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  1. Well ... its currently bad news, after i replaced the crank sensor the car went fine - then P0335 pops up gain - so a full chain kit including VVT gear was ordered, yep take a look at ebay prices ..... so after paying £460+ for chain replacing ..... about 50mile later the light is back on - code P0335 crank position, which leaves 2 options now - as suspecting there is nothing wrong with any of the chain timing gear and the thoughts are - Either my crank sensor went deffective, the wiring loom that feeds the sensor is damaged somewhere and finally its the camshaft sensor and not the crank sensor. So its back at the garage to have a 2nd new crank sensor & its 1st new cam shaft sensor fitted and see how we go.
  2. hi all, i understand the primeras runs the same QR20DE engine, i have replaced my crank sensor, but looks like a chain issue, currently looking for a good website link for chain replacement, any pointers or views greatly appreaited.
  3. andybaz

    eng code p0335

    hi all, looking for a good link for the QR20DE engine for timing chain replacement etc, or what have you experienced. Car stalled outside house, quick read and code 335 for cranksensor, so took the cheap route - replaced the sensor, 3weeks on and all is good, then ups she pops, doesnt want to start, manges to start after many cranking goes, had the engine light read again, p0335 is back, so looks like a chain replacement at 97k. I have found the same engine is also fitted in the PRIMERA 2002-2007, any pointers greatly appreaited, still googling for online data
  4. andybaz

    mold guy

    Hi all, hoping the forum can help ands likewise return the favour