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  1. Hi, So along with other electrical issues that have started happening in the last week with my 2007 Pathfinder (65,000miles) Is it normal for the electrics to start having issues after a certain age or miles? The central locking started screeching when being locked. I have found information for Nissan Notes on how to solve the issue - taking the door panel off and adjusting a pin. I was wondering if it is similar of the PF - before I start to tackle how to take the door card off and have a look. Otherwise issues include Seat Set memory no longer works, heated seats stop after about 15mins (lights on the buttons for heated seats don't work at anymore) rear view mirror button doesn't change always on night time driving. I'll look at the fuse box and see if anything has blown. IF I can solve the issues myself that would be great. Any advice would be welcomed.
  2. Hi All, New to this forum - have been trying to find a UK forum for Pathfinder for a little while. Owned a Pathfinder 2007 for 3 years without issue, until recently when there as been a lot of electrically faults. maybe someone you can help. Otherwise great car, huge amount of space and all the mods I could ask for .. when they work
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