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  1. Hi guys had a fult light appear. It shows Lo2 Sensor. Can somebody confirm this is the one situated in the exhaust pipe. Spoke o the local Nissan and the parts geezer said he could only see one.
  2. Hi everyone has any of you lads had this problem and solved it. My phone pairs with the audio but will not sync the contacts. have tried all the usual tricks but it will not sync these. Quashi 2009
  3. HI Guys i am new to the nissan range. Bought a tenka 2litre diesel manual about 2weeks ago 117000 miles on the clock. First problem the ac did not work, fixed that with a new low preesure pipe. the next one is a bit difficult to explain. whilst travelling along the dual carriageways at first it seemed like i had flat tyres a lot of road noise. But as i got to 60 to70mph a terrific shaking shuddering occured. Not shaking the wheels like they needed balancing. However i got them balnced and ther has been a vast improvment. But i am still concerned as ther is still an underlying vibe.Any ides would be appreciated Cheers. David
  4. Hi i am a new owner of a Qashqai 2008 model very pleased with it. One thing i query in most of the manual it states a seperate dipstick and oil fil.l. Mine has a combined one, is this usual. the dipstick does not have th usual max and min mark on it . antone any idea the amount of oil from mas to min
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