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HELP help Help!!

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Can you please help me? 
I have a nissan Pulsar 1.5 Diesel 2015 here in Ireland
All injectors changed in 2021 and problems started earlier this year with the stop start coming on and off. Now for the past couple months the car stalls out mid driving, sometimes it will push on and keep driving and sometimes it stalls out completely(All warning lights come check engine light, Cvt and traction control light) . I took it to my local garage and was told it must be injectors and need taking to a diesel machinic which I did and was told it 2 injectors needed rebuilding which they did. 2 days later I was back with the same issues as before. I took it to the Nissan dealership and they told me it was because the injectors were not coded, so they did this and I collected the car and only got it down the road before the same issues came back. Took back to the dealership and they rung the next day saying that because the old.injectors being uncoded must have ruined them so put new injectors in. It's only been driven 3 times since but suprise surprise the same issues came up this morning.

At my wits end and no-one can tell me or fix the problem

I can get more pictures if required thats just one of the warning lights.


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