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  1. Hi yep that was the problem. There were 4 or 5 cables broken and majority of others were on the way to failing. Outer sheathing on majority was cracking and starting to break
  2. Hi I have replaced both switches and nothing has changed. Passenger side only goes down from switch and neither fronts work from drivers switch!
  3. Hi we have a 2016 xtrail. The passenger front window will only go down on passenger button and not up. It also won’t work from drivers master switch. The drivers side window will not go up or down off the button! (Rear windows work fine) I can raise and lower both front windows if I connect abattery straight to motors so motors work. I have changed the master switch on drivers side for a new one but no difference. I have also got a new passenger switch coming to try. Is there anything I am missing or something else to check?? Thanks
  4. Hi we have a 2016 xtrail. Passenger front window will only go down on switch not up. Won’t work off drivers side master switch either. Drivers side front window will not go up or down. If I connect a battery straight to motor I cAn make either window go up or down. I bought new passenger motor to check this wasn’t issue. Same problem as existing motor. I bought a new drivers side master switch. Fitted and neither front windows worked. Tried day later and drivers would go up and down. Switched ignition off then on and then didn’t work anymore. Passenger side won’t work off master but will go down off passenger button but not up!! Any ideas??
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