Hi - Newbie

    Hi Andrew....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard
  13. Trevor

    Changing battery??

    Has it definitely got a 'Stop / Start' specification battery as these have a deeper cell charge capacity than a standard battery? If so, then I wouldn't worry too much about driving it as is...just won't have the stop/start function which you should be able to switch off anyway
  14. Trevor

    Qashqai - Clutch Failure after 1987 miles !

    Sorry to hear that .... it does seem that unless there is a trend which is developing over time (e.g. Honda clutches which are as weak as wet cardboard) then it doesn't register as a fault. Rather frustrating on your behalf I would imagine....maybe worth getting it sold whilst it has a new clutch in it?
  15. Trevor

    Just saying hi

    Glad it worked out okay for you...enjoy!
  16. Trevor

    Nissan Navara D40 Stopping

    Helen1976 . How did it go with the engine diagnosis?
  17. Trevor

    K11 cutting out

    good point Steve Williams at least that would give an indication of which system is failing, although if it is system failure then the injectors would not open the same as the spark not occurring but at least you would be nearer knowing that it is still able to combust.
  18. Trevor


    Hi Steve...welcome to the Forums I can't believe there are only 34 left on the roads now....used to see so many around but I suppose they are all in the scrapyard in the skies now :-( Good to hear you're keeping another on the road Be good to see a photo of the Prairie if you wish to post one up? Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  19. Trevor

    Just joined

    Hi Weeman...welcome to the Forums Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  20. Trevor

    Squeaking 2014 Qashqai steering

    Hi Ian Sounds like a slipping auxiliary drivebelt causing the noise. If you gently trickle water over the drivebelts and if the noise disappears then hey presto! replace the belt. Sometimes also it can be a dry tensioner bearing that can create the noise...same test applies here as well. Let us know if this works, Cheers, Trevor
  21. Ianto0710

    63 Plate Qashqai+2 Squeaky Steering wheel

    Hi did you get anywhere with this?
  22. Leyland49er

    Roof Rack for Juke

    Before you fit it, make sure you clean all contact areas as it’s often overlooked and causes scratches.
  23. So, last week I uploaded a video of my initial thoughts whilst driving the new Nissan Leaf Tekna. This week, I'll be talking about some of my favourite features that the car has.
  24. Trevor

    Radio code

    generally it is a combination of station preset buttons and thats you have the handbook at all? If not, then maybe a guide on youtube for your car model, year and radio fitted
  25. Trevor

    New member

    You certainly have a passion for all things Nissan by the sound of it .... thanks for sharing the pictures with us
  26. Trevor

    Hey everyone - need help!

    Hi...welcome to the Forums Sounds like a worn CV joint that's clicking. Sorry, not sure about the windscreen seal though
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