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  1. 1989 Nissan Bluebird for sale Red 1.8L engine Automatic Hello, I’m trying to sell my lovely vintage Nissan Bluebird. The car has been off road for the past 6 months due to a relocation, and I can’t keep it any longer. MOT recently expired, and has a small (I’m told) engine problem, so new buyer would need to tow it. All working parts inside and under bonnet aside from engine problem. Drivers side electric window in need of new motor. It’s been well looked after, I’ve had it 3 years and before then was kept in storage for 10 years by an old collector. 65,000 miles approx very low for the age. I’m looking to sell for £1000-1500 but will consider any sensible offers in this region. I can be contacted on 07718 927124 and email ciaranthomaswood@gmail.com thanks
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