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  2. Is a 2009 Nissan note Visia's bumper and cross members compatible with a 2009 Nissan note Acenta
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  4. Sounds like a vacuum leak from one of the hoses on the inlet manifold Check all hoses for perishing and leaks which you may also be able to hear as a hissing sound
  5. I have a Pixo 2009 and I need a replacement door. The prices for used doors are between 200 eur up to 500. The 500 one is used and that is without postage. I checked for new prices but since they are coming from Japan, it ends up to be along the same pricem i,e, 300 eur. i think these preices are ridiculous, I a; wondering what is happening with the crazy prices in the used car market. Does anyone have insights into this?
  6. Good day I have a 2010 Nissan Pathfinder 2.5 diesel automatic. It hase trouble idling and cuts out while I approach a stop sign or traffic light. I am able to drive it by keeping the revs up by braking with my left foot at this stage. She doesn't smoke or lose power while I am driving. I checked the revs using an OBD meter and it's just above 700rpm.
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  8. 2013 Nissan Juke S Fresh Oil Change, NEW Plugs, Coils, Valve cover gasket, Inspections are all done - ready to register. Price is not negotiable!!!
  9. Hi looking for some advice on replacement of Adcm unit and adblue injectors. Have had issues with this over the past few months on my 2019 diesel xtrail out of warranty by 1 year and done 66000 miles is this a common occurrence with a car this age and a nissan in particular anyone else had this issue and anyway to resolve through Nissan customer services? Have raised the issue with my local Nissan dealership where car was purchased and serviced since but since out of warranty nothing they can do! Which is frustrating apart from quoting me circa £2k to repair Any help would be appreciated
  10. My 69 Reg Micra Wing Mirrors stay stuck folded in. I have tried WD40 and also taken it to my Nissan dealing who said they only thing they could try was to boost the charge in my battery. Any other suggestions please?
  11. Hi, Nissan Note 2015 petrol. 68k miles, recently serviced. Malfunction light came on today - steady orange. I know it can be a number of different things but, of course, I need my car over the next few days. Not driving far - perhaps 10 miles each day to appointments etc. Car seems to be driving as normal. What do folks think about driving it being OK, & is there anything I can do to try to establish what might be the issue? Thanks.
  12. Split turbo boost pipe (usually a wooshing or whistling sound associated with this) or variable vanes sticking with carbon and need cleaning
  13. Hi....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard!
  14. Well done, that is superb and obviously driven correctly to last that long
  15. How are you getting on with the Serena ?
  16. Have the same issue with my quashqai 14 plate. Had a slight chip on back quarter panel so asked the body shop to repair. When they started to cut the paint back to find a good adhesion point they found that there was no primer on the shell. So the paint just keeps peeling off..
  17. HI my brother recently passed away leaving us with the heart breaking decision to sell his baby, which leaves us with one question who do we sell it too. We know it's a very rare car one of 17 in this condition. Any help would be appreciated Elaine
  18. Hi Trying to fins a replacement part for my 2005 Tino 2.2 DCI AN ABS sensor front left. Have tried ebay but the ones they are telling me is correct is wrong and do not fit. Can anyone tell me where to find one and the part number please. regards
  19. Hi, I'm new here! I bought a 14 plate Note a few days ago and although I have a functional original key I'd like a spare. Other than going to a Nissan stealership is there a cheaper way to go? I jumped onto eBay and saw Nissan key fobs. That would be fine if it's possible to program them. Are there and issues getting copied or cloned keys to work properly? Thanks for any and all advice.
  20. Important from South Africa Log book and paper work for sale please call 07432601196. Paul for anymore information white pick up 2door. Good condition Nissan Sunny with a hard. Top
  21. Sure, in your 2009 X-Trail T31, the fuse box that houses the side light fuse is typically located in the engine bay or the cabin. The side light fuse might be labeled differently depending on the manufacturer, so it's best to refer to your owner's manual or the fuse box cover for specific details. Generally, if both the side lights stopped working after attempting to install LED bulbs, it's possible that the LED bulbs might not be compatible or there could have been an issue during installation. Here's what you can do: Check the Fuse Box: Look for a blown fuse related to the side lights. Use a fuse tester or visually inspect the fuses to find the one that's blown. Replace it with a fuse of the same rating. Verify LED Bulb Compatibility: Some LED bulbs might need specific adapters or resistors to function properly in certain vehicles. Ensure the LED bulbs are compatible with your X-Trail T31 model. Double-Check Installation: Reinstall the bulbs carefully, making sure they are properly seated and connected. Sometimes, improper installation can cause lights to malfunction. If after replacing the fuse and re-installing the bulbs correctly the issue persists, it might be beneficial to consult a professional or an auto-electrician for a more detailed inspection. They can diagnose the electrical system to identify any underlying issues causing the side lights to malfunction.
  22. Hello everyone We bought a Nissan caravan campervan having been happy Nissan owners, really pleased with the Qashqai and Juke we previously owned. We still have a Qashqai. The Caravan failed its MOT recently and needs a new rear wheel bearing. It turns out the vehicle is an import from south Africa. Our Nissan garage can't track down the part and I've tried beforeward autoparts but no luck. Does anyone know how to source Nissan spares from South Africa? Thanks
  23. Hi all, back in the day when they released the Navara i must have PDI'd dozens of them but now cant fathom out how to reset the clock (2006 D22) any help would be very appreciated.
  24. What year is it ? I have a J10 2012 Manual 1.6, just customised it, added an Android tablet, got rid of the stamdard radio
  25. The car is front wheel drive, tyres slip when you drive off, you can make this happen on most cars. If you drive off slowly does it happen ?
  26. I just bought this PF and the EGR is broken where the pipe connects. I have tried to remove the pipe from the exhaust but cannot get it to break loose. Soaked it for 3 days with PB Blaster then put a 23mm crows foot on it and rounded the nut. Then I cut the pipe and inserted a 5/8 bolt into the pipe. Pulled the rubber hose and plugged it with a 1/4" bolt. I am going to put a 68k (68000) ohm 1/4 watt resistor into the electrical plug to kill the CEL. My question is do I need to plug the EGR port that goes to the exhaust or is it ok to leave it open? TIA
  27. I have a 2015 NISSAN X-TRAIL TEKNA DCI 4X4 and the offside front suspension arm ball joint keeps wearing prematurely, the arm has been replaced 3 times in the past 2 years. I had a Nissan dealer replace both front suspension arms and then at a check around 6 months later they noticed the offside arm was excessively worn so they replaced it under warranty. Around 6 months later I had the car serviced and MOT'd at an independent garage and they noticed the same arm was excessively worn, i just had them replace it with the anti-roll bar linkage as I was sick of Nissan. I have the car booked in for it's annual service/MOT next week and my steering is making excessive creaking noises when turning at low speed which i've seen is a sign of ball joint wear. Has anyone else experienced this problem and know why it keeps failing? I only drive about 5,000 miles a year and the car has done 40,000 total. The independent garage said there should be no reason it fails again after repair but sounds like it's happened again. I would appreciate any help so i can get this permanently fixed. Below are the notes from my MOT last year before replacement. Repair immediately (major defects): Offside Front Suspension arm ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i)) Offside Front Lower Anti-roll bar linkage ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i)) Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories): Offside Front Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement rear bush (5.3.4 (a) (i))
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