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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, it’s my first time on the site, I was wondering if anyone could help? My girlfriend has inherited her grans old micra. It’s a 2001, k11, 1.4 sport. It’s got 20k on the clock so it’s not had a lot of use and has spent most of its life under a car port. It ran fine for a month or two but now cuts out after a few minutes running some times after a few seconds? It turns out it’s had an intermittent problem with this for years. So far all of the fuses, the cam and crank sensors have been replaced. This made no difference. Replacing the fuel cut out relay helped but hasn’t fixed the problem. Before the fuel cut out relay was replaced it got to the point were it wouldn’t start at all. I can hear the new fuel cut off relay trip, a moment or two later the engine cuts out. I bypassed the relay with a jumper wire. This had no effect, the engine still cuts out. When I try to restart the engine after this happens sometimes the engine management light doesn’t come on with the other ignition lights. If the engine management light comes on with the other ignition lights the engine will mostly restart. If it doesn’t, I have to pull the 15A fuse in front of the fuel cut off relay. This prompts the engine management light to come back on with the ignition, the engine then runs for a few seconds on the fuel still present and cuts out. I then replace the fuse, the engine management light comes back on with the other ignition lights and the engine starts. Unfortunately a few minutes later it cuts out again and I’m back to where I started. All the wires and connections seem fine. The two earths under the dash left/right are good. When connected to an OBD2 reader the MAF sensor showed a fault P0100. I replaced the MAF sensor with a £26 one from eBay. The fault remained. I then replaced the entire throttle body with a new one complete with all new Bosch sensors. The MAF error code was clear but the engine throttle response was very poor and the engine will still only run for a few seconds at best a minute or two. No noticeable improvement. I then changed the fuel filter. The fuel was at pressure, the new filter made no improvement. I then swooped the throttle body back to the original but swooped the ebay MAF for the Bosch one from the new throttle body. The throttle response and tick over are fine again but the engine still cuts out, no change there. It’s not an idle problem as it still cuts out at 3,000rpm. I’ve pretty much run out of things to replace! Does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks
  2. Hi Guys, Sorry to invade the forum just to try and sell something but i figured this would be the best place to go. I have a 1989 Nissan Sunny which im looking to sell. This is not the best example of a car. Ive used it as a work horse for the last 14 months and its provided me nothing but love, driving pleasure and pure reliability. Ive had one issue with this car and that was an issue i caused (pulled HT lead from the coil and didnt realize) The car is due for an MOT very shortly and im very doubtful it will pass, it needed a bit of welding last time around and will no doubt need more welding this time around. It has a sheared droplink on the near side antirole bar and will no probs need pads and disks all round. because of this im trying to find a home with someone whose looking for parts so very much "Spares or Repairs" All in all im looking for around £100-150 for the car as is, car still runs and drives well so could be driven away but i would probs recommend a tow or trailer as the car will be 'Sorn'. If anyone is interested let me know, or if you know anyone in the market for a donor car please let them know. Ill chuck a few pics of the bad boy up tonight (Currently in Work) Cheers Martyn
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