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  2. Wonderful son managed to fix this to front xmember and attach wires! Air conditioning working nice and cold
  3. Hi all, I own a Navara Dci Tekna 4x4 Shr DCB (2017) and have had an intermittent 4WD warning fault for a little while. My mechanic says I need a; Transfer shift actuator But usually this part is only sold as part of the whole transfer box which costs about £4000. Has anyone else had a similar experience and is there a way to find out the part number for the Transfer shift actuator and purchase it on it's own? TIA Tom
  4. Last week
  5. Hello guys, I just bought Qashqai j10, 2012 with 1.5cdi 110hp engine and and i have two questions: 1) I just found out that the intelligent key button from the tailgate is missing. There is an empty hole on the boot and i wonder if intelligent key can be installed? If not, what should i do with the hole? 2) What engine brand should i use? I know it's 5w30, but does it matter which brand?
  6. Hi I’m trying to find a replacement glass for n/swindow on a snug top on my 2010 Nissan navara any help would be appreciated
  7. Hi All , I have just replaced both window winder motors in my 350Z track . On looking up all the available threads to do it , I noticed all the hassles owners have to overcome to get the window up for the repair . I was desperate , when mine jammed in the down position before I was ready to fix it , and still needed to use it . I started the motor , pulled the window switch up and banged the inside of the door panel roughly alongside where the motor is located . It jarred up the worn brushes for one last effort , and the window wound up much to my relief . I fastened two soft jaw Stanley clamps on the window to keep it from falling down again , while replacing the motor . One bit of advice I have noted on previous forums going forward , to avoid having to do the job again in the future . Is never to let the window go all the way to the bottom if you can help it , when using the window . It is a big heavy window , and needs a lot of leverage to move it resting at its lowest point . This is what prematurely wears the brushes out . That and try not to raise and lower the window with the motor off , this too stresses the brushes as the voltage is not as strong . Wish you luck , you can save a lot of money doing it yourself .
  8. Thanks Steve for comment. Been told defo make sure you get a warranty with reconditioned engine. Just trying to find one at the moment.
  9. hi, welcome to the club I suggest getting a smart repair done on this as will only get worse over time. not too expensive.
  10. Hi mate, welcome to the club First thing you you need to do is check the chassis at the weak point between the cab and tub, there was a recall on these and you need to check you can get this sorted first. is the chassis got holes in it or just surface rust? if surface rust then you just need to cheam it all up and spay on dinitrol Then when that has set and hardened, get buzzweld Lanolin and spray the underside of the car a couple of times, You can spray lanolin every year, its really easy to do yourself. see the chassis snap here: https://practicalmotoring.com.au/car-news/nissan-d40-navara-caught-chassis-snap-drama/
  11. Does anyone know a company who can re-code a second hand Leaf head unit to the VIN of my Nissan Leaf (2014)? I had to replace the head unit with a like for like second hand one. My local Nissan dealer is not willing to attempt to re-code it as they said it may or may not work. I have contacted numerous audio / car tunning companies in the North West but they said I should contact Nissan. Cheers - Tom
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  13. Hey just introducing myself im Michael from Southampton i have traded my 2011 Qashqai ntec for a 2020 Qashqai tekna+. I am loving it but i am looking for a fuse cover for inside the glove box that isnt as expensive as they are on ebay if anyone can help?
  14. Hi, looking for information on alloy wheels and tyres ( possibly low profile) that I could put on my nissan nv 200 van that would make it individual and stand out more Thanks Paul
  15. I’m looking for a Pathfinder for conversion into an ambulance for use in east Ukraine. It needs to be mechanically sound and structurally robust, so no MoT advisories for rust. I’m based in Birmingham, and the budget is £3-4000. If you have anything suitable please drop me an email Jerry.marsden@btinternet.com
  16. Thanks for the welcome message. As to the models, I have always found them a better value proposition than the other Japanese makes, and that goes double for European cars. I have had other makes (briefly). Rover SD1 V8, Humber Imperial, Holden Commodores (my wife has had a series of wagons, up to her current 14 model SV6 wagon), and even an Aston Martin DB6 Vantage (for a couple of years). Thanks again, Phil
  17. I have a rare ( very rare ) 200SX it’s not in good shape underneath . But I need to sell the car . It’s been in my family from new .
  18. I've had my 350Z for three years now. Wonderful car in every way. However, there's a problem with the cooling fans and I'd like to replace them. Nissan OEM parts are unbelievably over-priced. An OEM fan and motor assembly is priced around £915, Can anyone suggest an aftermarket parts supplier in UK and EU? Any help would be much appreciated.
  19. Thats not the code written at the bottom of the label (4683) ?
  20. Best method is to connect a multimeter to the battery and look for current draw If the current increases as you remove certain fuses then that is where the power is being consumed Would first check the earth leads as common old older Nissan models for these to break and the alternator may be drawing from the battery
  21. Please help to get my radio code i replace batterry and radio not working CL052950164971seraip number PN-2424M model number thanks
  22. I have a 1985 Nissan Sunny B11 1.3. The radiator collar is perishing fast and one of the lugs that the raditor cap attaches to has snapped off. Anybody any idea where I can find a replacemnt radiator or know of another model that would fit without modifying?
  23. Hi anyone I have a 2012 D40 just have noticed the air con isn’t working I have had the gas renewed but it doesn’t give out any cold air so I’ve been told I need to replace the condenser ( is it possible to do this work without special equipment by myself) cheers jonnnie
  24. Hi all Ive got a Nissan Navara NP300 with a Roll & Lock Style Tonneau Cover fitted Does anyone know where and how the drain off pips need to be fitted I have drilled through the bulk head on one side but there is a gap of around 40mm between the bed liner and the bulk head and I have no idea how to get the rubber tube through I guess I may have regretably done something wrong, and would really appreciate any advice! See pics Thanks legepe
  25. hi my Nissan Qashqai is 2017 automatic it was running nice and smoothly but suddenly when i drive the car in the beginning shaking the car and skid signs flash on dash bard and also coming up on display auto stop start faulty msg and I can feel when its speed it up 50-60- gear changing difficulte. I when to local garage they change the 4 plug and change the gear box oil still the same when he scan with his machine this faulty code came up ABS FAULTY CODE C1154;01 and cruise control /speed limiter P1525:F3 i been contact the Nissan dealer to diagnose test. but they are very busy i have to wait till end of the July . did any body had this problem? please any body can give me a advice diagnose the problem please . many thanks.
  26. Has anyone else had issues with their navara failing to re gen
  27. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has experienced their xtrail revs going up and down while driving. Car only seems to behave in 7th gear.
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