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MPG readout Optimistic ??

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only had our LEASE Note for 4 weeks so far.

1.5 DCi n-tec.

Just done whole tank from brim-to-flashing WITHOUT resetting

the mpg reading. (1600 miles so far but playing with the

mpg thing to test driving styles etc :-) )

The reading on the Speedo was 71.3,

CALCULATING miles/gallons gives 65 !

[ Chelmsford to Dagenham 6 days plus local shops and

couple of short trips - for info ]

Either Nissan wants you to think it's better than it is,


it's about 10% innaccurate (spl?) possibly because it's dealing

with very small flow of Diesel and such high Miles ?!?!?

That said, it's only a minor complaint. The car is brilliant :-)

Enormous inside / smallish outside.

Not the fastest thing on the planet but far more tractable than

some of the other little economy cars i tried (the corsa 1.3 CDTi

was DEAD below 2,000 rpm).

The CONNECT thing is brilliant too, considering it's so compact

it does so much ! It has 'gliched' once so far when it seemed

to 'lock-up' if i tried to play an mp3 - had to turn ignition

off to reset it.

Enough for now,


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