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  1. Hi ....welcome to the forum I would say that most brake pads nowadays (except counterfit ones from China) are of a good quality and most should have a BS mark on the box to signify the quality. Preferable makes are Bendix, Ferodo, Bosch, etc. General rule of thumb is buy the best you can for your budget
  2. So when you are finally released from lockdown and able to drive your car....what music will you play in the car?
  3. One of my most economical cars I have owned was a Peugeot 106 1.1 petrol and it gave me around 45 to the gallon virtually anywhere i went and was also rather nippy which was fine for round town driving and mixing it up occasionally on an extra-urban run. Would definitely consider something like this again in the future as its all about cutting costs nowadays. Good luck with your hunt for a suitable car and keep us updated on how its all going
  4. I would think if the 2005 car has reached that mileage and is still running okay then at that price it is a no brainer really. The DCi engine is reliable enough and I have had good experiences with them over the years as long as they have been maintained properly. If it were my money I would go with the £999 car as its a good punt for a economical runabout
  5. It shouldn't be too much if they can just replace the bushes (probably original Nissan parts though)
  6. I would wait until it actually fails on the MOT test as it may not get any worse and go on for years. I've had cars which have had the same advisories each year and still not fail on it If it does fail then it has become an issue and needs doing regardless
  7. Steve P . is it still running okay and the levels where it should be ?
  8. I would recommend traditional wiper blades over silicon blades as they are quieter and just as efficient as the silicons which become more noisier and less efficient over a short space of time.
  9. It would definitely be a good idea to remove some of the coolant (maybe see if there is a release tap at the bottom of the radiator to let some out). If too much coolant is present then the pressure would increase and blow the expansion bottle pressure cap...tends to leave a mess to drain to the specified level.
  10. Hi....welcome to the Forum Here are some links that may be of use to you in your search. Someone breaking a Sunny for parts: Window Regulator: Central Locking Solenoid:
  11. It does sound like that is the case. I would take the cover off the relay and manually move the contact to see if it energises and if it does then it is either going to be an input signal (voltage) missing or a poor earth
  12. As far as I can remember it should clear the subframe and come straight down. Clean up and replace the gasket and seal and do not overtighten bolts...should do the trick
  13. A lot of money and definitely a weak point 😞
  14. it is a bit quiet on here at the moment so don't mind the conversation....bit lonely otherwise 🙂
  15. Oh dear! I am surprised that the linkage failed rather than the wiper blades splitting although I have seen this several times on MGF and TF when the linkage mechanism was so weak that it was the first point of destruction. Considering they gave you a courtesy car and that's an all-in price, its not that bad really for a dealership