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  1. Hi Guys , I had a problem about 7 months ago with turbo boost and read various forum messages on this issue and fixed it by replacing the boost solenoid and the MAF sensor :-) very happy the fuel consumption went down dramatically and I was regular returning 40 to gallon (checked tank fill to tank fill as well as he readout in the car) than last week the turbo boost issue started again and fuel consumption has gone to less than 30 miles per gallon :-( , this time found the MAP sensor to be the issue this replaced with the correct part number and boost is back and car driving fine but fuel consumption not returned still only doing about 30 miles per gallong (checked fill to fill and also showing on car readout ) ?? any suggestions as to what could be the problem ? I do think that the boost is coming in at about 2300 rpm and from memory it should be 1800 rpm ? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello there, my 2008 t31 x-trail has no sat nav fitted, can someone please advise if I get the dash unit from a later t31 will if fit straight in and all the wiring be there to upgrade my car to have the sat nav ?
  3. How much work is it to install the sat nav unit to my 2008 xtrail ? Straight fit and wiring all there etc
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