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  2. Greetings to y'all Glad to be part of the forum, cheers🥂
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  4. Thanks for your reply Trevor, I have had it fixed by my local Nissan dealer. It was a relay making the noise, so I guess they replaced it, as the noise is no longer there. Cheers.
  5. Thankyou.shes got wheels now! I am trying to keep it as period as possible
  6. That is not right if the brakes are spongy and should be returned to rectify the fault
  7. No, that is not the case, the pedal should be up the top and firm not at the bottom of its travel. Sounds like they have not set up the brake compensator (if fitted) and this is affecting the brake pressure. Alternatively, there may be air trapped in the system and needs bleeding out
  8. I believe it is a case of lifting it up from the shift lever but watch your face as it flies up .... been there and it hurt 🙂
  9. Like any radiator, you would need to drain and recover the coolant (which could be reused if the antifreeze strength is sufficient. Removal is then just a case of remove and refit components and then ensure there is no air trapped in the cooling system by running up and observing the temperature (hopefully the fan will kick in as well) and also check the heater blows hot
  10. Thats a good result for a cost free warranty job
  11. You are correct, it would be the left hand (nearside) wheel bearing as this is unloading the weight when you steer left
  12. How has this improved (if at all) since you posted? It also depends on the type of journey as a hybrid relies on regenerative braking to put a charge in the batteries This can only be achieved in town traffic or elsewhere there is stop start driving. It is unlikely to be achieved on motorway or extra urban driving
  13. Sounds more like a WhatsApp issue if other apps are working fine?
  14. 1989 Nissan Bluebird for sale Red 1.8L engine Automatic Hello, I’m trying to sell my lovely vintage Nissan Bluebird. The car has been off road for the past 6 months due to a relocation, and I can’t keep it any longer. MOT recently expired, and has a small (I’m told) engine problem, so new buyer would need to tow it. All working parts inside and under bonnet aside from engine problem. Drivers side electric window in need of new motor. It’s been well looked after, I’ve had it 3 years and before then was kept in storage for 10 years by an old collector. 65,000 miles approx very low for the age. I’m looking to sell for £1000-1500 but will consider any sensible offers in this region. I can be contacted on 07718 927124 and email ciaranthomaswood@gmail.com thanks
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  16. Each time I accelerate or release the accelerater there is a very annoying clicking noise, low down to my right. It sounds to me, like a relay operating! Does anyone know if Nissan recognise it as a known fault please? Thanks.
  17. Try this site https://www.satnavishop.co.uk/
  18. Hi, new to forum. I've just bought a 72 plate nsport and am wondering if anyone can suggest a reliable wireless phone charger that works with an android phone and fits nice in front of the changer where the USB slot is Thanks in advance
  19. How did you get on with this?
  20. Sounds like the system needs a firmware update from the dealer (not sure how much this would cost though)
  21. You could probably use the DPF one on the non-DPF vehicle if it is just the bracket and if it gets in the way then remove it I guess
  22. Thats an appropriate fix in the circumstances and cheaper than replacing the exhaust system but totally expensive considering the AA use these as a 'get you back on the road' clamp.
  23. It could be that the EGR or DPF are blocked and this may have contributed to the intercooler hose failing. I would run some cleaner through the fuel and also take for a run to increase the revs over a time and clear it through Sounds like it needs a good 'Italian Tuneup' to sort it out
  24. Sounds like Crankshaft Sensor is failing, symptoms include starting when cooled down and cutting out when hot
  25. You might be able to get some sort of remap on it but doubt it will give huge amounts of power for the cost involved
  26. I would pressure (or vacuum) bleed the entire system and also check there is nothing in the ABS modulator block assembly Check also the pads are free to move in the carrier as this is a common symptom of pads being stuck in place
  27. out of alignment from the catch on the tailgate I imagine, remove the top and refit to see if that improves it
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