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  1. Hi all I'm new to this club and really hoping someone can assist me. I recently replaced the battery on my 2013 J10 Qashqai, I've now got the Stop/Start system fault message continually displayed on the dashboard. The stop/start function is obviously not functioning either, but other than that the car is driving fine. I have taken the car back to the garage that fitted the battery, they confirmed they updated the system to 'register' a new battery had been fitted. They used their diagnostic machine and confirmed there was no faults showing. I've also taken the car to another garage who have run their diagnostic checks and again they could not find any faults on the system. Nissan main dealer have said they could sort it, but would be upwards of £100 and can't book me in for over 1 month! I've researched on multiple forums who've mentioned a faulty clutch switch or wiring issue? Is there any way of fixing the problem outside of the main dealer? Thanks in advance for any help
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