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  1. Hi NIck....welcome to the Club Maybe worth seeing if the corrosion is only skin deep and can be treated or whether it is a trip to the local welders. Definitely an MOT failure if a certain distance within an engine mount
  2. https://direct4x4.co.uk/ https://www.milneroffroad.com/
  3. The reverse light switch should be on either the top or side of the gearbox and will have a two wire lead going to it
  4. Hi .... welcome to the Club Sometimes, the change to EV can be quite dramatic as some drivers may not have even driven an automatic transmission before so this can be the first hurdle....not to mention lack of engine noise, etc. Good to have you onboard with your Qashqai
  5. Good result on the overheating light not coming on and the engine seems to have settled down in that respect. The heater matrix will more than likely just be trapped air within the system and it may eventually work its way through with use (set to hot and leave it there). Alternatively, you can bleed the air from the cooling system which will produce a more instant result. If the coolant level drops over time then this is sometimes a good indicator that the air is shifting and then just needs topping up occassionally
  6. Sorry, not seen one like that before
  7. Here is a procedure I found and seem to recall using the same technique before on a T31 You must use ORIGINAL KEY to start procedure 1. Sit in car lock all doors with power “switch lock on driver side door” 2. Using ORIGINAL key insert and remove key till doors UNLOCK within 8 seconds, usually insert and remove six times 3. Turn ORIGINAL key in ignition to ACC position (Do not start engine) 4. Lock all doors with “power door lock switch on Driver side door” 5. Press lock or unlock on NEW key this will match them up, if you have another key press lock or unlock as well, it will be programmed all keys to the same code. To exit program mode, turn the ignition OFF. UNLOCK the door using the driver side switch. Test fobs
  8. Sounds like a wiring issue but worth trying the old bulb with the new ballast as I have previously encountered faulty bulbs from new
  9. Replacement battery seems to be the obvious choice to start with?
  10. eBay is probably the best place (and cheapest) to source replacement parts. Avoid parts that are too cheap (Chinese parts) which are usually substandard and are cheap for a reason
  11. Oh dear! that seems to be a long time with all the issues you have experienced. Hopefully they are closing in on the root cause now and it should be resolved when the parts finally arrive in the UK
  12. I would try eBay or a local scrapyard to source a replacement light unit
  13. Hi .... welcome to the Club I wonder if the battery condition coding went according to plan as this seems the most obvious cause considering you had just recently replaced the battery. I would be tempted to take it back to the first garage who coded it and see if they could just determine the state of charge registered in the ECM. Otherwise, if it is correct then you should be able to initiate the stop/start as per the owners manual instructions
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