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  1. Trevor

    Expansion tank level?

    It would definitely be a good idea to remove some of the coolant (maybe see if there is a release tap at the bottom of the radiator to let some out). If too much coolant is present then the pressure would increase and blow the expansion bottle pressure cap...tends to leave a mess to drain to the specified level.
  2. Trevor

    nissan sunny 1989 b12 parts wanted

    Hi....welcome to the Forum Here are some links that may be of use to you in your search. Someone breaking a Sunny for parts: Window Regulator: Central Locking Solenoid:
  3. It does sound like that is the case. I would take the cover off the relay and manually move the contact to see if it energises and if it does then it is either going to be an input signal (voltage) missing or a poor earth
  4. Trevor

    Sump removal

    As far as I can remember it should clear the subframe and come straight down. Clean up and replace the gasket and seal and do not overtighten bolts...should do the trick
  5. Trevor

    Wiper linkage?

    A lot of money and definitely a weak point 😞
  6. Trevor

    Expansion tank level?

    it is a bit quiet on here at the moment so don't mind the conversation....bit lonely otherwise 🙂
  7. Trevor

    Wiper linkage?

    Oh dear! I am surprised that the linkage failed rather than the wiper blades splitting although I have seen this several times on MGF and TF when the linkage mechanism was so weak that it was the first point of destruction. Considering they gave you a courtesy car and that's an all-in price, its not that bad really for a dealership
  8. glad you got there in the end and thanks for sharing the information that could help anyone else in the same situation.
  9. Trevor

    Expansion tank level?

    I would try something like RadWeld in the radiator which may slow down the leak. There is one they do at Halfords that covers the whole cooling system and not just the radiator....less than £10 Then top the radiator to full and the coolant reservoir to half full with antifreeze/water mix.
  10. Trevor

    Micra repair/service costs?

    Sounds reasonable to me .... if it wasn't for the VAT element it would look a lot cheaper being below £400
  11. Trevor

    Can't open boot help please

    I would open the bonnet and put some jump leads on the battery to then release the boot lid
  12. Trevor

    Fan blower motor

    Hi Steve If the blower motor doesn't spin at all then it is unlikely to be the resistor pack as it would spin at high speed only if faulty. More than likely a fuse or the motor itself. Let us know what it turns out to be Cheers, Trevor
  13. I think the way I would approach is that the bearing is just that....a bearing. Most bearing companies will treat it as that and measure the internal and external sizes, type of bearing, load and speed rating and then find you a suitable replacement (which may have a higher revolution speed or load rating) but I could almost guarantee that there will be something available, just not listed as a replacement Nissan wheel bearing. Try these guys:
  14. Hi Mike I have always gone to a bearing specialist supplier when I have encountered an odd one like this. May not be close to you but Ashley Bearings in Poole always come up trumps. Cheers, Trevor
  15. Trevor

    Tiny oil leak

    I think I would ask them whilst its in for MOT as to where the leak is likely to be coming from while they have the car in the air Wouldn't think it would affect much in the way of safety if it is just a drop once in a while