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  1. The car has only done 42,000 miles and is pristine. Just getting used to it and sorting out a few issues (I love this car!):- 1. The engine is a bit shaky and stalls every time when idling and 2. I need to replace the tailgate gas struts as it is very heavy to lift. A mechanic is coming to have a look at the car after work today to tune it up. A friend of mine has mentioned that the carburetor may need to be dismantled and cleaned out completely, which isn't a quick job, but I'll see what the mechanic recommends. The less important issue is replacing the gas struts. Now looking around for original parts, or I may resort to drilling out the end rivet fixings and replacing with mini-bolts with standard gas struts. Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer on the above. PeterC
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