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Found 4 results

  1. My Micra refuses to start when the Engine is cold !! It will start if I spray petrol into Air Filter ... but that's not something I'm comfortable with !! I think it is down to a faulty sensor that is sending incorrect or NO signal to ECU. I've replaced the Coolant Temp Sensor but that made No difference. I THINK there is only one on the K12 - maybe someone on the Forum can confirm that ?? I now suspect the MAF Sensor ( the one on top of the Air Box, 4 terminals & 1 bolt ) may be faulty. If I disconnect it with the engine running - the engine continues to run. I'm informed that the e
  2. I'm new here. Hello everyone :) I recently got a P0141 code on my 2010 E11 Series Nissan Note and after a couple of diagnostic checks, it turned out that this error meant that I needed to change my Oxygen(02) sensor (I think i've heard it called a Lambda sensor as well, not sure if the two are the same). The process of replacing the sensor seems simple enough on other cars but I cannot for the life of me find out where this sensor is on the Nissan Note. Anyone know where it is. And is this a common problem for a lot of guys with Nissan Notes out there? Thanks
  3. hi new to the club. My name is Dan and i'm having issues with the old girl... 2003 Micra with the engine warning light on. Cold mornings..... start the car and drive off! then the car cuts out :( turn off the ignition, wait for the click (after about 5 seconds) then switch back on... Everything works fine apart from Engine Light still on. Scary thing is, this has happened when the engine is warm and travelling on the motorway! Same procedure as above whilst cruising at 70mph... Tried a new camshaft sensor (cheapest option) from a breakers yard (original Nissan part) and this rectified
  4. Hi all. I have just joined the forum and hope to contrabute to it along the way. In the mean time could I ask if anyone has a fuel pressure sensor for a 52 plate X Trail, 2.2 diesel sport Di. I have tried all over the place and it seems that an after market peice cannot be got without the fuel rail to go with it. This is over £800 and way out my price range. I have looked around ebay for people breaking down XT's but no joy. Even in the USA, China and other places all come up negative. I am just hopeing that someone will have one in their garage they could sell me. I was hopeing that someone m
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