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  2. Its tough to say without experiencing it first hand. It is more likely to be a stabiliser mount as in the gearbox mount as it is under a backwards and forward motion that is causing the noise. Therefore, it has to be a mount or stabiliser bar that controls that motion
  3. Hi I has anyone ever had to replace a gearbox stabiliser mount?. I have a 15plate Nissan xtrail and when I took the car to Nissan, they advised the car may require the engine mounts to be replaced at over £300k. Took the car to my local indi garage and they reckon its the gearbox stabiliser mounts that needs to be replaced at under £70. Has anyone had to replace the gearbox stabiliser mounts if so, what sort of sounds did you hear from the car. In my case, I hear a soft thud, when I compress the clutch, accelerator and also change the gears, so could this be a gearbox stabiliser mount issue?
  4. I have too unplug my dash cam on my 68 Qashqai as the jack stays live. My wife has the same problem with her 66 Qashqai
  5. Hi can you update the software of the car? Iv got a 2018 Qashqai but there’s a new looking software for the sat nav, radio, etc and was wondering if you can update it? If not how can you just update the sat nav?
  6. I have a 67 plate N vision Qashqai with 18 inch alloys fitted. Don't have a spare tyre and not struck on space saver ,so only have the glue and air repair kit Seen 16inch steel wheel with new tyre off a 2010 Nissan X trail which was thinking of getting as a spare ( temp only of course) .Does anyone know if this would work? - cheers
  7. It sounds like the air con system could do with checking out, e.g. gas pressures and then see if this makes a difference with it cutting out
  8. Hi All. I have a 2017 Qashqai, The A/C isn't working properly, The issue with it is that when trying to adjust the temp or fan speed neither will increase or decrees, the display will show the temp and fan Speed change but nothing happens. The only way I can adjust the heat and fan speed is by turning the car off and back on again (doesn't change with the stop/start has to be completely off doors locked from outside, the re-enter), And even then the A/C will only work for 30 seconds to A minute. Anyone else have this issue or know what might be causing it?. Thanks
  9. Hi Tony.....did you manage to resolve this issue? Had the very same problem on a Renault van (same mechanics pretty much) and tried to vacuum the fluid and ended up pressure bleeding it and that sorted it
  10. Hello, can a rear differential from a manual 1.6 qashqai fit a automatic 2.0 qashqai https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2010-2013-MK1-FL-Nissan-Qashqai-2-J10-REAR-DIFF-DIFFERENTIAL-1-6-Diesel/333548863560?hash=item4da90fc048:g:86sAAOSwJVJecIAl#rpdCntId
  11. Hi all, I am hoping someone can help me out incase I am doing something wrong. Last week the clutch on my 2011 Nissan Qashqai 1.6 Petrol appeared to have failed and I had the pedal stuck on the floor with no pressure at all. After spending the last few days looking into this, I thought it maybe the Master Cylinder at fault so I have replaced it. However I am still experiencing the same problems as before, so wanted to check I am bleeding the car correctly. I have connected a clear tube to the bleeder nipple on the Slave Cylinder and moved it to the bleed position. I have filled the reservoir with Dot 4 and have removed all air bubbles. I lock the pipe back off again when the clutch pedal is pressed to the floor, after roughly 15 pumps of the pedal with a 2 second wait in-between. Unfortautnely I still have no resistance on the clutch pedal, is there something I am missing here? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated as I want to exhaust everything before taking the car in for a new slave and probably clutch. Thanks in advance. Tony
  12. Hi Graham.....welcome to the Forum I know that sometimes it can be down to the USB stick format and especially if it works fine on other devices but not in the car. You could try formatting the stick and reloading the music or try other formats (e.g. MP3, etc)
  13. The USB port (under the armrest) of my Qashqai no longer recognises when a USB stick is inserted. It still works to charge my iphone, but I can't play any music through it. Any ideas please?
  14. Hi ..... welcome to the Forum Any independent garage should be able to replace light units or bulbs....not worth spending big money with the dealerships for a relatively simple job. Let us know how you get on with it
  15. I have a 2014 Nissan Qashqai 1.5dci and the rear passenger side tail lights need replacing ( brake light and reversing light are fine). Do you have to go go main dealers to have this replaced ? Halfords can’t do it ?
  16. Hiya, i am new to this so let me introduce mu self a bit. My name is Dinu, We have bought a Nissan Qashqai, 1.6 petrol Automatic , yer of first registration is 2008 it is a Left Hand Drive, car originally came from Switzerland the owner took all the documents back with him. In Switzerland its seems to use the same number plate for your next car , we bought it from a dealer importe/export. We want to register the car in UK, but we have only the invoice, and dvla is asking for few docs . Is anyone here who can help as to register the car here in UK. The DVLA told as we will need a dating evidence of the Car from a Reliable source, such as a Vehicle Owners Club or Enthusiasts Club. We would be very grateful if anyone can help as with information, any help is welcome. VIN NUMBER, OR CHASSIS NUMBER : SJNFBAJ10U1293731, Many thanks, Dinu
  17. Morning Dawn Push the clutch all the way down, put the key fob on the start button & then push the fob against the button, there is a sensor in the fob that recognise the car & will even start it if the battery in the fob is dead, I have looked at every possibility on line/ you tub because I have a Quashqui that has had 4 flat batteries in 8 months,!, hope this helps & you don't end up like me, Good luck Tina 😊
  18. Thanks Trevor It's still on charge & still showing red!, will sort tomorrow, thanks for the advice 😊
  19. Hi Tina....welcome to the Forum I would entrust the car to an auto-electrician as they should be able to diagnose the fault by looking for a large current drain and isolating different circuits until the readings drop. It is time consuming more than costly to diagnose and will be easier to find with the correct knowledge and test equipment. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  20. Hey All I'm new to this site but would be grateful for any advice. I have a Quashqui Tecna dci. In April I had a flat battery, it was replaced. In May same again & another battery replaced by garage, in July same problem, garage had the car for a week checked everything, said there was something draining the battery but didn't know what, replaced the battery even though it was OK!, this weekend it has gone again, push ignition button loads of flashing symbols on dash & clicking noise but won't power up, battery reading just over 10. Have tried putting key fobs on button & starting but nothing!, even jump leads won't start it, I can open car with fob & lights come on, Any suggestions would be appreciated, going to try charging the battery today.
  21. Hi....welcome to the forums It could be some corrosion on the mechanism (like a detent not popping back into place). Maybe worth spraying WD40 or similar into the mirror assembly to free everything up
  22. My wife's Qashqai 2013 1.6 diesel model has non-electric wing mirrors. About 70,000 miles only. Both wing mirrors appear competely undamaged but do not reset correctly after being manually folded in. They adopt a position about 30 degrees part folded and will not stay completely 'out'. It seems strange that both near and offside are defective at around the same time. Is it possible to remove the covers over the hinge mechanism so that I can see what is wrong? The car is otherwise in excellent condition. Any help much appreciated. Thank you
  23. I think it is down to maintenance and if the oil has been changed regularly then it stands more of a chance of lasting longer. I have heard of owners who have challenged the manufacturers and got it done under warranty.
  24. Do you know at what mileage the timing chain needs to be replaced by any chance? Going to need to ask sellers if it's been done or factor in a replacement if it hasn't.
  25. Thanks for updating us on your search and sounds like you didn't have a good first experience with a Qashqai with this particular one. Certainly worth trying another one, maybe the 2.0 litre next time?

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