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  1. Hi John, Issue is the current Speedo is in KPH only so that needs to be changed to one showing both MPH and KPH. I cant even get Nissan to tell me the Part Number for the Cluster in MPH. Nissan Customer Services are the same. There has to be a solution but I just don't know what it is yet? Regards Ian
  2. Hi All, New here! Just relocated back from Malta to UK with my 2014 Qashqai. Passed MOT and went to get UK Reg from DVLA, but got rejected as the CofC does not conform to UK Specs? Reason the Speedo display is in KPH and no MPH shown (Electronic Display for MPH in Cluster only) Approached Nissan Dealership and Nissan Customer Services asking "What Part Number do I need to get for the car to change the Speedo Cluster" Answer from Nissan - Cant be done? WOW - I brought a RHD Car 4 years ago knowing I would bring it back to the UK and I now have problems. Can anyone help in advising what Speedo Cluster I need for my VIN? Anyone have a Cluster for Sale that will do the job? Nissan have been most unhelpful and I am amazed. Its a standard RHD except the Speedo (only shows KPH) All help appreciated. Regards Ian
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