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  1. Last week
  2. K12 Micra 172 Clio Engine Swap?

    Hi Sith First thoughts are.....there's only one to find out if it fits ! However, in reality you wouldn't want to buy an engine and transmission only to find out that the transplant doesn't pan out as it should. Hope you find the definitive answer....and if you do, please let us know as it would be an interesting project to follow Cheers, Trevor
  3. Your quite right Moff and it does make you wonder if its worth taking out extended warranties on cars nowadays.
  4. Thanks for the input Moff I had forgotten about that. Resting the left foot on the clutch pedal, no matter how gently or light the pressure, it still takes up the working clearance between the release bearing and the cover plate which can either cause the clutch to slip (if enough pressure applied) or alternatively to result in the bearing drilling into the cover diaphragm fingers which creates excess noise when the pedal is not depressed (e.g. at idle). Still, it is worth getting an independent opinion to confirm that it is not faulty parts originally fitted.
  5. Earlier
  6. good luck and keep us informed on how you get on
  7. Front Fog Light

    Hi You should be able to fit replacement LED bulbs that have the correct fitment without any issues. Plenty on eBay that would do the job...usual rules get what you pay for though so sometimes worth paying a little bit more for a better quality bulb
  8. DPF problems

    Go on the freeway and drive car at 3000rpm for at least 10min. It should kick start the regeneration process and clear DPF Alternatively idle the car at 3000rpm for 15 min . The DPF clogging up will always be a constant thing as long as u dont driver the car for a long enough period(30min at least ) on the freeway regularly so that u get to temps required to regenerate engine.
  9. Warning Lights

    It's a shame that you can't capture the lights upon switching the ignition on as most warning lights momentarily come on then to prove they are working. However, it does sound like a traction control issue...which could be related to incorrect tyre size, pressures, different brand/compound...all of which are unlikely given the age of the vehicle. I would definitely hound the dealer to get to the bottom of the cause as this sound potentially quite dangerous if it is locking up one of the wheels during cornering. ABS would release the brakes and give a cadence braking to regain control whereas, traction control will apply the brake to provide traction and this can occur on cornering but only if you completely take the vehicle past it's capabilities. Let us know how this all goes
  10. Autolights

    glad it's all sorted and thanks for the feedback
  11. Rough Idle Headache

    Go for you say, it is worth it in the long run. Post up some piccies of the job with a description if you like? Cheers, Trevor
  12. Micra dipstick tube broken

    Hi...welcome to the Forum I think in this instance it is a case of having to bite the bullet as the potential loss of oil is quite high from the lower part of the block so not worth taking a chance in my mind. Best get stuck in or send it into a garage...shouldn't cost much in labour and may be easier to replace from underneath the car. Let us know us how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  13. Hi guys and girls, Check out the latest installment of our Cult Classics series. This time we take a look at Japan's legendary Supercar Killer from the 90s, the Toyota Supra!
  14. New member hello

    Hi Mark.....weclome to the Forum Great deal for someone who needs a new head Worth regularly checking the state of the chassis as they are prone to heavy corrosion. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  15. hh

    It could be crankshaft sensor...I would look for live data reading on the injectors when turning it reading, no crank sensor signal. Also, could be timing out in which case I would not drive it and let him come out and check it or use the RAC/AA to recover it to his garage.
  16. Best tires for 2015 Murano Sl

    Difficult question to answer really...depends on which type of journey you predominantly do as your daily commute, load / speed rating, cost, etc Brands such as Michelin and Goodyear are my preferred favourites for all-round durability and grip
  17. I have same problem but on Vectra C, bought a good used wiper motor with linkages, whole unit for £10, looks easy enough to fit , about 20 minutes tops
  18. Hi everyone, and help

    Biggest problem sometimes is inheriting problems with a car that the previous owner has introduced like this. Hopefully the journey involves long stretches to keep the revs high enough for prolonged periods of time....then this should keep it clear. Good luck.
  19. Service cost?

    Howard Motors Unit 2 Aqueduct Street Ind Est Aqueduct Street Preston Lancashire PR1 7JJ 01772 727552
  20. Hi Melissa ... welcome to the Forum Sorry to hear about your problems with the car....the glass roof is an issue that tends to affect many other makes as well (Lexus, being one of them, Audi is another). I believe the fault is with the size of the glass and the fact that it is subjected to the twisting and movement of the vehicle frame....not to mention harsh vibration such as driving through potholes. Although the vehicle looks good with plenty of natural light coming into the cabin, it is fair to say that its not the brightest move by any manufacturer when it comes to design over function. I would personally have the glass replaced and worry about fighting a claim afterwards. It is better than the option of the glass shattering and having to deal with all of that. I wonder also, if your car glass insurance covers it as it is accidental damage(?) Let us know how you get on with it all. Cheers Trevor
  21. Nissan Hardbody

    I would thoroughly check the chassis for corrosion as the equivalent Navara suffers from the chassis corroding and snapping just behind the rear bulkhead.
  22. Sorry to hear you've had yet more setbacks but I suppose these things are inevitable when the car goes to the track. Could have been worse I suppose. Cheers for submitting the article to the club once more p.s I have sent you an email
  23. Sat Nav stuck in KM

    Usually the KM or Miles changes depending on where the vehicle is driving (UK or Europe) otherwise there must be something in settings (units, etc)
  24. Hi...welcome to the Forum Firstly, the tax is related to the engine emissions so maybe best to go for the latest model if possible. The EGR on any diesel engine will clog up over time if it is not allowed to run at high revs for a long period (e.g. motorway runs) so no diesel is really suited to urban driving as it doesn't allow for the engine to stretch its legs. Good luck with your purchase
  25. Instruments electrical problem

    Maybe check the bulb is the correct it with the other side. Sometimes, the wrong bulb can end up back-feeding the electrical system and causing similar faults. If not, I would recommend taking it to an auto-electrician or a Nissan specialist as this would require diagnostic equipment to read the CanBus signals at the rear light to see what is occurring. Let us know what you find.
  26. Thanks for posting up the useful guide Chris....keep them coming! Cheers, Trevor
  27. Juke instruments panel

    Had juke into dealers with tail light problem and no indicators or headlights luminati get on left dial rev counter stopping at one thousand revs.Cost me 54.00 for diagnostic they fixed rear side light said it was fuse.Then the big one all light etc working outside car just not coming up on instruments to be told I need a new combination meter (clocks) at cost of £600.48 which I think is obscene think I'll have to look for second hand set and fit myself .Best bit was said would only take ten minutes to fit but price terrible and 54.00 to fit Anyone else had this problem
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