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  1. That is not right if the brakes are spongy and should be returned to rectify the fault
  2. No, that is not the case, the pedal should be up the top and firm not at the bottom of its travel. Sounds like they have not set up the brake compensator (if fitted) and this is affecting the brake pressure. Alternatively, there may be air trapped in the system and needs bleeding out
  3. I believe it is a case of lifting it up from the shift lever but watch your face as it flies up .... been there and it hurt 🙂
  4. Like any radiator, you would need to drain and recover the coolant (which could be reused if the antifreeze strength is sufficient. Removal is then just a case of remove and refit components and then ensure there is no air trapped in the cooling system by running up and observing the temperature (hopefully the fan will kick in as well) and also check the heater blows hot
  5. Thats a good result for a cost free warranty job
  6. You are correct, it would be the left hand (nearside) wheel bearing as this is unloading the weight when you steer left
  7. It looks in amazing condition and nice to know the old ones are still being cherished by enthusiasts
  8. How has this improved (if at all) since you posted? It also depends on the type of journey as a hybrid relies on regenerative braking to put a charge in the batteries This can only be achieved in town traffic or elsewhere there is stop start driving. It is unlikely to be achieved on motorway or extra urban driving
  9. Sounds more like a WhatsApp issue if other apps are working fine?
  10. There is a throttle potentiometer switch on the pedal if it is the same as most other Nissan models and it maybe this which is clicking....although maybe worth checking no debris has collected under the pedal and around the switch
  11. Try this site https://www.satnavishop.co.uk/
  12. Let us know how you get on with that
  13. Post up pics of the Sunny if you want, be good to see one after all these years
  14. Hi, welcome to the Club Just general inspection of anything you think needs checking but see if the wiper mechanism clunks when in operation as the joints wear on them Otherwise, look at service history and how clean oil is, etc
  15. How did you get on with this?
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