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  1. I believe it is air in the system which you can clear by turning the wheel from lock to lock
  2. Usually when you remove the circlip (work it off by using a small flat blade screwdriver) and usually the shaft will come off with a soft faced hammer (copperhide or plastic)
  3. Here is a handy site to see which oil you need https://www.castrol.com/en_gb/united-kingdom/home/car-engine-oil-and-fluids/motor-oil-and-fluids-finder.html?customerType=retail
  4. If it were me I would go with the steel rims as more durable off road
  5. Yes, you can....somewhere like Milner Brothers would have them but also remember to raise the rear as well to match the ride height
  6. Hi Rob....welcome to the Club Hard to say but would probably necessitate you removing the passenger door card to see which wires have been cut and simply reconnect them to get it working once more
  7. They look like breather pipes but check out all other vacuum hoses on the manifold for cracks and perishing and replace if necessary
  8. Looks like immobiliser fault (key sign)
  9. Great to have you onboard Paul Elliott ....feel free to post up some piccys of the car and also the magazine article would be interesting to see
  10. That's unfortunate and likely to continue if you don't coat the vunerable parts with grease. I would advise you coat all areas that are likely to be affected and see where that goes
  11. Hi Mike Merry Christmas. If you take it apart you may find that the small microswitches may have come away from the circuit board. Not sure if it affects the QX but it is common on the X-Trail (similar to the Renault electronics) Not too difficult to resolder or get some replacements from eBay to fit and no programming needed
  12. Probably more economical as well Maybe worthwhile looking through Autocar reviews on both models to see how they fair in a road test
  13. Not sure on the differences without doing a side by side comparison and also taking it for an extended test drive and seeing how they compare. If you are looking to trade before Christmas means the trader would probably be keen to make the sale so a good deal could possibly be had at this time of year.
  14. Hi Jack.....welcome to the Club I would start with looking at replacing the drivebelts with genuine Nissan belts as there are so many belts in the market that don't have the friction (even when tightened fully) and give noises like this on overrun.
  15. HI Not at all sure of the value with a vehicle like this.....to be fair I cannot even remember seeing a Sunny van in the flesh. Ebay with a very high reserve price or starting bid and see what interest and offers come in may be the best way forward in this instance and then at least you can gauge a rough value. The alternative is to place it with an auction house to value and sell
  16. HI Bob...welcome to the Club Sometimes, its just easier to take the simple route, such as using your phone and online maps....cheaper and easier to update Something to look forward to with touring around the IOM....sounds interesting especially if you have an interest in motorcycle racing
  17. Hi....welcome to the Club You should have a switch on the drivers door to lock/unlock the doors. Alternatively, there should be a procedure to set this auto-lock
  18. Did you find the issue? Could be a vacuum leak on a hose on the intake manifold side of the engine. Check all rubber hoses to see if they are perished or split
  19. It shouldn't affect the other systems as long as the wiring to them is not compromised or modified
  20. Hi Paul First thought...wrong fuel or contaminated fuel? After concluding this is not the case then I would look at ignition related components along with possibly changing the fuel filter if not been done for a while
  21. Quite a bit of work involved but may be better and cheaper to buy a TomTom as the maps outdate quite a bit on the Nissan OE setup
  22. It might be worth getting the system back-flushed as this tends to remove any build up in the matrix which can affect the heating system
  23. Would definitely advise using a battery conditioner (available from Halfords, etc) as this will keep the battery topped up...especially important during colder weather. Otherwise it should be okay if left in a garage for this amount of time
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