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  1. Hi Luke Did you end up buying a Micra?
  2. Hi Peter....welcome to the Club What a fine car! haven't seen one on the road for a very long time. If your mechanic is 'old school' then he should find his way around the engine bay with ease, they were so much easier to work on back then. Sounds like a carb strip and rebuild should do it and resolve the running issue. As for the struts it may be worth trawling ebay to see what is out there even if they are secondhand to try to keep the car original as much as possible. Let us know how you get on with it over time.
  3. It depends if the noise is coming from the interior fan unit or under the bonnet?
  4. Hi....welcome to the Club The only app I can find on the Nissan site is this one which is what you probably already have https://www.nissan.co.uk/ownership/customer-promise.html#driversapp
  5. We have been established over 12 years as a specialist Nissan dismantler in Wales that take low mileage insurance claim vehicles and dismantle them for parts. We use a modern stock inventory program that helps us to determine demand and in turn we can select the correct vehicles from auctions to suit the customers requirements. On our site in Welshpool we stock over 40000 Nissan parts and we can supply and fit genuine quality used Nissan parts and sales of cheap Nissan working pickups. It is our aim to reduce the risk of used parts by testing them to a high standard and giving a up to 12 months warranty on most parts where available. We can deliver next day in the UK with APC and can offer worldwide delivery on individual parts or container loads. We are a member of MVDA and as such subscribe to their code of conduct and practices. We work with all the local governing bodies and environmental agencies to keep in line with all recycling procedures. With over 60 years combined experience on site helps us to keep a power-seller status on eBay as well as over 2000 positive feedback comments on Parts gateway. (See Feedback) Nis-Spec1st Ltd Guilsfield Rd Welshpool SY21 7RL Powys Tel: 01938 555 750 Visit our website on www.nis-spec1st.co.uk Ebay Shop: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/nisspec1st/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nisspec1st email: sales@nis-spec1st.co.uk Disclaimer : We are not associated with the Nissan Corporation or the Nissan trademark in any way, we are only supplying Nissan parts as an independent company.
  6. Bit of a long shot but wheel bearing?
  7. I'm a bit stumped too to be honest! Did you ask the garage if they had any suggestions as to why the economy had dropped so significantly?
  8. Hi and welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy the Qashqai! When do you collect it? :)
  9. Does the car turn over on the key or do you get nothing at all?
  10. Not sure exactly how much but I would definitely say more than £200! :D
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