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  1. I'm from the UK and a couple of years ago I picked up an old 2006 Pathfinder which unexpectedly turned out to be my favourite car that I've ever owned, and now I'm on a quest to keep it on the road for as long as possible! I'm not sure what other people think, but the newer Pathfinders (R52) don't seem to be quite the same sort of vehicle? Anyway, just wanted to say hi and to see if there are any R51 fans still out there. Gavin
  2. Hello! The air con my old 2006 Pathy wasn't doing anything so I took it to the garage to get refilled. They said there was a hole in the air con radiator (condenser?) and that the gas was just coming straight out as they refilled. My question: is that something that can be easily resealed or do I have to replace the whole thing? And secondly, the heating is strange in my Pathy. Setting the temperature doesn't really do anything except at the highest setting. Setting it to, say, 71F/22C, works for the first five minutes of travelling and then seems to blow cold air. Only setting it to
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