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  2. Hiya all I am new to this site I live in Exeter Devon in the UK . I really hope someone maybe able to tell/show me the location of the oil pressure switch on a 2008 T31 2lt DCI X trail I need to do a pressure test and I am pulling the few remaining hairs out of my head looking for it Any help greatly appreciated.
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  4. Hi my xtrail 2016 has got some marks and scratches on the bodywork. Just wanted to find out if anyone has found The food polish, to hide these. Also out of interest, how much would a complete car bodywork respray cost for a 16 plate xtrail please?
  5. Last week
  6. Feel free to post up more photos if you wish. I suppose the only shows I can think of are JapFest and the like which is more for modified cars. If anyone knows of any shows and events for stock Japanese cars then post them here
  7. If in doubt or if it gets any louder then take it in sooner to be on the safe side
  8. Code 122: Air bag diagnosis sensor unit
  9. I'm currently checking new wheels to replace the OEM of my Nissan Titan. I've seen plenty of possible options but HD wheels caught my attention. Has anyone here tried installing HD wheels before? I want to know if it's good off-roading and if it's not hard to clean and maintain.
  10. Have increased the capacity for image upload, try that now If it was me, I would keep it as have got rid of too many cars over the years which I regret selling and have no chance of affording them now.
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  12. Hi I have a 2018 Navara purchased 2019. Soon after I got it dents appeared in bonnet near right bonnet hinge. Had them removed but they came back. Had them removed again but came back. Had new bonnet fitted and similar dents appeared in new bonnet. Anyone else have similar experience
  13. Looks like a Juke bumper???
  14. Hi Trevor Sorry for not responding earlier. Short answer is no. Even after they fitted new bonnet dents reappeared Local dealer had dents removed again by PDR guy and after 3 weeks no dents. But history indicates they will come back. Cause not known. Thanks
  15. It will be some time, I think, before I get one but I'll try to update you following a test drive.
  16. Hello all Have a few questions regarding the lineage of Nissan’s engines up until recently, since have not been able to find any clear information. Beginning with the Nissan A before progressing through with the Nissan E OHC, Nissan MA and Nissan CA (possibly the CD diesel) engines. Is it known if the later Nissan SR, GA, CG, CR and QG engines also featured the characteristic un-skirted crankcase block of the BMC A-Series or did that trace lineage end with one of the subsequent engines? Additionally to what extent were the CG/CR, GA/QC and SR engines themselves developments of t
  17. Hi....welcome to the Club I had this issue on an X-Trail and it was the throttle pedal potentiometer. Where it is positioned it attracts dirt and sometimes moisture. You would need to remove it, clean it and reassemble then you have to set it up with a multimeter and check the voltages at certain ranges of pedal travel (Google search the procedure). Alternatively buy a new one as the fault may come back in the future and in the long term it may make more sense to replace it
  18. Hi Alan any rear box for a 95 sunny estate? Seem impossible to get hold of
  19. Thanks for the welcome and answer to my problem. Just had another go at pulley and found a adjustment bolt for alternator pulley hidden on engine block and not easy to get a socket or spanner on to adjust.l will try your suggestion tomorrow. The car is a k11 micra 02.
  20. That's a def no. Just FYI. "No user servicable parts. Do not open. Warranty void if seal broken" Only Nissan (Clarion) can touch the sound system, otherwise... But thanks for the suggestion
  21. Hi Deb.....welcome to the Forums That's a tough one as you would have to remove the door card in situ which can be done but is fiddly and you may damaged some trim parts. I cannot think of any other way to get around it though
  22. Hi Sam Sorry to hear the bad news about your Dad....sounds like he cherished the Silvia...to be honest I haven't seen one in years. Chances are that it would fetch a good price and find a good home for someone through eBay.....maybe put a starting price on it of around £800 and go from there
  23. Hello I am looking for a new or used A12 or A14. Thanks Neal
  24. Maybe worth checking the Coolant Temperature Sensor as this may have drifted out of working range and giving an incorrect signal when the engine is hot
  25. You could try a windscreen fitting company as they may stock clips for when they replace side glass If not, eBay should have something listed
  26. Hi....welcome to the Club I would imagine there was something seriously amiss in the first place for it to catch fire. If it is under the dash then it would involve a complete wiring loom, electronics, SRS and many other control systems....all of which will need programming to the vehicle (or whats left of it). In my honest opinion I don't believe it would be worth doing, financially and otherwise. If it has been paid out for by an insurance company then I would dispose of it via eBay or similar and look for another vehicle
  27. Hello, I have a small dent in the rear exterior door moulding of my Nissan X-Trail T32. I want to replace this relatively inexpensive part (822824CA0A) but not sure how to safely remove the existing piece. Thanks in advance for any help or redirection to an existing discussion or video on this topic. Attached pictures for more info.
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