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  1. Can't see how the exhaust pressure sensor could render the cruise inactive yet not turn the turbo off (as in limp home mode). If the sensor itself is fault wouldn't it be better to change thte sensor? (any idea where it is locatewd, it's a 2007 2.0 dci not the earlier 2.2) tvm
  2. Hya all. Recently bought my second T31 X-Trail, having loved my first one for many miles. I have an issue with this one with the Cruise Control malfunctioning. Sometimes it comes on fine for a minute or two, then stops and the set light just flashes. Mainly though it doesn't work at all, and when turned on the "cruise Control" light comes on solid, and the "set" light just flashes. As they were cheap enough (and an easy job) I changed the pedal switch but no difference. My own littel code reader (a decent one, but certainly not a 'Snap-On', gives me a code of P1525-F3. I
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