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  2. Hi. I had the rear suspension replaced with many other components changed on my Nissan Xtrail '08 model. The mechanic was unable to realign the wheels properly afterwards. I had another garage try and they couldn't adjust it properly albeit they managed another slight adjustment. They don't know why it's not realigning. I can feel it when driving. Mechanic said its probably the new parts I bought on Ebay. Company said its not. Other garage said arms look okay. Any advice? Is it just new parts on an old car? What should I do? Thanks.
  3. https://nissparts.net/ send me your list and vin code of your car
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  5. Hi, has anyone had this problem. When I first start my Murano, weather it is hot outside or freezing cold its always the same. The car will start then cut out after a few seconds, it does this anywhere up to 5 times and then its absolutely fine for the rest of the drive. I have had the fuel filter and the glow plugs replaced and had pdf treatment put in the tank. I have run the car at 3500 revs for 10 miles, but none of these things have sorted the problem.
  6. Although I don't have a Qashqai ePower i's say the response you've had is unhelpful at the least and possible baloney. Does the 12V socket (fag lighter as used to be)stay live when the car if off? It might stay live for a minute or 2 as the car shuts down fully, but if after that it completely switches off then there's no way you'll drain the battery. if the 12v socket remains live then just get in the habit of removing the dash cam plug from the 12v when you leave the car. TBH it would take a few days to drain the car battery completely, but it's worth getting into the habit rather than finding out how long it actually takes - the hard way! BTW I fitted an inexpensive Amazon dash-cam to my new-to-me 2015 T32 X-Trail just last week - and today there's a 20% voucher AND 10% promo - so I've just bought another one for my youngest lad - he's 17 next Thursday and will be taking to the road in a 2009 K12 Micra. A dash-cam has just been added to his presents !
  7. Bună ziua.Stie cineva la motorul de Nissan qashqai 1.7 dci din 2019,distribuția este pe lanț sau pe curea.Și dacă ma puteti ajuta cu alta nelămurire, masina a stat mai mult timp nepornita iar acum la pornire apare in bord mesajul fault sistem start stop,problema este de la bateria care este descarcata sau este vreo problema la instalatia electrica?Multumesc!
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  14. Hello everyone, My juke is just about 30,000 mile, touch scream/radio keep turning off and on. Having soo much noise from engine. Have use care for about 1 year. Can anyone advise what could possibly be wrong with by care. Love my care so much. Thanks
  15. I found a solution, for whomever has a similar issue. I cleared the DTCs from the SRS system but the light staid on, then I noticed there was an airbag-related DTC in the body computer and clearing that worked
  16. I had simular checks on my dash that they didnt make any sense. antipolution filter fil assistant, check injection etc. the car was working fine. The problem finally was the battery
  17. greetings from Greece! I have bought my car at 2017. From the beginning and all these years i have a problem that the local nissan cannot fix. even though they have changed eveything again and again. When i travel on the high way for a long time, when i press the clutch (from 6th to 5th ) it feels "heavy". after i press it from 5th to 4th it gets normal again. (there is no problem with the gears) when i drive in the city or small distances that requires pressing the clutch often everythings works fine. The only problem is on the long distances when the time comes to press the clutch its seems to loose the hydraulic pressure. It gets really problematic when you travel for 5 hours or so.. Is there noticed the same thing? I have changed all these years almost everything that relates with it. It seems that the fluids are loosing their power from heat. (heat from engine?)
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  19. Had my qashqai 2.0 dci about 4 years now, when working on engine some while back I took it for a run without engine cover and air pipes on, amidatly noticed fuel consumption dropped, now getting 10 mpg more without air pipes.
  20. Where can I buy a clutch for my 370z thanks
  21. You can find suppliers on eBay for stainless steel custom exhausts much better than original and not too expensive either Usually drive there and wait while they build you a system (or part system)
  22. Hi, The digital part of the speedo is regularly not displaying the correct information as you can see from pictures. Has anyone had this issue and how was it rectified?
  23. Hi, My Navara 2013 D40 is on its second set of glow plugs and second relay in a year but every so often it goes into fault and puts engine management light on which will eventually reset itself. Two separate garages have never resolved this problem. Has anyone on here had same problem and how did you resolve it?
  24. T32 2016reg can someone post a picture of the label that is supposed to be on door frame. All I have is a barcode label with vin number. Handbooks with car says to check label on door frame! I have to take a longish journey 3 up. 19 inch wheels plus spare wheel . Dealer said 36 psi all round.
  25. It should be up to the job and if not then an oil cooler may be needed
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