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  1. What is the engine oil condition like? Could be an issue with synchronisation of the cam and crank sensors? Fuel Filter?
  2. Try the boot area (possibly behind side trim panels) or behind glovebox area?
  3. you may be able to find some carbon fibre trim cover (plastic film) which you can cut to size on eBay
  4. Not sure what the 'auto' button is for but the other one is an immobiliser socket which you touch with a key adapter (usually hanging off the same keyring as the ignition key
  5. The fact that it is changing readings shows it is working but could be clogged up and benefit from cleaning. If you unplug it and drive with it and it shows an improvement then it will be the sensor that is faulty (as running on a default setting)
  6. I won't imagine it would be easy due to the list of parts you would need and the level of work involved. Finding a scrap car with a manual transmission would be easier
  7. Hi....welcome to the Club I would say this may have been a last minute substitution due to the semi-conductor shortages. A lot of manufacturers have gone this way as a result of this issue and have released vehicles with lower level technology fitted
  8. None that I can think of except for using a SatNav with speed readout
  9. It would be advisable to change the fuses in case there is a slight fracture that cannot be easily seen After that then you will need to check the circuits with a multimeter to determine where the fault is
  10. Try checking the tyres (front and rear) for deformation Usually chinese tyres are renowned for this If you jack up the car on each corner in turn and rotate the wheel to see if it spins true and does not deflect at all
  11. Some cars use an audible brake pad wear indicator that scrapes against the disc when it reaches a certain wear limit When you hear that you will need to change them immediately
  12. You could try a remap to see if this improves the situation. Relatively cheap and would improve the engine performance, drivability and economy
  13. Any developments with the car?
  14. An aftermarket audio unit would be the best bet https://www.iceboxauto.com/iba-nissan-entertainment-systems#/specFilters=2!#-!225
  15. Could be the battery in the key fob or the buttons have broken internally which does frequently happen
  16. Hi Chris.....welcome to the Club! Good to have you onboard
  17. I would go back into the fusebox and look for any missing or blown fuses Chances are it has to be related to your accessing the fusebox previously
  18. look forward to hearing how you get on with it 🙂
  19. Hi Adam.....welcome to the Club I would think that summer tyres are fine for the UK unless you live in remote areas with heavy rainfall. All season tyres are okay to use but will wear out quicker and cost a lot more usually
  20. Hi Trevor......welcome to the Club You could take a feed from the ignition feed to the new stereo head unit. Alternatively, Halfords sell aftermarket radio adapter leads to plug straight in and this would not affect any other parts such as the clock
  21. Hi Luke.....welcome to the Club I would say you are correct that it is the antenna and as far as I am aware it would not need coding to the vehicle as it does not generate or hold the immobilise code (the ECU would have that information) it simply amplifies the signal from the immobiliser chip in the key fob
  22. Hi Stephen.....welcome to the Club It could be a central electrical fault, anything from a battery connection to the fusebox and associated fuses. Careful examination of all connections and wiring leading from the battery to the fusebox may unearth the fault.
  23. It sounds more like a crankshaft position sensor issue as these tend to fail when the engine is hot.
  24. Hi....welcome to the Club It seems there is an M9R802 engine which is a 2.0DCi engine fitted to some of the Renault range but also would have found their way into the Nissan range that had this engine size Here is a link to some more information on the engine: https://www.proxyparts.com/car-parts-stock/result/engine-code/m9r802/part/engine/
  25. It sounds like it could have been misfuelled but would definitely take to another garage to diagnose it further. Even with a misfuel it could clear and run well if the fuel filter is changed and topped up with correct fuel. Also, you mention it needs a bump start then maybe the battery needs replacing which could also lead to the symptoms you describe. I would definitely get the car taken back to your house or another garage
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