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  1. Hi....welcome to the Club Some do have combined, but can you upload a photo of it and we can see the markings to determine correct level
  2. Hi....welcome to the Club I can only think that the scrapyards may be the best option, especially if you have one to take along to match up with other Nissan models which may be similar
  3. Hi....welcome to the Club That does seem extreme to remove the DPF and as long as you have the parts to refit then the ECU should be able to read it once more. I would contact the tuning company to discuss reflashing the ECU with the original ECU map
  4. Hi....welcome to the Club Not sure they do, but a reputable towbar company can fit and wire up at a reasonable cost Let us know how you get on with it
  5. Hi Guys and Gal's We are reaching out to all Nissan Owners Club members to see if there are any Nissan owners' looking to be a bigger part of the club and help contribute posts or help new members or simply just talk Nissan. We are looking for a small team of at least 6 people to be part of the team and encourage more discussion, arrange Nissan events within the UK and be part of a growing team. If you would like to be a club team member then message @Trevor
  6. You can buy insulation that has a sticky back surface on eBay.....used for insulation in campervans, etc
  7. It would be prudent to carry out as many checks as possible on the cooling system, starting with checking the fuse and connection for the fan and sensors and also the coolant levels, hoses to check the difference in temperature which would indicate an air lock or blockage.
  8. Sorry to hear that outcome. The radiator may bring the temperature down but if the gasket has gone then it would definitely need to be replaced. Maybe best to look around at other garages for the best price and also if there is any opportunity to find a radiator in stock.
  9. Not sure but maybe worth lifting the carpets under the seats to check....I would imagine the loom has these connections so different seats can be fitted as an option at the factory
  10. Could look around on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313&_nkw=propshaft+2008+nissan+navara+automatic+&_sacat=0 Would need to check they fit an automatic transmission version
  11. As far as I know it is a simple plug and play but you would need the security code for the new system
  12. It is possible electro-hydraulic and if there is a reservoir present then it may be in the area at the bottom of the steering column where is meets with the steering rack
  13. How did you get on with the overheating?
  14. Great job! thanks for sharing this guide in the forums
  15. maybe source some through ebay.com (international sellers) as the non-UK market may be stronger in stocking maintenance parts
  16. Worse case scenario is to have one made for it, surprisingly cheap and can also manufacture in stainless steel which would last the lifetime of the car
  17. I have increased the image upload size so you should now be able to upload the images
  18. For a very short distance on back roads so couldn't really experience it on a long term basis
  19. Hi Geoff.....welcome to the Club A lot of manufacturers are going for the small capacity 3 cylinder engines which produce rather impressive horsepower through clever design and modern materials. All things considered you should be able to enjoy the drive equally the same as the 1.6 but please let us know how you feel about it once you have a few miles out of it.
  20. You should be able to adjust the throttle body settings by using a scanner which can resolve the issue
  21. Does sound like a driveshaft but have heard the clunking coming from the rear diff on tarmac when I've forgotten to switch it back
  22. Thanks for uploading the instructions and running through the fitting procedure, very useful to anyone else who also wishes to install additional charge points.
  23. Hi Sarah.....sorry for the delayed reply. It could just be some air trapped in the cooling system which is an easy fix. If you take it to a garage or a competent person that can diagnose it with an infra-red temperature gun (about £15 to buy) and see where the hot spots or blockages are. A very easy and quick diagnosis to establish the cause of overheating Let us know how you get on with it
  24. Is it the motor or the heater resistor that has failed? What are the symptoms?
  25. If there is a clunking noise on acceleration or most definitely when turning full lock in one or either direction. Also, this could be that the transmission is in 4WD on tarmac and can destroy the rear differential
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