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  1. Thanks for your advice Trevor. ill take a look.
  2. Hello all. I own a Nissan Note Acenta Premium,2014 reg and i have a problem with the Connect system. when i start the engine i sometimes get a msg saying ( SECURE. System is locked. Green. please contact your dealer) Unfortunately my local Nissan Dealer, Westway. Has been unable to help, they thought it was a loose battery lead, it wasn't. When this happens i lose the radio, satnav & aircon, & sometime i dont see the msg but i still lose the radio and sound to the satnav. At present the only way to fix this is to keep turning the engine on and off untill everything loads up as it should. Please has anyone else experienced this and if so could you let me know the problem and any advice on getting it fixed. i love my car & have owned it for 5 years now without any problems.
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