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  1. Yesterday's upload - features of the new 2018 Nissan Micra
  2. Evening all.... Thought some of you may appreciate this video
  3. RandomlySet

    Debadging a Car

    Decided to remove the badges from the rear of my car the other week (not done the hamburger badge yet), and make this quick video for those who have never done it before:
  4. Evening guys, thought some of you may find this video useful
  5. RandomlySet

    Stone Chip Repair

    Within the first 500 miles of its life, the Pulsar picked up 3 stone chips! Last weekend I finally got around to sorting them out. In case anyone needs any tips, I made a short video of the process. Side note: 4 colour layers may have been too much as the clear coat still sits a little proud.
  6. So, last week I uploaded a video of my initial thoughts whilst driving the new Nissan Leaf Tekna. This week, I'll be talking about some of my favourite features that the car has.
  7. RandomlySet

    Spring Has Finally Sprung

    Well, I think it's safe to say that Spring is now here. The weather has been stunning all day, and even stayed nice after work - so I went out to fly the drone for a bit :D
  8. RandomlySet

    Pulsar Q&A

    Morning all... I've been thinking of doing a Q&A type video soon around the Pulsar. I've had it almost 4 months now, so throw any questions you have relating to the car in here and I'll do my best to answer them.
  9. Last week I fortunate enough to borrow a Nissan Leaf Tekna for a day and make a couple of videos giving my initial thoughts and reactions. Honestly, I was rather impressed. Once the range is improved, I think it'd be something worth considering (that applies to the majority of EVs TBH).
  10. RandomlySet

    Morning All

    Morning, I've been trying to join the forums for a few months, but due to some technical issues, I've only just go on. I purchased a 2018 Nissan Pulsar at the start of the year and have just created a thread about my car here: I'm based in Derbyshire, and enjoy making videos. If there is anyone around who is also interested, or any local club meets or anything, I may pop along.
  11. RandomlySet

    My 2018 Nissan Pulsar Tekna

    First post on the forums, and first post in this section :D So, back in January, I collected my brand new Nissan Pulsar 1.2 Tekna Below are a few videos I have made around the Tekna and maybe a couple of photos....