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  1. Hi Trevor I spoke to customer services and they will not provide a courtesy van. They have told me it is the responsibility of the distributor to provide a vehicle. I have sent a letter to the managing director of Nissan but as yet I haven't had a response. I have tried to contact The UK Nissan warranty manager Mark Ford who I found on linkedin but I cannot find anyone in Nissan who knows his location or contact details
  2. Hi Trevor The dealer sent me a text to say they have a new gearbox for me but due to recalls and other works they cannot book the vehicle in until the 4th of December. They are unable to provide me with a courtesy van and have told Nissan customer services that the vehicle is safe to drive. I have argued the point that it would be extremely irresponsible to knowingly let someone drive a vehicle that has a failing gearbox. It could have a catastrophic failure with the potential to cause an accident or injury to the driver or others. I am awaiting a call from Nissan customer service
  3. Hi I have a Nissan NV300 van which is still covered under the warranty. I took it to a local dealer after the front transmission started to generate a noise which sounded like the gearbox. They have confirmed that it needs a new gearbox and its only done 27K. Is this a known issue.
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