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  1. Whats the service history like? If its been serviced by Nissan then I'd put a call into them, see if they can help out in a 'goodwill' gesture sort of way - because that certainly shouldn't be happening on a car of that age. Or take it up with the dealer that sold it?
  2. Hopefully - there's nothing worse than trawling through forum pages to then find unresolved threads. Kicking myself I didn't film it all now though 🙂 Is there a way you can mark this as solved? Perhaps edit the title?
  3. So, yes, indeed - it was the connecting wire that had popped off. Not really sure about how to fix I pretty much dismantled most of the dash - when in actual fact I now think I only needed to take the glove box and radio surround out. Quite easy really - all the trim pieces clip on so can be pulled out easy enough, then there were 8 ish screws holding the inner glove box in. Once thats out you can get to the back of the heater controls, where I managed to re-locate the loop end of the wire. Took a video of it once it was reconnected - although after this I did manage to bend the wire down a bit it wasn't as close to the top of the peg... I had actually ordered a new control panel from Ebay only £25), thinking something had snapped off inside it. Had I had to fit this the bottom console needs removing to give access to 2 screws holding the heater panel in - thankfully I didn't need to do this. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254865205686.
  4. Morning all, hope you're well. My daughters 2019 K14 heater direction knob seems to be broken, in that it's not changing the direction of the fans and is stuck on the face vents. The knob is still turning though and when the knob is turned all the way to the left there is some resistance before a final 'big' click. Is something broken that the knob connects to. TIA.
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