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  2. I have a very nice white Nissan Sunny with only 17000 miles. The carburettor is a problem and I cant find a replacement. I am told that it is sucking in coolant and the mixture is diluted so it wont fire. The rest of the car is very good so I am asking for sensible offers before I resort to scrapping it. it would be a shame to see it scrapped as I cant afford to spend any more on it. Collect from Farnborough Hampshire. Please email interest to me and I will respond with a contact number.
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  4. I have bought a 2009 nissan serena,I need roof bars fitting as we use it to go camping.Can anyone advise where who and what I can get to solve this problem,I have tried all the usual places halfords,local garages they are all saying there are none that will fit,help.
  5. This is really a two parted question. Firstly, my Note has the Connect 2 model. I noticed recently that some DAB stations would randomly drop out (though curiously not the BBC stations). Over the weekend the Connect unit has rebooted itself twice whilst driving. This has occured when the unit dropped DAB signal. So firstly, has anyone experienced an issue like this? And is there any potential fix? Alternatively, if I need a new unit then what's best? I've been looking into and replacing the connect 2 appears not to be a straightforward task. And the cost of a new Connect 2 fro
  6. It sounds like the air con system could do with checking out, e.g. gas pressures and then see if this makes a difference with it cutting out
  7. Hi, I have 2019 np300. Each time I start the engine the head set asks whether I want to accept or decline tracking info. I can't believe that I should have do go through this each time I start the engine. Just wondering is this the same for all owners.
  8. Nice simple solution if not a little fiddly to resolve 🙂
  9. You could try Sat Nav store and see what they offer, would be cheaper than the dealers for an update
  10. I would ask the question as it sounds like a door lock actuator fault and better for them to foot the bill
  11. It depends if the noise is coming from the interior fan unit or under the bonnet?
  12. Hi....welcome to the Club The only app I can find on the Nissan site is this one which is what you probably already have https://www.nissan.co.uk/ownership/customer-promise.html#driversapp
  13. 2006 (56) Nissan X-Trail 'Columbia' special edition 2.2 diesel engine, 93k miles, service history, air conditioning, SatNav, manual 6 speed transmission, towbar Full length glass panoramic roof, 4WD selectable transmission, ABS, central locking, electric windows. Plenty of new parts and work carried out over the past few years to ensure in good running condition. Best offer in the region of £2095
  14. Hi....welcome to the Club Usually, in the absence of a full size or space-saver spare wheel then there is a 'get you home' puncture repair kit. This consists of a tin of spray foam which is introduced into the tyre via the valve and then the air compressor is connected to inflate the tyre to pressure. Once you have managed to drive to a tyre repair centre then the tyre will usually need to be replaced. Another option is to use 'Slime' in the tyres which prevents punctures and can be driven with it in the tyre permanently.
  15. The usual way to release a bonnet is going through the grill area, either try releasing it with a screwdriver poked through but watch the radiator, etc Alternatively, try removing the grill to access the latch mechanism
  16. Hi....welcome to the Club Wow! a Bluebird.....haven't seen one in a very long time. Definitely worth doing up, would check the fuel lines and drain down any old fuel you can retrieve then look for any rodent damage and it should be as good as new. Would love to see video of the old girl starting up for the first time after her long rest Good to have you onboard and keep us updated on progress
  17. I’m after a set of handbooks for a 2011 model if anyone has a set for sale.
  18. So with all the issues, I've had with my Glyn Hopkin garage, I have decided to send through a complaint to Nissan. Anyone, done this before and is it worth it or a waste of time?. So in my situation, was told that the squeak I was having, was coming from non manufacturers brakes, and these needed to be replaced. Since then, the sound has not stopped, and now the manager of the branch, is not responding to my emails for support,even though he does acknowledge the squeak is still there. Where do I escalate this to please? Nissan or Glyn Hopkin? Anyone ever complained before and what was your exp
  19. Hi we have a 2016 xtrail. Passenger front window will only go down on switch not up. Won’t work off drivers side master switch either. Drivers side front window will not go up or down. If I connect a battery straight to motor I cAn make either window go up or down. I bought new passenger motor to check this wasn’t issue. Same problem as existing motor. I bought a new drivers side master switch. Fitted and neither front windows worked. Tried day later and drivers would go up and down. Switched ignition off then on and then didn’t work anymore. Passenger side won’t work off master but will go do
  20. Can anyone help me with this further code I just can't see the gaps ie number of flushing
  21. I seem to have dropped in power over the years and increased in economy....sign of ageing or growing up 🙂
  22. You could try a windscreen fitting company as they can usually obtain obsolete windows
  23. Would check that the sensors read the same resistance as one could be faulty
  24. Have a look at the reluctor (toothed) ring .....unless it has a Gen2 type wheel bearing type. If the air gap is incorrect or toothed ring damaged/missing then no signal. Also check the connections again to see if pins aligned or damaged One other thing, worth checking resistance of sensors, maybe one is bad?
  25. This is my Mum's car which she is now selling it. It was registered in 1995 and is still in its first ownership. It has only done 39000 miles. Serviced every year. It has an MOT until April next year. Its the Hollywood model and has a sunroof. Generally in very good condition but has some rust on the front passenger side wheel arch panel, see picture. All tyres, including the spare, replaced in the last year.
  26. Could be a broken suspension link which affects the headlamp adjustment
  27. Not sure, but worth experimenting with switching the engine on and off using different methods to see if this invokes the fault. Also, if the battery voltage dips too low by constant restarting then this could also be an issue. Maybe worth turning the stop/start function off also to see if that resolves the issue
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