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    2004 Xtrail 2.2 dci
  1. Both sides Trevor, no friction whatsoever on either. I've just finished dismantlling the handbrake mechanism, cleaned everything up with brake cleaner, gave the shoes a little ruff up with sand paper. Re assembled the mechanism ensuring it was done correctly. I put the discs back on then got someone to pull the handbrake and the only thing I did notice is that when pulled, the shoes push outward as normal and then quite literally pop out against the front wall of the drum. I waited for this to happen then carefully removed the disc in order to see what was happening thinking perhaps one of the pins had snapped etc but no Nothing at all the shoes jumped straight back into place as if they had never moved. The 2 pins holding the shoes in place are perfectly fine and in the correct position but don't seem to be holding them very well. Also the adjuster was perfectly fine. No thread damage etc no signs of slipping. I'm not entirely sure how to proceed as if this is some kind design fault is a new mechanism going to be any different...
  2. Thanks Trevor, I've adjusted them twice already and as soon the handbrake is pulled up the adjuster seems to slip. I'm thinking now the thread on the adjuster is shot so im going to replace the whole mechanism.
  3. Hi all. New to the forum and new to nissan. Recently bought a 2004 nissan xtrail. 2.2 dci to tow the caravan. Chuffed with the car so far except one issue. When I bought the car the lady told me the handbrake shoes had been replaced just before the lock down but as she was vulnerable smthe car had barely been used since. The handbrake seemed fine whilst on her flat level driveway however, I've found that when I stop the car and apply the handbrake. 2/3 clicks and it feels nice and tight but as soon as there is any movement in the car ie rolling slightly, there is a small clunk at the back and the handbrake realeases completely. The handbrake lever becomes extremely loose being able to pull it all the way up with no effect whatsoever. If I then drive a few metres, the handbrake goes tight again and feels great but again, slightest movement and its gone. I've take the rear wheels and disc off and found the shoes inside the rear discs, something I've not come across before, and I can't for the life of me figure out what's wrong, the discs aren't perfect but far from being a problem and the shoes look good. Can anyone give any suggestions? I'm due to tow the caravan tomorrow and I'm somewhat on edge about not having a handbrake. Thanks in advance, all help and knowledge appreciated. Jamie