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  1. mark277239

    Juke washer jets.

    Chaps, any guidance how you change a windscreen washer jet. Juke Connecta 2017, I am sure the item is common. Anyone know if they prise out? Cheers TIA Mark
  2. mark277239

    Juke Auto gear box dipstick

    Trevor Thanks. Ought not to be doing anything at the moment, but gauges and indicators just let you know what is going on under the bonnet. My neighbours Audi, does not have an oil dipstick, bad move trusting it to some sort of level device. Cheers for now.
  3. mark277239

    Juke Auto gear box dipstick

    Hello, Older driver, newbie here. I know what a distributor and coil are. Anyway bought nice shiny 4 month old Juke 1.6 Connecta Auto (although it is the wife's really). Lifted the bonnet in front of the salesman, (who seemed amazed)and asked where the auto gear box oil dipstick was. Unless it is down the back somewhere, they appear not to fit one. Would I be correct?