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  2. I had a new condenser fitted a couple of years ago to a qashqai. I think it cost over £700 + .It was a hard pill to swallow but it was a baking hot and I had to go on holiday with the car. Having looked into it a bit later it looks like a job I could have tackled myself given the time . there is a video on youtube of it being done. I think the actual fitting could be done yourself and then you could have the system re gassed by a garage .I don't think it answers your heating problem tho
  3. I'm from the UK and a couple of years ago I picked up an old 2006 Pathfinder which unexpectedly turned out to be my favourite car that I've ever owned, and now I'm on a quest to keep it on the road for as long as possible! I'm not sure what other people think, but the newer Pathfinders (R52) don't seem to be quite the same sort of vehicle? Anyway, just wanted to say hi and to see if there are any R51 fans still out there. Gavin
  4. I usually go for blades from the newest car of my model in the multi storey car park , unfortunately since x-trails are few and far between in Essex I may have to try ebay next time.☹️
  5. Does anyone use their brakes in EK? the last time I drove through there it was full of boy racers that seem to have their foot on the Right hand pedal all the time except when doing hand brake turns of course.
  6. I've had a Nissan since 2014 with intelligent brake system , I have had the warning tone a number of times but never has it applied the brakes for me . Perhaps I am too careful a driver as I do try not to break the 2 second rule. I would never have the bottle to not brake in the hope that it stops the car for me . I have often been curious and thought about whether I could make up a dummy target to aim for that would not cause any damage if I hit it .But alas I havefar more important things to worry about such as what price is the San Miguel in my local co op and is it cheaper to drive t
  7. If your discs and pads need replaced at that mileage ( is it really only 6,650 miles or 66,500?) and at that age then they most definately should be replaced under warranty for free as they must have been faulty. I only replaced my pads for the first time this year on my qashqai ( just sold ) after approx 62,000 miles the discs were fine . i would kick up a stink with my dealer if i bought a car off them and that happened at just over a year old. best of luck get your grumpy head on and give them Jip.
  8. Hi everyone, I've bought a damaged NISSAN PIXO 2011, the damage is only light (bumper,bumper bar and radiator), the car cranks but doesn't start, I've plugged the computer in and comes up with 2 fault codes, C100 unknown fault code and B1150 airbag communication , airbag haven't deployed and seat pretensioners are fine. I've cleared the airbag code but the other one comes back on, the car seems not getting fuel to the engine, I can't hear the fuel sender in the fuel tank pumping fuel before starting the car neither. Does anyone knows if the car has a fuel cut off switch or something that
  9. Raa10


    Hi got a d40 2005 navara, and it won’t go into 4wd. Just wondered if anyone had this issue and how did they resolve it? Props on and seems fine so maybe a gearbox issue ?
  10. Hi All, I have a Nissan Pathfinder 2006. I took it to the dealer shop because we got a recent problem in which it loses power (and turns on the 4wd indicator) when it is in automatics gear, if I moved it to manual mode it works great. The shop tell us that the problem is happening because the injection pump is faulty. I asked them why it happens only in automatic and they are telling me that Automatic mode is more demanding for the engine than the manual mode. They guy didn't sound very confident so I want to get more info or recommendations on this. Has this ever happened to
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  12. My Micra refuses to start when the Engine is cold !! It will start if I spray petrol into Air Filter ... but that's not something I'm comfortable with !! I think it is down to a faulty sensor that is sending incorrect or NO signal to ECU. I've replaced the Coolant Temp Sensor but that made No difference. I THINK there is only one on the K12 - maybe someone on the Forum can confirm that ?? I now suspect the MAF Sensor ( the one on top of the Air Box, 4 terminals & 1 bolt ) may be faulty. If I disconnect it with the engine running - the engine continues to run. I'm informed that the e
  13. Hi everyone. Glad to be a new member of the Nissan Owners club.
  14. It looks like a vent pipe to atmosphere, although not sure where its coming from
  15. I would check the earth straps as this sounds like it is struggling to find a good earth and shorting the alternators out. Check the earth leads from the battery first and then work your way through the engine and engine bay. You can always put additional earth straps into the vehicle to supplement what is already there to ensure the current is finding its way back to earth effectively
  16. Hi.....welcome to the Forum They are out there but your search may be difficult to find good one Let us know when you find one
  17. Hi! My 2008, V8 Pathfinder that just rolled over to 200,000 is having some weird issues. Over the last four years I have ended up with a new battery each year and an alternator almost every other year. I am not the brightest bulb in the box but I do know there is more at play with my car. Currently I own a brand new Interstate Battery, a two year old alternator (that tested good), and my headlights and instrument panel “pulse” or to some “flicker”. HELP! Do I have a relay problem? Belt? Bad Driver?
  18. How do remove the metal pipe that runs over the top of the plastic engine cover to gain access to glow plugs? Cheers Pete
  19. Hi, I am new to this site. I am looking at buying an N14 Sunny but apart from GTIR's I cannot seem to find any. Do you know where there may be any for sale Thanks Geoff
  20. It can sometimes be a steep learning curve when it comes to modern cars but at least you found the issue and its not a serious, or expensive fault
  21. Hi Graham.....welcome to the Forum I know that sometimes it can be down to the USB stick format and especially if it works fine on other devices but not in the car. You could try formatting the stick and reloading the music or try other formats (e.g. MP3, etc)
  22. Hi Bob......welcome to the forum There are still plenty of old Micra's on the road and apart from bodywork issues the mechanicals are quite reliable and durable. Feel free to ask any questions and I'm sure someone will be able to assist with an answer
  23. I have a 2015 X-Trail (T32 1.6DCi Auto) which is often, but not always, coming up with a Stop/Start system fault warning on the dashboard when starting up. So far I have changed the battery for a new start/stop compatible one for this model (so the shop says), and bought a charger to make sure it was fully charged. Still getting the same issue though. Sometimes if I go for a motorway run, next start up it will be ok, and may be ok for a few drives, but then comes back again. I did get my local garage to do me a favour and put their computer on it. That showed lost of Voltage erro
  24. Can someone help me out for a radio code please BP538769679742 Would be very gratefull
  25. I have a Nissan tekna 1.2 dig-s and am trying to buy an update of my SD sat nav card according to the date of my car 2017 I should be buying connect 3 card but if I look at the picture of the system it should be connect 2 which is meant for 2013 to 2014 which one do you think I should buy
  26. Can't see how the exhaust pressure sensor could render the cruise inactive yet not turn the turbo off (as in limp home mode). If the sensor itself is fault wouldn't it be better to change thte sensor? (any idea where it is locatewd, it's a 2007 2.0 dci not the earlier 2.2) tvm
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