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  2. Hi all, Recently bought a 2007 Nissan pathfinder R51. (UK) Looking for the best and cleanest space to put a led and flashing light panel? Cheers all, Dan
  3. Hi can anybody recommend a decent garage in the Leeds/Yorkshire area for nissan gearbox repairs. Dean.
  4. Hi John, Issue is the current Speedo is in KPH only so that needs to be changed to one showing both MPH and KPH. I cant even get Nissan to tell me the Part Number for the Cluster in MPH. Nissan Customer Services are the same. There has to be a solution but I just don't know what it is yet? Regards Ian
  5. I have the above head unit and sadly it's toast. Trying to find a replacement in the UK that isn't the £2400 my local dealer is wanting to replace with no success. Tried all the usual breaker links etc with no joy. My question is can I fit a different model and have that recoded as I have seen some with 0A as the final two digits. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone I have a 2007 1.6 petrol Quashqai and just lately the alarm will go off and I am unable to stop it, the remote will work the central locking OK but the alarm won't stop, does anyone know the location of the alarm control unit I found and sis connected the siren for the time being. Thanks
  7. Hi all, Recently bought a 2010 Qashqui Acenta and love it but yesterday I was driving and constantly getting a warning that the passenger front door was open when it most definitely wasn't. I found that the door striker loop was loose, making the door not sit flush to the body. Whilst tightening the screws the nut on the inside of the door column shifted and moved away from the hole. Does anyone know how to get to the inside of the column so I can repair this properly? Also the car came with a tray loose under the front passenger seat and I cant quite see how it fits securely under the seat, or does it just sit on the floor?
  8. Hello, ive just bought my micra c+c sport 2006. From my knowledge, you can connect your phone via bluetooth, but the owners handbook isnt very helpful in telling me so. I have found an option for “phone vol.” but cant actually figure out how to connect my phone. Do i need a transmitter ? thank you for any advice!
  9. Thanks Trevor only just seen your reply I hadn't clicked on follow topic
  10. Hi all cold morning started the car heater on clear the windows got on the motorway driving about half hr started blowing cold looked at temperature was going up running fine dipped clutch knocked it out of gear it cut out rolled off the motorway on the slip road waiting checked water was fine no oil in the water oil cap is clean tried to start it turning over trys to fire but won't any ideas please help thank you
  11. Just said goodbye to my faithful but weary 525d BMW after 14 years and purchased a 2016 Qashqai dCi N-Tec. The car is in fantastic condition, new cambelt, full service and mot so I'm looking forward to some carefree motoring, at least in the short term. When the inevitable problems arise I will be looking to the experienced forum members for advice. For the moment its back to the owners manual to get my head round all the clever gizmos.
  12. I just bought a 2017 March here in Mexico (same as a micra I think) used. I am unable to defeat the auto locking when you get up to 20 KMH. it is the type with a hand window crank so has the locking knob as part of the door handle. I have tried what I think is the procedure, turning it on and pressing the lock on within 20 seconds, but the hazards do nothing. also tried using the lock button on the key. Any suggestions?
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  14. Hi All, new to the forum and hoping someone might know the answer to this. I have a 2009 Frontier SE with the ABS light on and it's also not shifting into four wheel drive. My mechanic got error code C1113 - Gravity Sensor and I've been advised by a Nissan Mechanic on justanswer.com that replacing the gravity sensor would fix both issues and that the gravity sensor should be under the center console. However my mechanic took the console apart and said the gravity sensor isn't there. My mechanic also stopped by the dealer and the dealer said the gravity sensor should be under the hood but he's not finding it there either. I bought a gravity sensor off eBay and there's also a question of what the right part number is, with two different Nissan dealers coming up with different part numbers. BTW the front ABS sensors have been replaced and he checked the tone wheel on the right front. Any ideas? Thanks!!!
  15. Good afternoon I am looking for a bike rack that I can put on the tailgate of my van or advice on how to alter an existing make or model, thanks very much.
  16. Hi I have 2012 micra got new front brake pads ans discs. When I break to stop my car there’s a sound like a echo/judder sort of sound. Only happens when I break to stop. If I slow down car is fine. Took it to two different mechanics who are saying it’s normal but it isn’t the car shouldn’t make a sound when I’m breaking to stop! Kwik fit greased it but it’s the same noise. Can someone pls help!!
  17. Do I need to use a memory keeper when changing my 2014 micra battery?
  18. Hi Trevor Thank you, yes have done that 3 times just encase i over looked a wire, but again thank you. Regards Rob May
  19. 53 Reg Cabstar tipper, the tipper just stopped responding to the up/down control switch unit. The switch unit has 3 wires the green wire has +12V and I assume that it is switched to 1 of the other 2 wires depending on which button is pressed. When you press either button the +12V drops to 0v When the main battery was flat the tipper still worked so does it have its own battery, if so where is it located? Any ideas?
  20. I bought basic K12, from year 2006 and 174tkm driven. Full service history, basic fixes made, and everything works including clima. Antenna, the part you roll off when washing in machine is missing, must find cheap solution perhaps. Tyres are ok condition, needs gas during wintertime from 5.2 to 5.9 liter. Fun to drive in town and slow roads, noise after 90 kmh is too much, and steering is weird but will do. Warm enough, seat heaters working also. Cold starts sometimes makes a short noise, like the starter does not hold off fast enough. There is a possibility to drive few years cheap with this, lets see what happens, so far good value for very little money I like the most. Cheers drive safe.
  21. Good morning Yesterday my murano developed a fluid leak to the passenger side engine bay, looking online this seems to be cvt fluid. Does anybody know of a nissan specialist garage/mechanic in the Leeds area I could use. Regards Dean.
  22. OK, have changed it now for a 2021 QQ T-Connecta auto and the difference between the (2016) 1.2 and the 1.3 is remarkable..... its very quick out of the blocks for this type of car, so far very pleased with it. I did have an orange engine management light show up but it was diagnosed as a warning about the 'radar' apparently, now cleared by local Nissan dealer. and no...it wasn't a low flying aircraft 😉
  23. Hi all, I have problem with Micra 2012 Dig-s which is check engine + RPM RPM won’t go up 3000, car won't acclarate up 60 mph with shacking I took it to the first garage, He said that he can not find any code, then he removed the check engine , the car came to nurmal, after one day the check engine came up again causing same problem, RPM won’t go up 3000 with gear in or naturarl . Car can not go up 60mph on motorway. 1st gear 15mph, 2nd gear 25mph, 3rd gear 35mph, 5th gear 60rmp, at that speed car starts shacking. The video below shows 3rd gear received_1346629615799603.mp4
  24. I believe it is air in the system which you can clear by turning the wheel from lock to lock
  25. Usually when you remove the circlip (work it off by using a small flat blade screwdriver) and usually the shaft will come off with a soft faced hammer (copperhide or plastic)
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