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  1. Hello from the South Coast, Well I have done it and got myself a Juke ex-demonstrator 2020, my first Nissan. Now being male whenever I sit in a vehicle new to me I start pushing buttons, I look at the little pictures and guess what they might do - I am usually wrong ! The only cure for my problem that seems to work is for me to read the owners manual when I am at least five miles away from the car. Also being forgetful I don't want to take the manual on a rail journey with me; so far I have not lost my laptop, so an electronic copy (PDF or similar) works well. So after all the waffle the question is "does one exist" and where and how etc etc. The Nissan site is keen to give me PDF brochure downloads, but gives me the impression that once you have bought one they are not interested - PLEASE prove me wrong
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