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Steve P

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    2005 Micra

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  1. Steve P

    Expansion tank level?

    Yeah! I don't quite know where the level should be, but all seems to be fine. Cheers for asking.
  2. Steve P

    Expansion tank level?

    Cheers for that Trevor. I had not put as much in as I thought. I've run the engine up for 15 mins and all seems fine.
  3. Steve P

    Expansion tank level?

    The expansion tank looked a bit low, so I topped it up with anti-freeze. Can't see any leaks. The car has not moved for weeks. I may have put a bit too much in the tank. Will I cause any damage when driving, or will any excess just get blown out? Thanks.
  4. Steve P

    Wiper linkage?

    Yow! To be quite honest I'm getting fed up of chucking money at a car that does about 6 miles per week. I look after a mate's dog 3 days per week and take him home, but the owner could always pick him up. I think the main reason I keep that car is if my little dog goes poorly and I need to take her to the vets. A taxi is out of the question. All taxi drivers around here are Muslime and they will not carry a dog.
  5. Steve P

    Wiper linkage?

    Seems that the linkage is a weak point on Micras, loads on ebay, but I could not expect my garage to buy from them. Seems a new part costs £160 from the main dealer, mine cost £98.
  6. 2015 Micra. The front wipers stopped working last week, possibly because some idiot turned them on when they were frozen solid. The idiot did know better. :-( Garage gave me car to go home in and rang me when the job was done. After market parts and labour plus VAT = £178. Is this a reasonable price?
  7. Steve P

    Expansion tank level?

    Site seems to having problems? Yours is a good idea. Thing is I would have to drain a bit out of the radiator which is full, and I don't want to do that - even if i knew how to do it. Just checked on a cold engine. The reservoir looks about just over half full, it gets to 3/4 full when the engine is hot. No drips! Maybe my garage tightened something up. Cheers for all of your help. You seem to be the only poster here. Or am I posting to the wrong forum subject?
  8. 2005 Micra has a very slight coolant leak from the thermostat housing. Garage are talking £96 to fix, it a dealer only part and the car these days does less than 10 miles per week, so it's a no no. I'll just top up the tank with ready mixed anti freeze. I've just warmed the car up, tank is looking like 3/4 full, but I can't see any level markings on the tank. Do I top up when the engine is cold or hot and to what level? I have only once topped up with water in the past few months, but would prefer to use anti freeze. Google has not been my friend. Thanks for any help.
  9. Steve P

    Micra repair/service costs?

    Cheers for the reply. The bill just hurt a bit. But £400 gets nowhere in a garage these days.
  10. 2005 Micra, 57k on the clock, looked after by the same garage for the past 10 years. He is not cheap, but he seems to do a good job and I trust him. Took car on 9/1/19 for a check over and MoT. It has done 500 miles since the last oil change, so it was not due new oil etc. He does not do the actual MoT. The MoT people failed it on the tyres and the track rod. MoT preparation, safety and lub check, polish headlights, they were cloudy and now look like new, repair wire to rear wiper motor, check for very slight coolant loss, front brake pad and disks, new track rod and track rod end, reset tracking, two new tyres, valves and balance - interchanged. And the MoT. Brake cleaner. I got a car to go home in. He took it for the MoT. £414 inc the VAT Is this reasonable?
  11. Steve P

    Fan blower motor

    The blower motor actually worked yesterday on all setting and sounded fine, it also worked today and sounded fine. I don't believe in things putting themselves right. Bad connection/fuse? I will ask my man to check it out. I'll post the results here.
  12. 2005 Micra: The fan blower for the heater has stopped working. The car is in for service and MoT early 2019. My garage is very good, but I have bad feelings about them not knowing where the motor is. I think he will know but ......................... Is it behind a plastic cover in the nearside foot well? Also it seems that there is a card with a resister on it. Is the card on the motor, or is it cunningly hidden somewhere? I'm sure that he will appreciate polite tips. And yes, I know that this is going to cost me. Thanks for any suggestions. Steve
  13. Steve P

    Tiny oil leak

    Cheers for the reply. Yes, I will ask the question.
  14. Steve P

    Tiny oil leak

    My Micra has, I think, a tiny oil leak. I'm not 100 % sure that it is leaking. Sometimes I can see a tiny drip mark on the drive. Sometimes there is not a drip mark. Level on the dipstick has not changed. Is this enough to fail the MoT? 2005 with 57k on the clock. Now does less than 10 miles per week. I'm an old man.
  15. Steve P

    Key Fob

    Yip, I was quite impressed. Asian guy and I think he works from home. It was not quite clear how to pay on his website so I rang him. He answered the phone!!!!!!! Cheque, postal order or cash. I have not had a cheque book for many years and you can't pay over the phone with the card. Ever get that sinking feeling? Seems that you pay upfront on his website and then send the key. I suppose that he would have to wait 3 days for a cheque to clear. The key came with two pages of "ID Code Entry Procedure". I thought Please No! But, it worked straight out of the bag.