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  1. It looks like a vent pipe to atmosphere, although not sure where its coming from
  2. I would check the earth straps as this sounds like it is struggling to find a good earth and shorting the alternators out. Check the earth leads from the battery first and then work your way through the engine and engine bay. You can always put additional earth straps into the vehicle to supplement what is already there to ensure the current is finding its way back to earth effectively
  3. Hi.....welcome to the Forum They are out there but your search may be difficult to find good one Let us know when you find one
  4. It can sometimes be a steep learning curve when it comes to modern cars but at least you found the issue and its not a serious, or expensive fault
  5. Hi Graham.....welcome to the Forum I know that sometimes it can be down to the USB stick format and especially if it works fine on other devices but not in the car. You could try formatting the stick and reloading the music or try other formats (e.g. MP3, etc)
  6. Hi Bob......welcome to the forum There are still plenty of old Micra's on the road and apart from bodywork issues the mechanicals are quite reliable and durable. Feel free to ask any questions and I'm sure someone will be able to assist with an answer
  7. Hi...welcome to the Forum Seems like this may be the best info on the fault and how to rectify it Let us know how you get on with it
  8. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would imagine it is just surface corrosion which will clean up when used for a period. Sounds like a money making advisory note at best, worth getting a second opinion at another garage to confirm
  9. Not sure but if you walk past the mirror with it switched on and see if the light illuminates on the dash to show that there is an approaching car/object
  10. If it is associated with driving (e.g. it doesn't come on until you are moving) then it is more than likely a seat occupancy sensor and this can be caused by placing a shopping bag or similar on the passenger seat. If not, then you may have to start looking at water ingress being a possible cause
  11. The sensor is located on the DPF itself and if its blocked there are several garages that offer an unblocking service relatively cheap Just Google DPF regeneration and hopefully there is someone local to you
  12. Hi Kevin.....welcome to the Forum Haven't seen a Nissan (or was it Datsun) Cherry in such a long time, can't be many left on the road nowadays. Good to have you onboard and hope you get a response to your question soon
  13. Any luck with the code BRANOK ?
  14. They would need unblocking rather than moving direction. Try fusewire to clear the jets if the warm water does not work.....top up with quality screenwash afterwards
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