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  1. Hi All, Newbie to this site so I am not sure which direction I need to go to ask the following question so I shall start here for now. I seem to have inherited an engine with no paperwork which was part of my father’s estate. It looks brand new or at least refurbished. I think it is something he planned to do but never got round to doing but that’s all the information I have. As things stand I have no idea of the exact model of Nissan this engine goes into. He owned a 2008 X-Trail which I recall had engine work done but this does not fit the same car he owned. I have looked over the engine and seen the following numbers: Renault Nissan Car Engine - M9R02 Silver Section Of The Engine: 8200 539 196 Renault Nissan 415 Mb DP 1.1 8200521007 B 271-05 : 6 M9R02 221B34 3223303 2X 1774 1312334 05 Black Section Of The Engine: N 19 09 809 122 I have also included some photos if that helps. I was hoping there would be some online engine database but I cannot seem to find anything. So if anyone know the make, model and year of the car this goes into that would be amazing. Kind Regards David
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