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  1. I think the way I would approach is that the bearing is just that....a bearing. Most bearing companies will treat it as that and measure the internal and external sizes, type of bearing, load and speed rating and then find you a suitable replacement (which may have a higher revolution speed or load rating) but I could almost guarantee that there will be something available, just not listed as a replacement Nissan wheel bearing. Try these guys:
  2. Hi Mike I have always gone to a bearing specialist supplier when I have encountered an odd one like this. May not be close to you but Ashley Bearings in Poole always come up trumps. Cheers, Trevor
  3. Trevor

    Tiny oil leak

    I think I would ask them whilst its in for MOT as to where the leak is likely to be coming from while they have the car in the air Wouldn't think it would affect much in the way of safety if it is just a drop once in a while
  4. Trevor

    Juke washer jets.

    Usually, they are held in place by a spring clip which is part of the jet itself. Try gently moving the jet either backwards or forwards against any spring pressure to release the jet
  5. Trevor

    High revs

    I would advise looking at the Coolant Temperature Sensor as a possible candidate for's the time of year for these to fail
  6. Trevor

    Key Fob

    That's not a bad price at all especially as it had to be sent off...good result!
  7. Trevor

    ABS and 4WD lights

    Would be worth checking your chassis earth return leads....found a couple of them sheared off on my X-Trail. Look down by the underside of the gearbox to where they connect to the chassis....replace if necessary (cheap and better replacement earth straps in Halfords...did the lot for £10)
  8. Trevor

    Key Fob

    lol...that's the law according to sod !
  9. Trevor

    Key Fob

    lol...the Westie will definitely secure the car. It is an easy job to replace the switched, just fiddly
  10. Trevor

    Key Fob

    I have rebuilt a few of these fobs before with a kit from eBay but as you quite rightly you get older it gets more difficult to solder miniature components with an iron due to poor eyesight and shaky hands. I'm sure you might find an electronics repair shop to rebuilt the fobs for you as very little cost.
  11. Trevor

    wiper blades

    Maybe it would be worth driving down to your local branch and getting them to measure up for you
  12. Trevor

    wiper blades

    Here's a link to Halfords wiper blade selection page
  13. Trevor

    K12 Micra Handbrake Adjustment

    Hi Sith...hopefully this is the same setup as your Micra? If so, then the adjustment is the scrolled wheel at the top of the self-adjusting ratchet lever (which incidentally must be sat within the slot in the self-adjuster rod between the shoes)....take the drum off and turn the wheel until the shoes just touch the drum and refit...try the handbrake to ensure the drum locks and runs free (with a minimal drag) and that should do it.
  14. Trevor

    Location of primary fusebox.

    Glad you got it sorted
  15. Trevor

    Location of primary fusebox.

    I have found this information for the Suzuki Alto (which is virtually the same car) it is tucked up directly above the 'bonnet pull' handle on the off side and the radio fuse is the blue one right in the corner at the front of this fuse-box.