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touching brake and accelerating at full power instead

Robert Dickenson

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Last November I was in an accident where I was driving my new 71 reg Electric Nissan leaf Automatic ,when I was coming to a stop at a T Junction doing 3mph when I pressed the brake and instead of it stopping it accelerated at full power crossing a busy two lane road and a head on crash straight into a lamp post and a brick wall.  The car was still driving forward with no feet on any pedals when me and my son were taken out of the car, no airbags went off which if they did would have probably have stopped most of the injuries we sustained. A passenger was injured and his dog was killed because no matter how many time I tried to brake the car it just went faster, how no one was killed at school rush hour was a miracle.

The car is still  compounded and can't be touched because I'm still trying to get RSA and Nissan to do a proper investigation because the car as a fault that will kill someone, but both of them sent a engineer who plugged into the ECU and did a visual check and said it didn't have a fault, but they said they couldn't put it into drive mode which was the last thing it did when I braked... I have asked them to put it into drive mode to see if you then press the brake pedal to see if the car then went or tried to go forward but to my amazement they have both refused to to this without giving a reason???.

Cars can have faults that don't show up on the ECU and they know this because  they have Diagnostic technicians in their Garage's , if the car has got a fault which I'm 100% sure it has then this make of car if likely to hurt or kill someone and they are  not putting health and safety to the public ,plus their customers first.                       It seems like they are more concerned that if a fault is found they would have to recall the make and model costing them a considerable amount of money.       

They are also refusing myself dental treatment even though they both have said they do not believe I put my foot on the accelerator with my son in the front passenger seat, but when I ask them what made it accelerate they say they wouldn't like to speculate, which I find an incredible answer on something that could probably be a threat to life.

if anyone as had the same experience please comment because this make and model Nissan Leaf Car's needs to be fully diagnosed .

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