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Nissan Navara 2012 Vin Plate missing?

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Hi, newbie here! My Navara has been off the road for a while (wouldn't start) and having got it back from the garage, the Vin plate is missing. They claim to have no knowledge and I am left with no Vin plate. I can see on CCTV (they are based next to my work building) that someone tampered with the vehicle during it's time locked up in their compound but as the fuse box is near there, doesn't really mean anything. Obviously, I have the  V5 and the windscreen number in addition to the doorwell sticker, aswell as the actual vehicle. DVLA have asked for a photo of the Vin plate. It has been Sorn'd for a few months but is ready to be MOT'd and taxed. I'm unsure why DVLA have requested this and confused by it all tbh. 

How do I get a replacement Vin plate? ... and more importantly, why would someone remove it? They also 'lost' the Nissan book which I had carefully stapled the service history, receipts etc in to., given to them to help diagnose the fault. They were unable to find the fault. They offered me a pittance to sell it off for parts when I told them that it couldn't sit around any longer and were not pleased when I declined and arranged to have it recovered. It took my friend 40 minutes to fix it so clearly they were up to no good. 


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I haven now been advised by the manufacturer that this model doesn't have a Vin plate. They are happy to MOT it and said that they double checked another model they had onsite which was the same. 

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