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  1. My Pixo saga developed like this. Had the airbag light issue looked at by two independent garages, one of those specialised in car electrics. Unlike the Nissan dealership, BOTH diagnosed the fault to be with the clockspring ribbon cable. For the record, the non-specialist garage did this by using their computer and then they advised me to take the car to the electric specialists, who stripped down the steering column, tested the ribbon cable and confirmed damage to it. The first garage was my usual servicing point and never charged me, the second garage charged me £36 although they had to
  2. Hi FrenchpolisherSorry for the delay in replying, had lost hope of receiving any comments. No, mine is not sorted yet. What about yours? I am not sure that the PIXO will get a recall anytime soon, not at least until they sort out the vehicles currently being recalled. Was thinking perhaps to go to a national paper, never done that before. regards centavur
  3. A couple of months back, less than a month after the warranty expired, the airbag light came on and refused to go off. Manual says issue with either airbag system or seatbelt pretensioners. Took car to dealer, they could not find the fault but cleared the light anyway. They reckoned it was triggered on by an object [rolling] under the seat(s) and advised that should the light come on again the car would require a new airbag unit @ c. £1,200. On the same day, as I was parking the car on the driveway at home, some 7 miles from the garage, the light briefly came on and disappeared. Did so on
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