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Universal Joint

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Hi all. A few years ago I changed the all of the universal joint on the front and rear propshafts on my 2013 Navara D40 Tekna.

These were not cheap, but they came with grease nipples.

The front propshaft started vibrating again, so I got further replacements and now the rear propshaft has also started to vibrate and one of the UJs is giving up.

Now, the ones I took off all those 3years or so ago, were the original and had done thousands and thousands of miles, but the newer ones (Toyo) have only done a few thousand at the most. The original ones did not have a grease nipple and were maintenance free. Can anyone tell me where on earth I can buy these maintenance free, no grease nipple, UJs?? I have Googled as much as I can and, unless I get them shipped from the other side of the world, I can't seem to get them from the UK.

I don't want to have to get the maintained ones if I can help it, mainly because I will forget to grease them, but if I must, then I must.


From what I can find out, the front UJs are 75mm span x 27mm cap and the rear UJs are 92mm span x 29mm cap.


Please help me!!!!

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