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  1. Hi , my daughters 2004 1.2 SE as a small sump leak that was picked up on at it's MOT...The mechanic said he patched it up and it was Ok charged her £40 to do it . However i noticed that when it was on my drive it was still leaking and to be honest i would rather she got it replaced and i was wondering if it's a straight forward as it looks ,i would have to do it via front ramps and it looks like just 10mm bolts remove clean and replace with the correct sealer etc...Anyone any help or advice before i start it ..Thanks
  2. Thanks for the reply ,i have managed to get access via the back seat -parcel shelf to a couple of my tools .I thought they might have been some manual lever or something on the actual catch anyway yes i may the jump leads when i purchase some ...
  3. Hi, my daughter as a 2004 keyless Micra and i cannot release the boot after a flat battery i know putting a new battery will fix this but i have got a lot of tools in the boot of her car that i need to get out since she does not intend to put a new battery on for a few weeks ..Does anyone know how i can manualy release the boot as i can get in the car using the passenger door key but i cant seem to find anywere were i can release the rear seats to at least get in the boot ...Any help thanks
  4. Hi , new member here ,i am looking for some advice on my daughters Micra that as developed a fluid leak ,it apears to be coming from the bell housing /gearbox side ,i have checked the brake fluid ,thats full,its not engine oil as its to clean ,if that makes sense ,i would say its gearbox oil but woukldnt swear on it,at first i thought it was the AC but not convinced its that,i have tried to smell the oil and usualy gearbox oil is quite stong but i cant smell anything....could any one help as to possible problem...Thanks in advance