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  1. Bump, has anyone else had DAB issues and if so how did they get resolved (if at all)
  2. This is really a two parted question. Firstly, my Note has the Connect 2 model. I noticed recently that some DAB stations would randomly drop out (though curiously not the BBC stations). Over the weekend the Connect unit has rebooted itself twice whilst driving. This has occured when the unit dropped DAB signal. So firstly, has anyone experienced an issue like this? And is there any potential fix? Alternatively, if I need a new unit then what's best? I've been looking into and replacing the connect 2 appears not to be a straightforward task. And the cost of a new Connect 2 from Nissan is going to run into the £1000s. I am trying to look into replacements and ideally would want another GPS unit rather than an Android or Apple unit that relies on phone signal / data. Does anyone know if units are available which use GPS? And specifically whether this is even an option in a Nissan Note vehicle? I appreciate these may be obvious questions but I've never had the need to considering replacing the radio before! Thanks in advance.
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