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New member w/ 1994 Nissan Homy GL 4WD TD27


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Hi guys,

my caps button will sometimes pass out so I might be writing in small caps - hope no grammar fetishists take offense.

I got myself a 1994 Nissan Homy GL 4WD with TD27 diesel engine last week. it hasn't exactly gotten much love by the previous owner and has to be treated a fair bit at the moment. the van luckily came with an owner's manual but unfortunately (of course) this is in japanese due to the car's history (jap import) - i have been roaming the interwebs for info on the homy and the td27 engine for most of my free time by now and am really unsatisfied with what i came up by now (incomplete td27 manuals, russian homy/urvan/caravan manual, ill-fitting terrano ii manuals and so on) and sadly not even the local nissan dealer can give me any information ("well mate, it's an imported car - how should we have any info on that?").

I am firstly looking for the most common things: oil type and capacity, cooling system capacity, steering fluid type (the old manuals mention auto trans fluid), and so on...so to just be able to ride around with an at least serviced car.

all help i can get is very much appreciated. the car is still in a nice conditione once you get the dust of the centuries out of the nooks and crannies (something that me and the misses did for a big part of the last week) but i have to be able to do some mechanical service. goal is a camper conversion so will kep you updated.

As you can see my caps went out for the bigger part of the text. Thanks and hope to see you in my first "HELP!" thread :wink:


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