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Airbag Light on Pixo


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Hallo, I have a Pixo that at some point started having the airbag light permanently on. I diagnosed it and found the following.

Back-up: 31.529 V

Battery: 11.094 V

Channels: 6

Driver A/B: 2.881 ohm

Passenger A/B: 2.352 ohm

Driver P/T: 2.264 ohm

Passenger P/T: 2.323 ohm

Driver S/B: 2.205 ohm

Passenger S/B: 2.058 ohm

Module (K-Line): 38910-68K1*/38910-80J0

DTC: 0/2

B1084: Driver side-sensor short to power circuit or open

B1094: Passenger side-sensor short to power circuit or open

I have the doubt that the issue started when the battery got flat, and I read there can be problems with this draining the airbag backup battery. However the diagnostic says backup battery voltage is 31.529.

I checked the wiring under the seat (as far as one can see under there) and it seems ok, disconnected and reconnected the yellow connector and seemes to be clean. 

Any ideas on what’s wrong?


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I found a solution, for whomever has a similar issue.

I cleared the DTCs from the SRS system but the light staid on, then I noticed there was an airbag-related DTC in the body computer and clearing that worked

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