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  1. Feel free to post up more photos if you wish. I suppose the only shows I can think of are JapFest and the like which is more for modified cars. If anyone knows of any shows and events for stock Japanese cars then post them here
  2. If in doubt or if it gets any louder then take it in sooner to be on the safe side
  3. Code 122: Air bag diagnosis sensor unit
  4. It does sound like injectors but also a diesel knock and nothing out of the ordinary from what I could hear....not got the best hearing though
  5. Have increased the capacity for image upload, try that now If it was me, I would keep it as have got rid of too many cars over the years which I regret selling and have no chance of affording them now.
  6. Try that....have now increased the capacity for uploads
  7. That's a tough one! Not sure of a value but it looks amazing condition. Probably eBay on auction is the best route and set a minimum price to gauge the value Let us know how you get on with it
  8. You can contact us here: https://www.nissanownersclub.com/forums/contact/
  9. Looks like a Juke bumper???
  10. Hi....welcome to the Club I had this issue on an X-Trail and it was the throttle pedal potentiometer. Where it is positioned it attracts dirt and sometimes moisture. You would need to remove it, clean it and reassemble then you have to set it up with a multimeter and check the voltages at certain ranges of pedal travel (Google search the procedure). Alternatively buy a new one as the fault may come back in the future and in the long term it may make more sense to replace it
  11. Hi.....welcome to the Club It sounds like the alternator is seized on the mounting bolt. If you loosen the main bolt that runs through the lower side of the alternator and allows the unit to move on it sideways. Once loose then the belt will free up. Other way is to pull the belt up and this should start to move the alternator on the bracket.
  12. let us know when you get one and how you find it for space
  13. I am 5'10" and have no issue with space on drivers side for legroom and its quite comfortable even on a long run
  14. Hi Ian.....welcome to the Club Can highly recommend the petrol 1.6 Juke, we own one and its a great little car with not much to moan about apart from high revs on a motorway Go for it!
  15. I believe the DAB aftermarket kit fits in line with the current audio so shouldn't interfere with it. Chat with Halfords as I know they sell the kits there
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