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  2. I think it is down to maintenance and if the oil has been changed regularly then it stands more of a chance of lasting longer. I have heard of owners who have challenged the manufacturers and got it done under warranty.
  3. Thanks for the update. Where exactly did you saw the hole? Do you have a photo of the location you could share with us, always useful to know in the future if anyone else encounters the same issue.
  4. Hi.....welcome to the Forum I'm not sure where it is on the net but I have definitely seen a website with templates for vehicle dimensions before....better get 'Google'ing 🙂
  5. It would be great if you could find someone who has done this mod and please post up here if you find anything out as I'm sure others would like to know if it is possible Be in mind this will affect your insurance as the vehicle classification will be for a seven-seater and not eight. This may also affect the Taxation class as well.
  6. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would advise to take it into an independent audio specialist as they may have a work around which will solve the problem.
  7. Hello im a new member. I'm trying find some parts for my 1999 Nissan Primera i need the complete suspension for near side & off side. For the front. Any body got any ideas thank for your time to read this
  8. Pity you had no replies iam doing same with a k13 - put sat nav in works but need wiring altering and Nissan security blocks unit after 5 mins because not matching Vin numbers - trying dealer to have unit reprogrammed.
  9. I'm not sure there is one as yet. I too have a PDF version of the T30 manual and it very useful to search for certain items and procedures. Usually a scan of eBay produces some results although I couldn't find anything when I searched earlier
  10. Hi.....welcome to the Forum What would you like the username to be and I can change it for you?
  11. Hi.....welcome to the Forum May be easier to remove one and take it to a Motor Factors for them to identify it and compare to other bushes and links that may be suitable. Probably used on other models in the range at some point
  12. hi.....welcome to the Forum If no parts are available then sometimes you can have a new cable made by a specialist company. Alternatively, a secondhand assembly would be the best bet
  13. Nissan PRIMERA 2.2 diesel dci se for spares or repair, has fuel problem and dent to n/s rear 45856 miles, everything else in working order 54plate £ goes into limp mode.
  14. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would be tempted to pay a visit to Halfords and see which units take your fancy. They usually have plenty to choose from and also sell the adapter plugs and fascia plates
  15. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would be tempted to run an external earth wire to the lamp unit / bulb holder to see if that improves the illumination brightness
  16. At least the bolts will be nice and free from corrosion 🙂
  17. Hi...welcome to the Forum I agree with the diagnosis of the timing chains and I would also recommend to take it to Nissan to see if there is any recall on this issue. If they say they can repair it for extortionate amounts then I would recommend finding a Nissan specialist or a reputable independent garage who can carry out the task of replacing the timing chain assembly. It is common enough for timing chain replacements on many engines so it shouldn't be too difficult to find someone who can sort it for you, its just then a matter of cost. Let us know how you get on with it all
  18. Hi.....welcome to the Forum The Pathfinder is a very capable vehicle and hopefully you won't have any questions (well at least technical ones in the event of mechanical failure) Good to have you onboard
  19. I rebuilt the handbrake mechanism on my X-Trail recently and am not convinced that they are 100% perfect even now, waited for them to bed in and re-adjusted but still leave in gear as not the most effective handbrake I've encountered. My only thoughts are if you adjust the handbrake until the are just about slightly dragging the disc surface and then there is no sideways movement possible. The adjustment can be made externally through the hole in the disc face. Beyond that, I'm really not sure what else could be causing this issue.
  20. Hi....welcome to the Forum Here's a couple of diagrams but you would need to verify they are correct for your vehicle. ******************************************************************************************************************************************
  21. Hi Gilly......welcome to the Forum How are you finding the X-Trail?
  22. I would try to stick to the recommended fluid and I would also recommend to change the fluid (and filter) before it is due as you'll find it will make a noticeable difference to the drive but also ensures a longer life for the gearbox.
  23. Seeking osf bumper lower front rubber protector strip thanks in advance Dez
  24. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would suggest taking a trip to Halfords and seeing their range of replacement audio. If you are not confident to replace it yourself then they can do this for you (at a cost) and also sell simple plug in adapters to avoid getting into wiring up the new one.
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