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  2. I have just bought a 2013 juke accent and I noticed the the intermittent or fast speed wipers do not work. I have had the wiper arm unit replaced but still no joy. Does anyone else have any experience of this or any advice.? Many thanks.
  3. Morning gents and ladies! New member and also a new Nissian owner N16 Almera 2006 1.5 petrol! Joined here to help with modding this car ! I've already posted a question so I shan't post it in here as well! Look forward to speaking with you all!
  4. Hello all, so I have an Nissian Almera 1.5 2006 N16 and I wanted to know what Air induction kit I can use on it? And how do I work around the MAF Sensor. Thanks.
  5. Last week
  6. Could anyone tell me what this light means please?
  7. What is the engine oil condition like? Could be an issue with synchronisation of the cam and crank sensors? Fuel Filter?
  8. Try the boot area (possibly behind side trim panels) or behind glovebox area?
  9. you may be able to find some carbon fibre trim cover (plastic film) which you can cut to size on eBay
  10. Not sure what the 'auto' button is for but the other one is an immobiliser socket which you touch with a key adapter (usually hanging off the same keyring as the ignition key
  11. Hi Steve, do you know anywhere that supplies parts for these cars i own a 1989 2.0 petrol and i am looking for a n/s front window regulator. Thanks, Bob.
  12. Thanks for your advice Trevor. ill take a look.
  13. The fact that it is changing readings shows it is working but could be clogged up and benefit from cleaning. If you unplug it and drive with it and it shows an improvement then it will be the sensor that is faulty (as running on a default setting)
  14. I won't imagine it would be easy due to the list of parts you would need and the level of work involved. Finding a scrap car with a manual transmission would be easier
  15. Hi....welcome to the Club I would say this may have been a last minute substitution due to the semi-conductor shortages. A lot of manufacturers have gone this way as a result of this issue and have released vehicles with lower level technology fitted
  16. None that I can think of except for using a SatNav with speed readout
  17. Earlier
  18. It would be advisable to change the fuses in case there is a slight fracture that cannot be easily seen After that then you will need to check the circuits with a multimeter to determine where the fault is
  19. Try checking the tyres (front and rear) for deformation Usually chinese tyres are renowned for this If you jack up the car on each corner in turn and rotate the wheel to see if it spins true and does not deflect at all
  20. Some cars use an audible brake pad wear indicator that scrapes against the disc when it reaches a certain wear limit When you hear that you will need to change them immediately
  21. Dear all, I am looking for a lefthand side taillight for my nissan primera P11 Estate, with the partnumber 265558F825. Does anybody have this part for me?
  22. Hi there did you get to the bottom of this problem as i have the same thing
  23. You could try a remap to see if this improves the situation. Relatively cheap and would improve the engine performance, drivability and economy
  24. Any developments with the car?
  25. An aftermarket audio unit would be the best bet https://www.iceboxauto.com/iba-nissan-entertainment-systems#/specFilters=2!#-!225
  26. Could be the battery in the key fob or the buttons have broken internally which does frequently happen
  27. Hi Chris.....welcome to the Club! Good to have you onboard
  28. I have a 2017 Micra my infotainment head unit has Sat nav & blue tooth but I have been told my car doesn’t have car play can this be retro fitted or is there an external gizmo I can attach to my head unit to have car play or if I changed my head unit to either a later infotainment unit or bought an aftermarket head unit
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