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  1. Hi I have just resurrected my dads Micra K12 1.4 Techna which has been stood for two years and only has 24k on the clock. Surprisingly it sailed through an MOT only needing two windscreen wipers and the service didn’t show anything major. Although it runs and starts fine the steering is awful its really stiff and if you turn the wheel to the left or right it doesn’t return to the centre and you manually have to do it. Not if this is right as it’s a 2009 plate and I’m driving a 72 plate Seat. The journey south from Nottingham when I brought it home was an experience, but there was no wheel wobble or unusual noises. I had four new tyres fitted and tracked before the journey so hoped it would be fine. I’ve done a bit of research and saw the issue with the PS system so borrowed a cheap OBD reader but no codes were found. I haven’t had any chance to look any further so thought a post in this forum may give some ideas as where to look next, as my daughter is desperate to go learner driving Thanks Neil
  2. Hi all thought I’d drop in before placing my first post in the hope you can help
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