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  1. Sadly not! We had to pay the cost of replacement Clutch of £1800 plus an AA report of £200. The AA sent ACE (Automotive Consulting Engineers Ltd) to carry out the inspection which concluded that the Clutch had over heated which caused the failure. No suggestion as to cause other than abuse and referred to Towing in the report which did not mention that there is not a Tow Bar on the car! The report appeared to me to have a large element of "cut and paste" about it. I tried to contact ACE for more details of the inspection but they did not respond I contacted Nissan and asked if they could Inspect the components and the Dual Mass Fly Wheel, they declined and suggested I look on the Internet to find someone to inspect it but could not suggest anyone. The Nissan "Adviser" declined to discuss the matter any further with me and refused to put through to a Manager. We reject the suggestion that we "ride" the clutch as there is adequate spec by the clutch pedal to rest the foot and we have suddenly become bad drivers. I took legal advise and my Solicitor advised that we could become involved in a costly dispute. We are left with a car that my wife is reluctant to drive as she has lost faith in it. We ask ourselves three questions. Would we buy another Nissan, would we recommend a friend to buy a Nissan and are we satisfied with Nissan's Customer Care? NO, NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT.
  2. We bought a new Qashqai Tekna 1.6 Petrol Manual on 31st May 2017 after previously having had a Juke for 5 years which covered 10205 miles, the Juke was faultless and we were happy to buy another Nisan. That was until 22rd Jan 2018 when it broke down on a Major Trunk Road and was recovered to the local Main Dealer. They diagnosed a clutch failure necessitating a complete clutch replacement. Clutch/Dual Mass Flywheel/Slave Cylinder at a cost of £1900. They could not identify a faulty component and passed us back to Nissan Warranty dept. The car had covered 1987 miles in the 8 months we have owned it! Nissan have refused a claim ion the basis that the Clutch had overheated and burnt out due to misuse/abuse. We both drive the car which is our second car and cannot accept that our driving has changed in a way that would caused the clutch to burn out in less that 2000 miles, we have never experienced Clutch problems with any other car we have had. We had not experienced any burning smell or clutch slip while driving it. Has anyone experienced a similar Clutch issue or such an unsympathetic and unreasonable response from Nisan Warranty? Also can anyone suggest our best course of action, possibly the Motoring Ombudsman or the Small Claims Courts to recover our losses.
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