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  5. Lets present mods we did on our QQ
  6. I think that the USB at the armrest, is taking power from the lighter cables. Check for 12 volts at the USB connetions back of the USB module.
  7. Can anyone tell me where i will find location of DRL module on my 67 reg Qahqui please
  8. You can drill a few minute holes in the casing of the lamp unit itself - not enough to let water in but enough to allow air to circulate within the housing
  9. Hi All, My Drivers Front Headlight has condensation. Please can you advise best place to buy a second hand one. Thanks Neil
  10. As far as i know this gear shift movement is "common" at all QQs. Mine is also moving the way you descride. I asked and told me, its common issue and not a problem.
  11. Took delivery of Qashqai 2020 . USB not working in centre arm rest. Does anyone know where the fuse for the USB is located.
  12. Hello, I have ordered a NConnecta Xtronic in Magnetic blue in Jan though a leasing company, it is a factory order but I'm being told there is no build week yet assigned to my vehicle, but they are chasing nissan regularly for updates. When I ordered they estimated it should be delivered sometime in April, but I'm beginning to get concerned that there is no build date yet and only 2 months to go. Does anybody know when or how the build weeks are assigned to new vehicle orders at the factory? I'm sure I read somewhere online it's approx 4 weeks before build that the build week is assigned but can't seem to find the post now. Im in the UK so once built I wouldn't expect it to take long to go to the dealer (no waiting for a ship etc..) Any insight anyone can give on how the Nissan ordering process works would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hi all, i’ve got a 14 plate qashaqai +2 and recently the right hand side boot seat has become stuck about 90% into the upright seated position. It’s upright enough to be useable but not fully there if that makes sense. Whatever I do to the pull cord to try and lower or raise the seat it does nothing, it seems as if there’s a spring in the pull mechanism that’s missing or broken somehow as there’s no movement in it at all. Even when pushing and pulling the seat itself with a bit of force it’s just locked in position and can’t be moved. Before I start stripping it down blindly is there a quick fix or anyone with a similar issue previously able to offer any advice? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi, Just had a new clutch fitted, and as soon as we returned home noticed oil leaking, it wasn't in one spot but looked like it was dripping from a few areas. We returned it to the Garage who said, in their opinion it wasn't gear oil that was leaking but engine oil., and that it was from a seal beyond the gearbox that they didn't touch. Is this possible or is it a bad job? took some photos of the leak. any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi I have a 65 plate Qashqai 1.5dci which has a reported Chassis Control Fault, something to with emergency braking. At the same time it is accompanied by engine vibration which feels as if it is only running on three cylinders. I have checked that the parking and front screen sensors are clean and unobstructed. This happens shortly after starting off. I have noticed slight engine vibration a couple of times recently for a short time after starting but on those occasions was not accompanied with the chassis warning. The car has only clocked up abour 25k miles from new. Anyone any ideas please.
  16. Hello, I am having a problem with my heater blower in my J10. All the heater control panel is fine but the blower just doesn't blow hot or cold. Any advice would be Grateley appreciated. Thank you in advance Rog.
  17. We bought our qashqai 21/12/20 it is a 70 plate. We have water in the drivers side of the cabin. We noticed a puddle of water behind the driver's seat. When my husband investigated (by pulling back the carpet) the foam underneath was soaked. We took this to the garage at the bottom of our road and they found that part of the body metalwork which should have been welded above the accelerator was the culprit. It is now booked into a Nissan dealer and the 1st appt I can get is the 14th of March! The reason we went to the nearby garage was because we were frightened to drive it too far when we saw that the water was around the electrics. There is actually mould and moss from the dampness.
  18. Hi all I’ve got a 2007 2l diesel I had a fuel leak on the leak off pipe had it replaced everything was good started drove to work home not a problem went back later started first turn drove round the corner and cut out wouldn’t start again mechanic collected car said fuel filter blocked new filter run for 30 mins cut out reader saying ecu prob can anyone advise
  19. My temperature gauge goes down when idling replaced thermostat goes up when driving then goes down slowly when ticking over
  20. Hi All My first post, be gentle if I'm just being a twit. New car to me in December, 2008 1.5 manual with 164,000 miles on the clock. I was getting fed up with the bleeping as I was locking the car and I wondered if turning the ignition barrel to 'lock' would cure this. Yes, it cured it perfectly... However, I now have to use the emergency key to start the car every time. I've looked in the manual, tried goggling it, etc. and I can't find anything on how to restore the lock so I can use the proximity key function again. Please help if you can! Many thanks Chaz
  21. Hello, History: The engine was replaced in April 2023 following a breakdown (new refurbished engine, 60,000 km). The DPF was cleaned when the new engine was installed. Since then, the car has been running without problems, except until the end of December 2023, when a problem with the clutch pedal required the replacement of both the clutch master and slave cylinders. I got the car back, but since then, it has been very difficult to start the engine and lacks power (unable to climb a hill but no black smoke) + there is the check engine light on. The mechanic who replaced the clutch and the first engine decided to replace the injectors with the old ones from the first engine; this did not make any difference. Do you have any idea what could be causing my breakdown? The car was running perfectly before the clutch master and slave cylinders were replaced. Could it be related to this intervention? Thank you in advance to those who will take the time to look into my problem. Simon
  22. There is radio decoding software out there (and even Facebook has quite a few links to people who can supply you with a number) but either way you will need the serial number from the unit which means removing it from the dashboard (unless you have it written down somewhere)
  23. hi everyone! I am new to this forum and I am coming up with a problem. I changed the battery on the radio and now it asks me for a 4-digit unlock code. I called the dealership office and they asked me for the amount of 200 RON for unlocking (around 40$). I did a google search and this site appeared to me : nissan What do you recommend me to do? Thanks in advance.
  24. It could be battery condition if it is that old so worth starting with a test and replace if necessary Also worth checking all earth leads from the battery onto the engine and transmission back to the chassis. If any of these are corroded or broken that could cause the problem
  25. Please can anybody help . My car comes up with a fault after driving a few miles the heating controls go off and the camaras stop working. If I stop and turn off the engine then turn it back on everything is ok again. The same thing happened last winter. Then during the summer it went Ok. I am not using the car a lot sometimes only twice a week. I had a new battery about 4 years ago. I drove about 10 miles today before it today. Does any know what is causing this Regards Terry
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