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  1. Awes0me ... found it ...what a great and useful site ... i was looking for a EXHAUST GAS RECIRCURATION VALVE and my engine is a K9K ...and all info is there thank you so much , i will save this site for future research and reference...
  2. Hello to you Nissan Qashqui people , its great that there is a forum , I'm not alone , when it all goes wrong .. I'm actually really happy with my second hand Qashqui , but some times getting parts seems complicated , as there are so many types and changes even within the same year . So how do I know which is mine ? All i know is a 2013 Nissan Qashqui 1.5 Diesel DCI silver ... But when it comes to getting a very specific part , i.e. , an EGR COOLER VACUUM VALVE UNIT ACTUATOR apparently that's not enough ,,, I even had problems getting the correct brake pads ... so how can I get the correct engine/car spec info so any dealer, garage or mechanic would stop asking me questions I cant answer , to identify it ? there ... thanks
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