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Dash cams front and rear

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I'm looking for information on dash cams for my new qashqai kuro epower, when purchased in March was told they couldn't be fitted due to draining the battery, anyone had these fitted?

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Although I don't have a Qashqai ePower i's say the response you've had is unhelpful at the least and possible baloney.

Does the 12V socket (fag lighter as used to be)stay live when the car if off? It might stay live for a minute or 2 as the car shuts down fully, but if after that it completely switches off then there's no way you'll drain the battery.

if the 12v socket remains live then just get in the habit of removing the dash cam plug from the 12v when you leave the car.

TBH it would take a few days to drain the car battery completely, but it's worth getting into the habit rather than finding out how long it actually takes - the hard way!

BTW I fitted an inexpensive Amazon dash-cam to my new-to-me 2015 T32 X-Trail just last week - and today there's a 20% voucher AND 10% promo - so I've just bought another one for my youngest lad - he's 17 next Thursday and will be taking to the road in a 2009 K12 Micra. A dash-cam has just been added to his presents !


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