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  1. Hiya, i am new to this so let me introduce mu self a bit. My name is Dinu, We have bought a Nissan Qashqai, 1.6 petrol Automatic , yer of first registration is 2008 it is a Left Hand Drive, car originally came from Switzerland the owner took all the documents back with him. In Switzerland its seems to use the same number plate for your next car , we bought it from a dealer importe/export. We want to register the car in UK, but we have only the invoice, and dvla is asking for few docs . Is anyone here who can help as to register the car here in UK. The DVLA told as we will need a dating evidence of the Car from a Reliable source, such as a Vehicle Owners Club or Enthusiasts Club. We would be very grateful if anyone can help as with information, any help is welcome. VIN NUMBER, OR CHASSIS NUMBER : SJNFBAJ10U1293731, Many thanks, Dinu
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