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  1. Thank you for the reply Trevor. Will get that looked at. Cheers again. Andy
  2. Hi all hope some one can help. I have a automatic 2l x trail. I have noticed the last few mornings that firsts thing in the morning that the revs are very high. I could be doing 10 mph but the revs are about 2000. It is like this till the engine has heated up. Ps the weather here has got frosty in the mornings. Does anyone else have this problem. Cheers Andy
  3. Hi Trevor. It is awsom. Great to drive and by my standards very luxurious . Thanks for asking. 👍😁
  4. Cheers Trevor. I went on to get some insurance quotes. Went with modified and then took it of. £200 of a difference with tha box. 😣
  5. Thanks Trevor. Can I ask if you remove it before it goes into the garage can they detect that something has been connected? Thanks bhai Andy
  6. Hi all has anyone had any experience with tuning boxes? Thinking of getting one from bluespark. I am finding my car more expensive to run than I thought it would be. So thought about the tuning box to help with the mpg. Cheers Andy
  7. Cheers Trevor. Will post once I get it. It has been held up a day. Cheers Andy
  8. Hi all. New to the for forum. My wife has a 65 plate juke. And I am getting a 66 plate x trail. Hopefully get it on Wednesday. Can't wait. Cheers all Andy