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  1. Have just herd back from the garage. The thermostats have not needed to be replaced. There's a sealent that another garage put on the gasket as a temporary fix that's got into the radiator that's stopped the flow of air into 1 of the pipes. The radiator is in Amsterdam and it's setting me back just under £500 for parts and labour. Just the total on repairs has set us back 3 grand in the last 6 months (first year on finance so had to pay it with no option) and now without a car for the next 7 to 10 days.😭
  2. Found out the car IS overheating so it's not the sensor that's the issue. The garage have ordered new thermostats and booked in Wednesday (8th Sept) 🤞 I really hope this is it 🙈
  3. I've just got off the phone to Nissan (Colebrook way, Andover) they've advised me to take it back to the garage that fit the head gasket and check that they've plugged the sensor in properly. I've basically got to start at the beginning and work out the problem. On a positive note the sensor light stayed off for the mot and passed today 🙌 booked in next Friday (once I'm out of isolation). Fingers crossed its something so simple 🤞
  4. I'm completely at my wits end with my Nissan note and right now could happily leave it in the middle of a field with the keys inside (if i hadn't have already spent so much on repairs). My red overheating light came on (Feb time) took it to a garage, head gasket had gone (fixed in March) also had a new coolant reservoir fitted (garage snapped the old one) and I'm still struggling with my warning light when I pick up speed or drive for longer than 15/20 mins. Took it back to the garage and they said they couldn't see any problems. I've only had my licence for 8 months and for 2 of those it's been practically sat in a garage 🙈 too scared to go out with my children in fear of braking down and being stranded with them. please help a stressed mumma out with some advice 🙈
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