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  1. Hi Simon....welcome to the Forum Fine looking machine! You see quite a few on the road but not really looked into them too much, mainly looked at Toyota Alphard and similar Good to have you onboard
  2. Hi Alan Here is a link to one:
  3. Hi Trevor....welcome to the Forum It could possibly be a vacuum leak as this causes similar symptoms. If you carry out an exhaust gas check (any MOT approved garage should be able to carry out a Pre-MOT gas test) and look for Oxygen (O2) levels above zero which suggest a leak in the intake or exhaust. Also, Hydrocarbons (HC) which should be very low (almost zero) which suggests that there is an ignition problem if high. Let us know how you get on with it. Cheers, Trevor
  4. I think the signal comes through the radio antenna and may need setting up in the system to function correctly. Not sure also if it is a subscription based service
  5. Hi....welcome to the Forum That looks incredibly poor quality looking at the amount of material that is actually retaining the handle to the door plate. I wonder if it is a warranty item as it would affect opening the door which is an MOT item?
  6. Hi....welcome to the Forum The VIN is usually on a plate at the bottom of the windscreen and also on a plate in the engine bay and also the door pillar
  7. Hi Carl....welcome to the Forum Sounds like the throttle pedal sensor is faulty, quite a common fault You can usually dial it in with a multimeter between certain voltages by turning the sensor to suit the required range
  8. I think it is down to maintenance and if the oil has been changed regularly then it stands more of a chance of lasting longer. I have heard of owners who have challenged the manufacturers and got it done under warranty.
  9. Thanks for the update. Where exactly did you saw the hole? Do you have a photo of the location you could share with us, always useful to know in the future if anyone else encounters the same issue.
  10. Thanks for updating us on your search and sounds like you didn't have a good first experience with a Qashqai with this particular one. Certainly worth trying another one, maybe the 2.0 litre next time?
  11. Hi.....welcome to the Forum I'm not sure where it is on the net but I have definitely seen a website with templates for vehicle dimensions before....better get 'Google'ing 🙂
  12. It would be great if you could find someone who has done this mod and please post up here if you find anything out as I'm sure others would like to know if it is possible Be in mind this will affect your insurance as the vehicle classification will be for a seven-seater and not eight. This may also affect the Taxation class as well.
  13. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would advise to take it into an independent audio specialist as they may have a work around which will solve the problem.
  14. I'm not sure there is one as yet. I too have a PDF version of the T30 manual and it very useful to search for certain items and procedures. Usually a scan of eBay produces some results although I couldn't find anything when I searched earlier