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  1. It depends if the noise is coming from the interior fan unit or under the bonnet?
  2. Hi....welcome to the Club The only app I can find on the Nissan site is this one which is what you probably already have https://www.nissan.co.uk/ownership/customer-promise.html#driversapp
  3. We have been established over 12 years as a specialist Nissan dismantler in Wales that take low mileage insurance claim vehicles and dismantle them for parts. We use a modern stock inventory program that helps us to determine demand and in turn we can select the correct vehicles from auctions to suit the customers requirements. On our site in Welshpool we stock over 40000 Nissan parts and we can supply and fit genuine quality used Nissan parts and sales of cheap Nissan working pickups. It is our aim to reduce the risk of used parts by testing them to a high standard and giving a up to 12 mon
  4. Bit of a long shot but wheel bearing?
  5. I'm a bit stumped too to be honest! Did you ask the garage if they had any suggestions as to why the economy had dropped so significantly?
  6. Hi and welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy the Qashqai! When do you collect it? :)
  7. Does the car turn over on the key or do you get nothing at all?
  8. Not sure exactly how much but I would definitely say more than £200! :D
  9. Take a look here. Seems to have some really good info: http://www.justanswer.com/uk-nissan/39npi-power-loss-problem-nissan-x-trail-2-2-td-sv.html
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