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  1. You can get an updated memory card and don't think it is too expensive to buy from the dealer
  2. It may be that the vehicle is not completely registering the new battery voltage Maybe worth disconnecting the negative terminal and leaving off for a while to discharge the capacitive charge that is holding the memory and reconnect to reset the system. It would obviously be easier to recode the battery with a scan tool which most garages should have Also, check the earth leads on the underside of the engine and inner wings to ensure none of them are broken
  3. Error Code P1481 is set when the PCM (powertrain control module, also known as ECM or engine control module in other vehicle makes) detects the radiator fan is not spinning as fast as commanded. The PCM regulates the speed of the fan, varying the voltage and ground to it. When the PCM sets the fan to spin at a certain RPM, and the fan spins lower than what the PCM commands, the code will be set.
  4. Not exactly sure but it could be a breather pipe from the transmission? Either way, unless another section is missing then it should have something in the vicinity to connect by way of being in the reach of it Let us know what you find out
  5. I'm of the mind as you to change the fluid to the correct one and flush through as much as possible to see if that gets you anywhere. If it was okay when it went into the garage and the only thing to affect it is the oil then this is where I would start. (happens sometimes on motorbike gearboxes where the incorrect oil goes in affects the clutch plates) May cost you a bit in the correct fluid with flushing it through, etc but would be worth it if you get the car cheap enough
  6. Maybe look at the engine mountings as if they are under load it could be pulling the engine over slightly too much which could affect the gear selection (only a thought) Otherwise may be worth changing the gearbox oil to see if that makes a difference
  7. As long as the servicing has been carried out by the dealer when it should have been and they offer a lengthy warranty then not much to go wrong really But as its low mileage and 7 years old now you have to consider it may have been smoked around town and this sort of low speed driving can cause problems on diesel engines (blocked DPF, EGR, etc)
  8. You can replace the sensors which may be the issue or if the sensor alarm is in the boot area, is it being muffled by something up against the boot sides ?
  9. Hi Ian Did you manage to find out what the cause is? Have you also checked for air leaks on the inlet side of the engine (split hoses, etc)
  10. Sorry not sure, only one way to find out Let us know how you get on with it
  11. Hi Darwins....welcome to the Club! Good to have a knowledgable person as yourself on here....feel free to dive into answering any questions you are happy to impart your knowledge into Good to have you onboard!
  12. Hi Matt...welcome to the Club That looks completely amazing in that paint ..... very stylish!
  13. You could possibly bleed the cylinder through the threads on the pipe if you slacken the pipe off until the fluid comes out
  14. Spring clamps would maybe assist in reducing the spring pressure
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